charlotte: The Bridge Loan with 80% LTV... Possible! - 01/19/16 06:07 AM
The Impossible Bridge Loan
It is a much sought after bridge loan but is often elusive.  A bridge loan with a loan to value ratio (LTV) of up to 80%!  While some believe it is impossible, it is not. 
The majority of bridge loans in the market today have a cap of 65% LTV.  Some lenders will go as high as 75% but only on those cherry deals in prime markets.  However, recently certain bridge lenders have had an epiphany of sorts.
With the large banks still vacant in the commercial real estate lending space, these large bridge lenders have begun to originate GSE … (0 comments)

charlotte: Gas Station Finance - Portfolio Purchase - 11/12/15 08:42 AM
Gas Station Financing
The toughest loan on the market today is a loan for a gas station convenience store.  Most investors end up relegated to the small bank, SBA cycle where they are both limited in scope and breadth of the amount of financing they can receive.
However there is an alternative, especially for those seeking gas station finance for the acquisition or repositioning of a portfolio of stations.  Through a special arrangement with an entrepreneurial finance partner, Dividend America Commercial Lending has rolled out a new gas station c-store finance program.
Focused on portfolio, roll-up and consolidation programs, Dividend America is able to provide … (0 comments)

charlotte: Hotel Loans & The SBA Loan - 09/18/15 05:47 AM
Hotel Loans & SBA Loans
Many in the hospitality industry are seeking hotel loans for their next project and tend completely overlylook the advantage of SBA loans.  Small business loans from the Small Business Administration are an excellent resource for funding your smaller hospitality investments.
With the ability to fund hotel loans up to $5 million and as high as 90% in some cases, a hotel loan using SBA guidelines is the perfect choice for many projects.  To find out how easy it is to qualify for a hotel loan using SBA loan guidelines give the experts at Dividend America Commercial Lending a … (0 comments)

charlotte: Multifamily Financing - Low Rates, Longer Terms - 09/14/15 09:34 AM
Multifamily Financing with lower rates and longer terms are available for Small Balance loans.  In the past, most multifamily financing that included longer terms and low rates were reserved for larger loans, usually loans over $10 million.  Now, multifamily financing with loan amounts from $1 million to $5 million is easy to obtain.
Multifamily Financing - Non-recourse!
These non-recourse, long-term, low rate loans can have fixed periods from 5-10 years with rates below 4%!  That's right, they are also non-recourse!  The multifamily residential housing industry has been clamoring for this multifamily finacing prorgram and finally, it is available.
Helping both smaller investors and institutional investors alike, this small … (0 comments)

charlotte: Hotel Loans - 09/04/15 03:59 AM
Need Hotel Financing? Hotel Loans
Hotel loans for all types of projects are available with fairly simple terms.  With 80% LTV (loan to value) hotel loans, investor get the most aggressive loan terms with amortizations of up to 30 years and rates below 6% in most cases.
Today, hotel loans are available for acquisition, for refinance ... even with cash out to perform a PIP ... or, beilieve it or not, for construction.  As mentioned above, acquisition loans can go as high as 80% LTV and with some of our equity parnters deals can be structured as high as 90% with strong deals … (0 comments)

charlotte: Commercial Loans - Multifamily - 09/01/15 12:26 PM

Commercial Loans for Multifamily Housing and Apartment Buildings
Commercial loans for multifamily housing and apartment buildings are becoming more prevalent and easier to qualify for as the housing market tightens and rents continue to rise.  Recent trend data still shows a housing shortage and tight residential lending criteria continue to force more of the population into rental units.
Recent changes from Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae have opened up commercial loans in the small balance loan category for multifamily and apartment communities.  From bridge loans to standard conventional commercial loans, commercial real estate investors are finding the door to commercial loans for multifamily and apartments is getting easier.
Commercial … (0 comments)

charlotte: Bridge Loan - Multifamily Financing Facts - 08/24/15 03:46 AM
Bridge Loan Facts - Multifamily Financing
The bridge loan facts are the bridge loan facts and the fact is that in order to buy unstabilized apartment complexes or to buy down debt on a multifamily development you have to use a bridge loan.  We hear all the stories about brokers telling borrowers that they can get 7% bridge loan rates, 6% bridge loan rates and now even 5% rates that are interest only with up to 80% LTV to purchase distressed assets or to buy out their debt at a discount.
The simple truth is that in most cases these are lies told by brokers … (0 comments)

charlotte: Bridge Loans for Acquisitions and Rehabiliation - 06/22/15 07:51 AM
Bridge Loans - Acquisitions & Rehabilitation Funding
Bridge loans for the acquisition and rehabilitation of commercial or multifamily residential real estate is a fairly simple process when the correct funding partners are involved.  Understanding the intricacies of how to present the bridge loan opportunity to the bride loan lender is key to funding success.
Popular bridge loan products in today's market include commercial loans for office building acquisition and repositioning as well as loans for apartment buildings and multifamily residential building acquisition and repositioning.
The most successful projects with the highest loan to value ratios in today's market are for multifamily projects.  … (0 comments)

charlotte: Commerical Real Estate Loan Refinance - 05/11/15 03:55 AM
Commercial Real Estate Loan
Commercial real estate loan refinance is picking up steam at the current time.  With rates commercial real estate loans in the high 2% to low 3% range commercial real estate investors are losing a huge opportunity if they are sitting on higher interest rate loans and are afraid to refinance because of a prepayment penalty.
When dropping an interest rate 2%, 3% or 4% per year, it makes since to pay the prepayment penalty in order to get huge payment savings that can add tens of thousands of dollars per month to the bottom line cash flow of the property!
A Good Time to Refinance … (0 comments)

