apartment loan: Small Balance Multifamily Residential Financing - 04/04/16 09:23 AM
In the world of multifamily residential financing and apartment loans, coming across low interest rate loans with high loan to value ratios is difficult.  However, one company has a program that allows for sub 4.25% interest rates and LTV's as high as 80%. 
In the words of the great Bill Murray, from the movie Caddy Shack; "Hey Lama, can I get a little something for the, you know... effort?"  (...read more...)

apartment loan: Get Financed Today! - Multifamily, Office & Hotel - 10/12/15 06:24 AM
Get Financed Today! - Financing Tips & Tricks
Get financed today, whether you are seeking a commercial real estate loan for multifamily financing, apartment loans, financing for an office building or office complex financing, even hotel loans, it is easier than one might think.  Having a proper understanding of the way underwriters think and accepting a few facts about financing are the keys to success.
Multifamily Financing
When financing multifamily developments or seeking apartment loans, knowing the area of the financing that is hot in today's market is one key to success.  Small balance loans are very hot in multifamily financing and apartment lending … (0 comments)

apartment loan: Multifamily Financing and Apartment Loan Lenders - 06/04/15 07:48 AM
Multifamily Financing for Apartment Buildings and Apartment Complexes
Multifamily financing and apartment loans are confusing terms and many commercial real estate investors don't understand the difference between the two terms.  The dirty little secret is this... there is really  no difference!
If there is no difference between the basic apartment loan and standard multifamily financing then why do the two terms exist.  The terms exist because many real estate investors 'self-identify' in certain ways and multifamily financing and apartment loan lenders want to capture all those investors in need of a loan.
In general, those commercial real estate investors that invest in large and … (0 comments)

apartment loan: Multifamily Financing - The Slow No or A Quick Yes - How To Refinance - 06/02/15 07:05 AM
Multifamily Financing Do's & Don'ts of Refinance
Multifamily financing today is a hot commodity and it has gotten even hotter recently with the addition of certain programs that allow for the refinancing at rates as low as 2.875%!  But many refinances will fail for lack of knowledge or lack of preparation.
What should a real estate investor do when considering refinancing an apartment loan or multifamily financing?  The first step is understanding today's underwriter and the mentality that goes into the underwriting process.  No longer is it enough for the numbers to work... today's underwriters are looking for good partners.
Here is an excerpt from a recent underwriter guideline … (0 comments)

apartment loan: Multifamily Financing with Low Interest Rates - 04/24/15 03:15 AM
Multifamily Financing
Multifamily financing and low interest rates are here, but they are not here to stay.  Today interest rates in multifamily financing and apartment loans can be as low as 2.99% on loans with amortizations as long as 25 years!  These phenomenal rates are here now, but they won't be for long.
Savvy investors are completing rate and term refinances to obtain the lowest rates.  Even more experienced investors are completing cash out refinances of their multifamily financing and apartment loans to receive rates in the high 3% to low 4% range.  Imagine the cash flow that is created from converting a … (0 comments)

apartment loan: Multifamily Financing - High Leverage 90% - 03/18/15 09:53 AM
Multifamily Financing - High Leverage
Multifamily financing with high leverage has been a challenge for many investors to obtain.  With new programs and very competitive multifamily financing market new programs are coming available that help real estate investors purchasing large multifamily projects obtain the high leverage they have been seeking.
Obtaining multifamily financing with high leverage, up to 90% LTV (CLTV), can be achieved with when the sponsor can prove they DO have the 10% equity required.  Many think that leverage this high for multifamily financing would have high interest rates, in fact, the opposite is true.  Using structured finance strategies … (0 comments)

apartment loan: Apartment Loan Refinance - Cash Out and Rate Reduction - 02/27/15 04:49 AM
Apartment Loan Refinance for Apartment and Multifamily Loans
Apartment Loan Refinance to pull cash out and to radically lower your rate can be achieved in many cases in less than thirty days.  The key to success is being prepared and engaging the right team.
The challenged for most small enterprises and larger investors is usually the same.  Most people just don't understand the types of documents needed to get started with an apartment loan refinance, not do they understand the delicate balance of information flow at each stage of the process.
Phases of Apartment Loan Refinance
During the process of applying … (0 comments)

apartment loan: Apartment Loan Refinance - 02/24/15 01:59 AM
Apartment Loan Refinance?
Thinking of refinancing an apartment loan and wondering where to turn?  Apartment Loan Refinance in today's market with constrained capital can be hard to find for both well-healed multifamily portfolio operators and single entity apartment building owners.
Whether the loan to be refinanced is a complex loan blanketing an entire portfolio of a single loan covering one apartment complex, refinancing doesn't have to be a difficult process.  Knowing the right steps to get your apartment loan refinance noticed and moved to the top of the underwriting que can be as easy as preparing three simple documents.
Successful Apartment Loan … (0 comments)

