apartment loans: Apartment Loans in Phoenix, AZ - up to $7,500,000 - 02/23/17 01:42 PM
Apartment Loans are Expanding!
Apartment loans in Phoenix, AZ for multifamily residential properties with 5 or more units are increasingly easier to qualify for and are expanding at a rate not seen in half a decade!   This is great news for real estate investors who want to pull cash out of existing stabilized multifamily properties or those who want to add to an already robust portfolio!
With rents continuing to rise and demand growing in the Phoenix, AZ market for apartment building and multifamily residential developments, underwriters are expanding the approval criteria and raising loan limits for apartment loans.  With loans available from $250,000 to as … (0 comments)

apartment loans: Apartement Loans & Small Balance Multifamily - 03/24/16 03:07 AM
Apartment Loans
Looking for apartment loans with higher loan to values and lower interest rates has become a struggle for many multifamily residential operators with smaller properties of lower loan balances.  However, recent programs provide for LTV ratios as high as 80% with rates below 4% in many cases.
Apartment loans for multifamily residential developments purchases or refinances, even for cash out refinances, now have excellent rates for loan amounts from $1 million up to $5 million.  This covers a lot of properties not previously covered under what has become typical apartment loan options.
Small Balance Multifamily Loans
These apartment loans or as they coming … (0 comments)

apartment loans: Multifamily Financing - 06/01/15 07:47 AM
Multifamily Financing - Plain & Simple
The latest in small balance loans for real estate investors is multifamily financing for loans from $1 million to $5 million.  New apartment loan products on the market today provide for small balance loan refinancing that provides some of the lowest rates in years.
Multifamily financing with rates starting as low as 2.875% is no longer a fantacy but is a reality.  The problem in the market however, seems to be that most commercial real estate investors who have small balance loans are stuck in CBMS prepayment penalty nightmare.
Multifamily Financing with Prepayment Penalty
Today rates are so low … (0 comments)

apartment loans: Apartment Loans - Small Balance Loans - 05/28/15 08:16 AM
Searching for apartment loans in the small balance loan category?  First understand the definition and what constitutes a small balance loan? 
Apartment loans and multifamily financing for loans less than $5 million has been difficult in recent years, especially those apartment loans with exceptionally low rates and competitive overall terms.  That has now changed!
Multifamily financing and small balance apartment loans are now an aggressive loan financing category with lenders fighting for the business.  Rates can be as low as 2.875% with fixed periods of up to 10 years, add to that a long amortization period and the newly minted small balance apartment loans become … (0 comments)

apartment loans: Apartment Loans - Acquisition & Refinance - 05/26/15 05:12 AM
Apartment Loans - Acquisition
Apartment loans for acquisitions of additional apartment buildings are available and funding in the small balance loan space is aggressive.  Those commercial real estate investors who are acquiring apartment buildings and apartment complexes in the $1 million to $5 million range can now find easier qualification and more choices.
With loan to value ratios reaching 80% and loans with fixed terms up to 10 years and amortization periods of 25 years, these new apartment loans for acquisition of additional doors are helping real estate investors grow their portfolios in the B/C apartment building and apartment complex space.
Apartment Loans - Refinance
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apartment loans: Multifamily Finance - 2.99% and Cash Out - 05/11/15 02:46 AM
Multifamily Finance with rates as low as 2.99% and with available options to pull cash out during the refinance of stabilized multifamily assets is a reality in this competitive multifamily finance environment.  With rates as low as 2.99% refinance of you multifamily finance loan may be a great way to increase cash flows drastically.
Proper Multifamily Finance Increase Cash Flow
A refinance of existing multifamily debt using the correct multifamily finance strategy can net an investor thosands of dollars per year in cash flow.  A 2-3% decrease in the interest rate creates such huge monthly savings and cash low increases that it makes … (0 comments)

apartment loans: Apartment Loans, Apartment Complex Loans, Financing for Apartments, Atlanta, GA, Phoenix, AZ - 07/11/11 07:42 AM
The recent economic situation made it difficult to find Apartment Loans, however, financing for apartments has become easier in recent months.  Apartment complex loans are available for a variety of property types from small apartment buildings to large apartment complexes located in Atlanta, GA, Phoenix, AZ or any other city in the entire USA.
Real estate investors and institutional investors seeking financing for apartments and financing for mulitfamily complexes will find it easier today to qualify for apartment loans.  While loan to values on apartment complex financing from Atlanta, GA to Phoenix, AZ and in many other major cities are still … (0 comments)