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Apartment Loans are Expanding!Apartment loans in Phoenix, AZ for multifamily residential properties with 5 or more units are increasingly easier to qualify for and are expanding at a rate not seen in half a decade!   This is great news for real estate investors who want to pull cash out of existi...
Commercial Loan Threshold Goes Lower!It's been a long, long, long time since commercial loans were available for real estate investors that need loans below $500,000!  In a sign that the economy may be turning, loans from $100,000 to $500,000 are now readily available.Even more impressive is that...
Bridge loans have become extremely popular with investors understanding the value of using this fast closing, easy qualifying financing option to not only obtain single properties, but portfolios of assets.  With today's bridge loan acquiring properties of all types from traditional office to com...
Bridge loans for insvestors are available for the purchase of distressed assets.  The most successful bridge loans for investors are for the acquisition and repositioning of distressed multifamily residential developments.Buying older apartment buildings, small apartment complexes and slightly wo...
In the world of multifamily residential financing and apartment loans, coming across low interest rate loans with high loan to value ratios is difficult.  However, one company has a program that allows for sub 4.25% interest rates and LTV's as high as 80%. In the words of the great Bill Murray, f...
Apartment LoansLooking for apartment loans with higher loan to values and lower interest rates has become a struggle for many multifamily residential operators with smaller properties of lower loan balances.  However, recent programs provide for LTV ratios as high as 80% with rates below 4% in ma...
This is a Bridge Loan Success. This borrower had a real struggle.  He had invested tons of money in his project, capital was drying up and he needed a quick solution, here's how it all went down. A Bridge (loan) to Far? Not this Time! Everyone knows the old WWII story about the raid led by the Br...
Bridge Loans - Acquisitions & Rehabilitation Funding Bridge loans for the acquisition and rehabilitation of commercial or multifamily residential real estate is a fairly simple process when the correct funding partners are involved.  Understanding the intricacies of how to present the bridge loan...
Working Capital Working capital loans are something every business needs at some point in their history but are often hard to come by.  The problem with working capital loans is generally not one of qualification but of understanding. While there are working capital loans with low rates, think SB...
The Impossible Bridge LoanIt is a much sought after bridge loan but is often elusive.  A bridge loan with a loan to value ratio (LTV) of up to 80%!  While some believe it is impossible, it is not. The majority of bridge loans in the market today have a cap of 65% LTV.  Some lenders will go as hig...

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