bridge loan: Bridge Loans - Right Now! - 06/20/16 06:39 AM
Bridge loans have become extremely popular with investors understanding the value of using this fast closing, easy qualifying financing option to not only obtain single properties, but portfolios of assets.  With today's bridge loan acquiring properties of all types from traditional office to commercial and retail and multifamily residential has been simplified.
This financing allows for investors in fringe markets and B-Class and C-Class properties to move quickly thereby establishing an aggressive acquisition price giving them the ability to rapidly snap up choice opportunities.  As the economy continues to improve and the higher quality opportunities in premium markets continue to become more … (0 comments)

bridge loan: Bridge Loans for Investors - 06/03/16 10:56 AM
Bridge loans for insvestors are available for the purchase of distressed assets.  The most successful bridge loans for investors are for the acquisition and repositioning of distressed multifamily residential developments.
Buying older apartment buildings, small apartment complexes and slightly worn multifamily residential developments using bridge loans is one of the best ways to acquire property.   The bridge loans typically provide funds to purchase and rehab the property being acquired with LTC (loan to cost) percentages of up to 75%.
To find out how easy it is to quality for a bridge loan to purchase and reposition multifamily residential developments and apartment buildings contact the experts at Dividend … (0 comments)

bridge loan: Bridge Loan Success - A Bridge To Far? Not This Time! - 02/09/16 01:23 AM
This is a Bridge Loan Success. This borrower had a real struggle.  He had invested tons of money in his project, capital was drying up and he needed a quick solution, here's how it all went down.
A Bridge (loan) to Far? Not this Time!
Everyone knows the old WWII story about the raid led by the British to try and gain a foothold in Europe and break the German supply lines.  The raid, dubbed Operation Market Garden, was doomed from the start.  Poor planning, a lack of experience by the planners and imporoper insight into the resources needed to accomplish the … (0 comments)

bridge loan: The Bridge Loan with 80% LTV... Possible! - 01/19/16 06:07 AM
The Impossible Bridge Loan
It is a much sought after bridge loan but is often elusive.  A bridge loan with a loan to value ratio (LTV) of up to 80%!  While some believe it is impossible, it is not. 
The majority of bridge loans in the market today have a cap of 65% LTV.  Some lenders will go as high as 75% but only on those cherry deals in prime markets.  However, recently certain bridge lenders have had an epiphany of sorts.
With the large banks still vacant in the commercial real estate lending space, these large bridge lenders have begun to originate GSE … (0 comments)

bridge loan: Bridge Loan - Multifamily Financing Facts - 08/24/15 03:46 AM
Bridge Loan Facts - Multifamily Financing
The bridge loan facts are the bridge loan facts and the fact is that in order to buy unstabilized apartment complexes or to buy down debt on a multifamily development you have to use a bridge loan.  We hear all the stories about brokers telling borrowers that they can get 7% bridge loan rates, 6% bridge loan rates and now even 5% rates that are interest only with up to 80% LTV to purchase distressed assets or to buy out their debt at a discount.
The simple truth is that in most cases these are lies told by brokers … (0 comments)

bridge loan: Bridge Loan - Apartment & Multifamily - 08/20/15 06:43 AM
Bridge Loan - Apartment & Multifamily Repositioning
Bridge loan lending can be a complex world filled with unscrupulous players charging high upfront fees and not delivering at the closing table.  Today there are rumored to be bridge loans for apartment buildings and multifamily development repositioning projects with rates in the 8-10% range. 
The reality is that a bridge loan with these rates are typically reserved for deals in the Top 5 major markets and for properties that have a loan to value of less than 50%.  Essentially, these deals represent little to no risk to the bridge loan investor. 
Quality Bridge Loan Investors (Lenders)
Quality bridge … (0 comments)

bridge loan: Bridge Loans for Commercial Real Estate - 07/01/15 02:37 AM
Bridge Loans for Commercial Real Estate - Acquisition & Rehab to 100% of Cost
Sound to good to be true?  Maybe it is and maybe it isn't, the devil is always in the details.   There are a lot of bridge lenders (... and pretenders ...) touting their bridge loan product with "100% of rehab cost" included.  Many brokers and borrowers are reading into this, thinking that the loan is a 100% LTV, however, closer examination reveals something entirely different.
Bridge loans for commercial real estate acquisition and rehab are coming back into the market at a very rapid pace and that is a … (0 comments)

