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Debtor in Possession Financing (DIP) aka/ Debtor in Possession Loans can be used for everything from short-pay of senior debt on a building or facility to Equipment Financing.  Dividend America Commercial Lending has a staff of trained professionals that understands Debtor in Possession Financing...
Practice Financing for Medical Office, Dental Practices and Optometry Groups is available and easy to get.  For practice financing of up to 100%, Dividend America Commercial Lending has put together special programs in cooperation with investors and funders who want to back the growth of Medical ...
Dental Practice Loans and Financing for Dental Practices is available today.  100% dental practice loans are used by practices to financing dental practice acquisitions.  Dental practice purchase loans can be obtained quickly are easy when dentl practice groups work with the right company. The ex...
Dental Practice Financing is available with up to 100% loan to value.  This means that dental groups seeking Dental Practice Financing can obtain a loan that is equal to 100% of the money needed to buy equipment, buy out a partner, purchase a dental practice or purchase a medical office space. De...

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