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Dental Practice Refinance loans can be used for a variety of purposes.  With a large number of partners looking towards retirement and desiring to exit their dental practices, partners can use a Dental Practice refinance for partner buyouts and to obtain additional growth capital. Today more than...
Apartment Rehab Loans are available for investors and contractors to rehab and remodel multifamily complexes.  Apartment purchase financing for Distressed Multifamily Assets and discounted apartments in need of commercial rehab loans can obtain special commercial financing specifically for apartm...
What is DIP Financing?  Debtor in Possession Financing is financing that is available for businesses that are in Chapter 11 bankruptcy or who have been through a debt restructuring and have had a bank or first lien holder offer a short pay of the original note. When businesses us the bankruptcy p...
Dental Practices today have many challenges today and one of them is cash flow.  One of the main ways for dental practice groups to increase cash flow is restructure their debt through Dental Practice Refinance strategies.  Dental Practice Debt Consolidation financing can be easy to obtain, even ...

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