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My blog post are usually designed to educate the public about certain type of lending, however, this post will be slightly different today.  As we leave 2011 and Welcome 2012!, we may well be saying good bye to the old economy and issuing in a new era.  The question is what will this new economy ...
Commercial Short Sale – AKA Commercial Loan Short Pay Today many small businesses that had commercial loans or business loans with local banks find themselves wrestling with a behemoth!  The FDIC has taken over many small banks and has sent letters of demand calling loans due long before their pr...
Dental Practice Purchase – Expanding Dental Practices with 100% Financing Dental Practice Purchases are a great way to expand dental practices.  Today it is very common to expand dental practices with 100% financing for the dental practice purchase. While there are many ways to grow dental practi...
The hospitality industry is seeing a resurgence and Hospitality Financing is available in a variety of loans for hotels.  While in the past financing in the hospitality sector has been constrained, new interest in the market has opened up approvals for all types of hotel loans. Commercial constru...
Commercial Construction and Development Financing for Assisted Living Facilities and Medical Office Facilities such as skilled nursing facilities, doctor's offices, dental offices and senior living is available without having use HUD or other government back programs! For fast approval of these p...
Assisted living facility construction loans have been very difficult to obtain in recent years.  With the constriction of capital about the only way for assisted living facility developers to obtain construction financing for assisted living facilities have had to rely on government back programs...

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