apartment loan: Refinance Loans for Apartment Buildings & Multifamily Developments - 03/07/14 05:16 AM
Refinance Loans for Apartment Buildings & Multifamily Developments
As the markets begin to change and the opportunities to purchase distressed apartment building and multifamily developments begins to dry up, many investors are entering into phase two of their investment.  Refinancing high interests bridge loans for apartment buildings and multifamily developments.
Great rates are still available for the refinance of multifamily development and apartment building assets that have beens stabilized.  Refinancing a bridge loan or hard money loan used in the purchase and repositioning of a distressed apartment building or multifamily development into a much lowere interest rate loan with a fixed period … (0 comments)

apartment loan: Multifamily Acquisition Strategies - Cash-Out Refinance - 02/12/14 04:23 AM
Multifamily acquisition strategies with cash-out refinancing is the best strategy for today's market.  Lately I've taken calls from several investors who have very small loan balances, $250K or less and they are looking for rate and term refinances to lower their rate .. the problem?  The loan balance is to small!
Many of these investors are sitting on large amounts of equity, some as much as $1 million!  Instead of having all that equity tied up in one property, they should be refinancing with cash-out and leveraging it into the acquisition of multifamily assets (apartment buildings, apartment comlpexes or multifamily developments … (0 comments)

apartment loan: Multifamily Financing - Refinance and Cash Out - 02/06/14 04:39 AM
Multifamily Financing for refinance and cash out loans help investors get back equity from their properties and give them the opportunity to purchase and acquire new multifamily and apartment assets.  Multifamily financing for refinance and cash out is easiest when the multifamily development or apartment complex is stabilized, but loans are still available even if a multifamily community or apartment complex is not stabilized.
Refinancing a multifamily property or apartment building or apartment complex to pull cash out of the equity in the property is becoming a very popular multifamily financing strategy.  Simply leveraging that equity to reposition a multifamily asset … (0 comments)

apartment loan: Cash Out Apartment Loan Refinance! - Apartment Loans - 01/23/14 10:30 AM
Obtaining a cash out apartment refinance or other type of apartment loan is getting easier in today's market.  While many struggle by trying to obtain a cash out apartment loan refinance through traditional banking channels, a new type of multifamily lender has entered the market.
Apartment loans are still the realm of traditional banks but they aren't made 'through' the doors of the bank anymore.  Most apartment loans, including cash out apartment loan refinances and apartment loan refinances for lower interest rates, are made by subsidiaries of banks that act very much like funds.
The funds are designed with the specific purpose … (0 comments)

apartment loan: Multifamily Purchase Financing - High LTV - Dallas, Houston, Texas - 05/17/13 02:52 AM
Multifamily Purchase Financing with High LTV is available for Dallas, Houston, Austin and San Antonio, Texas as well as other major markets in Texas.  Equity, bridge and mezzanine financing is available for multifamily purchase and redevelopment as well as long-term senior debt.
Multifamily purchase financing using a structured finance strategy that includes equity for the down payment on trades where loans are being assumed or where a combination of equity, bridge and mezzanine financing are used.  Dividend America Commercial Lending in cooperation with their parent company have assembled a group of investors (lenders and equity providers) who are very interested in … (0 comments)

apartment loan: High LTV Multifamily Loans - Atlanta, GA, Phoenix, AZ, Chicago, IL - 08/20/12 12:20 AM
High LTV Multifamily Loans are available for experienced individual investors with small holdings or for entire companies with thousands of doors under managment.  High LTV multifamily loans have been difficult to come by in recent years but with the entrance of a new bridge lender in the space Dividend America Commercial Lending has a product with 90% LTV and even 100% LTV multfamily and apartment financing if certain criteria are met.
To successfully quality for a high LTV multifamily loan the borrower should focus on purchasing the property at a true discount to the current intrinsic market value of the property.  By focusing … (0 comments)

apartment loan: 100% Apartment Fiancing - Buy Apartements 100% Financing- Atlanta, GA, Phoenix, AZ, San Diego, CA, Jacksonville, FL, Chicago, IL, Charlotte, NC - 04/30/12 04:59 AM
It's true! 100% Apartment Financing is available to Buy Apartments today!  100% Apartment Financing disappeared during the crash, however, we know have a fund with two tranches of $200mm a piece ... that's over $400mm to lend to experienced commercial real estate investors to purchase apartment buildings and multifamily communities.
Apartment communities and Multifamily development loans for the purchase of apartment communities and multifamily developments are available through this special 100% loan program.  The 100% Multifamily Development purchase loan is used by commercial real estate investors that want to limit the amount of money they invest in down payments and instead use … (0 comments)