bridge loan: Bridge Loans for Acquisitions and Rehabiliation - 06/22/15 07:51 AM
Bridge Loans - Acquisitions & Rehabilitation Funding
Bridge loans for the acquisition and rehabilitation of commercial or multifamily residential real estate is a fairly simple process when the correct funding partners are involved.  Understanding the intricacies of how to present the bridge loan opportunity to the bride loan lender is key to funding success.
Popular bridge loan products in today's market include commercial loans for office building acquisition and repositioning as well as loans for apartment buildings and multifamily residential building acquisition and repositioning.
The most successful projects with the highest loan to value ratios in today's market are for multifamily projects.  … (0 comments)

bridge loan: Bridge Loans & Commercial Real Estate Investment - 06/08/15 02:46 AM
Bridge Loans & CREI
Bridge loans are a necessary financial tool for any commercial real estate investment enterprise.  Often times commercial real estate investor frown upon the use of bridge loans.  The common complaint is the 'cost of the money' being to high.
However, when the cost of losing a transaction is calculated, all of the sudden a loan with a higher, interest-only, interest rate doesn't look so bad.  The point here is not to argue whether interest rates on bridge loans are high, we all can agree that they are some of the highest in the market today.  The problem is the … (0 comments)

bridge loan: Apartment Bridge Loans - Bridge Lending for Multifamily - 06/06/15 05:48 AM
Apartment Bridge Loans = Bridge Loans for Multifamily
Whether its a bridge loan for an apartment building purchase or a bridge loan for multifamily residential development re-positioning, most bridge loans take on the same characteristics.   When one thinks about bridge loans they should be thinking of a short term loan that helps them span a gap.
The gap can be simply from distressed asset purchase to stabilization or the bridge loan may be used for a quick close until some more patient money with better terms can be put in place.  Regardless of how one uses an apartment bridge loan or deploys bridge lending for multifamily … (0 comments)

bridge loan: Bridge Loan - Fast Closings & Quick Turnaround - 04/06/15 11:18 AM
Bridge Loan
Bridge loan, fast closings and quick turnarounds are exactly what is needed with this very vital type of financing instrument.  Finding a bridge loan specialist that understands the demands that a transaction that needs this type of financing requires is critical to success.
The bridge loan specialist at Dividend America Commercial Lending understand the pressing time-lines and unusual needs involved with closing a bridge loan of any time.  Commercial bridge loan types include a multifamily bridge loan, a bridge loan for retail stores and shopping centers or a bridge loan to stabilize an office building or office complex.
DACL also provide … (2 comments)

bridge loan: Multifamily Bridge Loans and Hard Money Loans - Get Funded Today - 05/08/14 10:14 AM
Multifamily Bridge Loans and Hard Money Loans for the acquistion and purchase of multifamily assets and portfolios are available.  Our investor is aggressively seeking to fund distressed multifamily asset acquisitions that are ripe for repositioning.  Learn how and Get Funded Today.
When seeking multifamily bridge loans or hard money loans for mutlifamily assets it is important to understand that these loans can fall into multiple categories. The first category is considered small or lower market and includes apartment buildings as small as 8 unitsand as large as 20 units.  These loans typically do not exceed $750K and are for smaller real … (0 comments)

bridge loan: Bridge Loans for Distressed Commercial Real Estate - 04/24/14 11:58 AM
Bridge Loans for Distressed Commercial Real Estate are available for many different types of commercial real estate assets in major markets around the nation.  In New York City, New Jersey, Boston, Baltimore and othe major markets in the Northeast, bridge loans for distressed commercial real estate can be difficult to obtain.
There are a few funds that are very active in the Northeast and that are providing funding for distressed commercial real estate assets.  Distressed multifamily is a very hot category of bridge loan financing for some of these funding entities.  However, other distressed commercial real estate assets like retail, shopping … (0 comments)

bridge loan: Take the Money! NOW! - If you are borrower, stop lingering and say yes - 08/23/13 10:00 AM
If you are a borrower and you are lingering, stop! and say yes to your lender.  While this advice applies to both residential borrowers and those seeking commercial funding alike, I am focusing on the commercial borrower here.  
Commercial lending is getting ready to tighten again.  There are many economic signs that point to this.  Recent articles in the wall street journal (including this video from today: ) suggest that economic data is not turning out the way many economist had predicted by this stage in the recovery.
Furthermore, many are starting to question the recovery altogether.  This does … (0 comments)

