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The headline read Doctor Expands in Down Economy!  How?  He was purchasing Doctor practices.  By running an ad that read Doctors - Grow Your Business, he was getting all kinds of interested calls.  Since he had expertise at growing a thriving Doctor Practice he was able to convert many of the pho...
As it turns out financing for medical office purchases by physician practices is not only a possibility but there appears to be growing strength in the medical office building sector of the real estate market.  Physician Practice purchases that include medical office facilities and medical office...
Loans for dentists are available for a variety of business needs in Charlotte, NC.  Many dentists need  loans for dentists to purchase an office or building for their dentists practice. Today loans for dentists to purchase an office or building for their dental practice are available with very h...
Commercial lending in today’s market is much different than it was a few years ago.   Borrowers must prepare for a tougher environment.  There are a few simple things that borrowers can do that will increase their chance of success when seeking a commercial loan. Keep it simple!  The days of comp...
Loans for Doctors are available for a variety of business needs in Phoenix, AZ. Many Doctors need practice purchase financing. Today practice purchase financing are available with very high Loan to Values (LTV). This means Doctors in Phoenix, AZ no longer have to use critical cash flow to accomp...
Small business loans and business capital for small commercial enterprises seems to be difficult to obtain in this current environment.  Many small banks are not lending and large banks don't want the smaller deals.  So what are small businesses to do? All is not lost!  In this market there are w...

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