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Hotels for sale all over the US need financing.  From Atlanta, GA to Phoenix, AZ and cities like Charlotte, NC, Jacksonville, FL and Dallas, TX hotel financing is easy when the right lender is chosen.  Dividend America has loans for hotels and hotel purchase loans available with quick approval. W...
There are three business loans that are essentially the same.  They are Gas Station loans, aka – Gas Station C-Store loans, Car Wash Financing and financing for Public Storage Businesses.  Whether the business is in Atlanta, GA, Phoenix, AZ, Charlotte, NC, Austin, TX, Charlotte, NC or Greenville,...
Public storage financing is available for self storage businesses for sale.  The low down payment made possible by SBA makes self storage business loans affordable for many.  Financing for self storage businesses is now available with as little as 10% down for buyers of self storage business for ...
Bridge loans and mezzanine financing can be considered the same thing in many cases.  The term of Bridge Loans or bridge financing can range from 1 to 3 years.  Interest rates on mezzanine financing is usually from 8.0-12.99% and points range from 2% to 5%.  Bridge loans and mezzanine loans can a...
Dental practice acquisition and consolidation is very popular in these economic times.  The business efficiencies and purchase power that comes from consolidating practices makes dental practice acquisitions very popular and a great business decision.  Dental practices are for sale all over.  A s...
Hard money loans can take on many different forms.  Sometimes they are very short term loans that are used for a matter of hours, as with those that are used as equity loans for down payments on deals where an intermediary sells a property they've owned for a very short period of time.  Other har...
Financing for dentists with easy qualifying and low rates is a reality at Dividend America.  Dental practice financing is our specialty and we help dentists obtain the capital they need to grow their practices in Atlanta, GA or Phoenix, AZ or any major city in the USA. Dental practice loans can b...
The recent economic situation made it difficult to find Apartment Loans, however, financing for apartments has become easier in recent months.  Apartment complex loans are available for a variety of property types from small apartment buildings to large apartment complexes located in Atlanta, GA,...
Gas Station financing for a gas station purchase or for refinancing of an existing gas station loan used to be more difficult that it is today.  With the SBA 504 loan for gas stations it has become a lot easier to get approval on this type of property. Gas stations with convenience stores are the...
With the shortage of medical professionals in the USA loans for dentists are becoming a necessity.  Professionals that practice dentistry can get special business loans for dentists.  The loans are designed to finance a dentist practice. Business loans for dentists can be used for a business star...

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