bridge loan: Structured Finance – For Business and Commercial Real Estate - 03/25/13 03:54 AM
Structured Finance for business used to be fairly easy to achieve but in today’s market, it can be more difficult.  Quite the opposite is true of Structured Finance for Real Estate.   Once a very difficult way to accomplish the financing of typical commercial properties today Structured Financing is the new industry buzz word.
Those seeking Structured Finance for business solutions should first categorize what they are seeking as there are specific approaches that must be used to create success.  For instance, business structure financing vehicles are categorized as DIP or Debtor in Possession, recapitalization, or growth capital.  These structures can come … (0 comments)

bridge loan: Commercial Short Sale – AKA Commercial Loan Short Pay Atlanta, GA, Phoenix, AZ, Charlotte, NC, Chicago, IL, San Diego, CA - 12/17/11 10:30 AM
Commercial Short Sale – AKA Commercial Loan Short Pay
Today many small businesses that had commercial loans or business loans with local banks find themselves wrestling with a behemoth!  The FDIC has taken over many small banks and has sent letters of demand calling loans due long before their proper time.
In many cases these letters take into account that the business or real estate may be worth less than the amount of money that is owed.  A lot of the time the business owner is stuck and doesn’t know what to do and they are approached by Commercial Short Sale … (0 comments)

bridge loan: Small Business Loans, Business Capital, Small Commercial Lending, Atlanta, GA, Phoenix, AZ, Charlotte, NC, Chicago, IL - 11/16/11 04:57 AM
Small business loans and business capital for small commercial enterprises seems to be difficult to obtain in this current environment.  Many small banks are not lending and large banks don't want the smaller deals.  So what are small businesses to do?
All is not lost!  In this market there are ways for small businesses to obtain the business capital and small business loans they need to drive and grow their businesses.  Small commercial lending has turned a corner in recent years.  No longer are the small local banks or even regional banks the answer.
Today small business loans are being made by … (0 comments)

bridge loan: Hard Money, Bridge Loans, Business Growth Capital, Atlanta, GA, Phoenix, AZ, Charlotte, NC, Chicago, IL - 10/24/11 03:10 AM
Hard Money loans in Atlanta, GA, Phoenix, AZ, Charlotte, NC and Chicago, IL have become very popular ways of financing projects fast.  One common use of Hard Money loans for business and Bridge loans for business is for Business Growth Capital.
In the past many companies sought business growth capital from venture capital or angel investors.  However, with the tight economic conditions enticing invest from these sources has become very difficult.  However, with the proper deal structure and some assets, businesses can use Hard Money and/or Bridge loans to obtain the money they need to grow their businesses.
The key to … (0 comments)

bridge loan: Bridge Loans, Mezzanine Financing, Hard Money Loans, Atlanta, GA, Phoenix, AZ - 10/09/11 05:06 AM
Bridge loans and Mezzanine financing have a lot of similarities. They are both used as an interim step into permanent financing. Hard Money is a broader instrument which is used for borrowers who for one reason or another are unable to qualify for conventional financing. The Atlanta, GA and Phoenix, AZ markets are in high demand from reputable Hard Money Lenders.
What, you ask, differentiates a Bridge loan from a Mezzanine loan? A Bridge loan is used primarily in the acquisition stage, to bridge the gap, financing from construction to the permanent stage of a project. Mezzanine on the other hand, … (0 comments)

bridge loan: Bridge Loans and Mezzanine Loans, Atlana, GA, Phoenix, AZ, Charlotte, NC, Greenville, SC - 07/27/11 12:21 AM
Bridge loans and mezzanine financing can be considered the same thing in many cases.  The term of Bridge Loans or bridge financing can range from 1 to 3 years.  Interest rates on mezzanine financing is usually from 8.0-12.99% and points range from 2% to 5%.  Bridge loans and mezzanine loans can and usually do have some sort of low prepayment penalties.
Bridge loans live up to their name.  Developers and businesses use bridge loans and mezzanine financing to bridge the gap between two different loans.  The most common bridge loan is the bridge between construction financing and permanent financing on commercial development and commercial construction.  With projected construction growth in cities like Atlanta, … (0 comments)