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Filing a tax return is a responsibility that all people need to follow to stay compliant with the IRS. While most people will be able to file their taxes and receive a tax refund, those with more complex tax situations, or are simply a bit unlucky, could face an audit from the IRS.  If you receiv...
If you are an employee, you get a paycheck every pay period and most likely pay little attention to your taxes until the end of the year. Your employer does a lot of the work for you and you get a W2 at the end of the year. However, if you are a freelancer or are self-employed, the responsibility...
No one wants to pay more income taxes than they are required to, but be careful if you do your own taxes. Attempting to cut your tax liability by getting into IRS grey areas can cause you problems later on. You don't have to do anything unethical to get your return pulled for an audit, you just h...
Discussing tips on how to get back on track with IRS on WWL-TV's Great Day Louisiana with Jacqueline Mazur.  The show will air on February 18, 2019 at 9am.  If you are in New Orleans, tune in and check it out. To watch the replay CLICK HERE www.taxcrisisrescue.com
Until recently, cryptocurrency investors have mostly flown under the radar as far as taxes are concerned. Now those days are coming to an end, and many holders of virtual currency are scrambling to understand what they owe and how their investments may impact their finances.   The IRS has already...
          According to the IRS’s Internal Revenue Manual, taxpayers in the United States assess their tax liabilities against themselves and pay them voluntarily. This system of self-assessment and payment is based on the principle of voluntary compliance. Voluntary compliance exists when taxpaye...

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