charlotte: Multifamily Financing with Low Interest Rates - 04/24/15 03:15 AM
Multifamily Financing
Multifamily financing and low interest rates are here, but they are not here to stay.  Today interest rates in multifamily financing and apartment loans can be as low as 2.99% on loans with amortizations as long as 25 years!  These phenomenal rates are here now, but they won't be for long.
Savvy investors are completing rate and term refinances to obtain the lowest rates.  Even more experienced investors are completing cash out refinances of their multifamily financing and apartment loans to receive rates in the high 3% to low 4% range.  Imagine the cash flow that is created from converting a … (0 comments)

charlotte: Refinance Loans for Apartment Buildings & Multifamily Developments - 03/07/14 05:16 AM
Refinance Loans for Apartment Buildings & Multifamily Developments
As the markets begin to change and the opportunities to purchase distressed apartment building and multifamily developments begins to dry up, many investors are entering into phase two of their investment.  Refinancing high interests bridge loans for apartment buildings and multifamily developments.
Great rates are still available for the refinance of multifamily development and apartment building assets that have beens stabilized.  Refinancing a bridge loan or hard money loan used in the purchase and repositioning of a distressed apartment building or multifamily development into a much lowere interest rate loan with a fixed period … (0 comments)

charlotte: Structured Finance – For Business and Commercial Real Estate - 03/25/13 03:54 AM
Structured Finance for business used to be fairly easy to achieve but in today’s market, it can be more difficult.  Quite the opposite is true of Structured Finance for Real Estate.   Once a very difficult way to accomplish the financing of typical commercial properties today Structured Financing is the new industry buzz word.
Those seeking Structured Finance for business solutions should first categorize what they are seeking as there are specific approaches that must be used to create success.  For instance, business structure financing vehicles are categorized as DIP or Debtor in Possession, recapitalization, or growth capital.  These structures can come … (0 comments)

charlotte: Multifamily Financing and Apartment Financing - Fannie-DUS Alterantive - 12/03/12 04:30 AM
Multifamily Financing and Apartment Financing is available through government programs but a Fannie-DUS Alternative has been needed for some time.  Most investors don't realize it, but one has existed and for a while and it is right under their noses.
While most commercial investors involved in multifamily and apartment investing believe that using a Fannie Mae multifamily financing program is best they would love to do what many larger firms do and take their portfolio to the big, national life insurance companies to get low rates and long-term mutlifamily financing and apartment loans.
Now, those low interest rate, long term loans … (0 comments)

charlotte: Equity, Bridge, Mezzanine or JV - The Benefits of Structured Finance - 10/10/12 07:40 AM
Equity, Bridge, Mezzanine or JV (Joint Ventures), what are The Benefits of Structured Finance versus trying to focus on acquiring commercial real estate assets through more traditional funding sources like banks, commercial mortgage lenders, CMBS lenders and insurance conduit lending sources?
The bottom line is the benefits of using equity, bridge, mezzanine or JV (joint venture) funds instead of traditional long-term senior debt are huge.  For starters, conventional or more traditional paths to funding commercial real estate acquisitions have dried up.  The deals that do get funded are the top of the line deals with the A+ players.  That's why it … (0 comments)

charlotte: Note Purchase Financing - Multifamily, Commercial/Retail, Office - 08/31/12 01:24 AM
100% Note Purchase Financing Program: Multifamily Developments, Apartment Communities, Commercial & Retail Shopping Centers and Office Buildings and Office Complexes.
With No upfront fees, National coverage and Zero cash down for qualified transactions we can provide the JV (Joint Venture) capital investors need to buy their own notes or to purchase non-performing notes to take down commercial real estate investment property at historically low prices. Ceck out our web site for details!
Transactions starting at $1,000,000 and can go up to $60,000,000.  We provide funding for note purchase financing for Multifamily, Apartments, Commercial Retail Centers, Office Buildings and Office Complexes.  We love high-rise office … (0 comments)

charlotte: High LTV Multifamily Loans - Atlanta, GA, Phoenix, AZ, Chicago, IL - 08/20/12 12:20 AM
High LTV Multifamily Loans are available for experienced individual investors with small holdings or for entire companies with thousands of doors under managment.  High LTV multifamily loans have been difficult to come by in recent years but with the entrance of a new bridge lender in the space Dividend America Commercial Lending has a product with 90% LTV and even 100% LTV multfamily and apartment financing if certain criteria are met.
To successfully quality for a high LTV multifamily loan the borrower should focus on purchasing the property at a true discount to the current intrinsic market value of the property.  By focusing … (0 comments)

charlotte: Discounted Payoff (DP0) - Refinance Balloon Notes for Commercial Loans - 08/19/12 08:55 AM
Discounted Payoffs are also referred to as DPO in industry lingo are typically offered when a balloon note comes due on commerical loans where the value of the property has dropped because of economic conditions.  DPO offers can be made by any CMBS lender, local bank or other lender but are typically offered when the lender is an FDIC insured lender that is under supervision.
Refinancing balloon notes for commercial loans doesn't have to be difficult and those that start the application process early usually have few problems.  The reason to start the process early is because sometimes the appraisal will … (0 comments)

charlotte: Business Loans - Restaurants, Storage, Commercial, Retail, Industrial - 07/10/12 05:33 AM
Borrowers looking for low cost Business Loans now have a great opportunity in a new SBA 504 program being offered through Dividend America Commercial Lending.  Small Business Administration loans offered through the revised SBA 504 program are great for all types of businesses.
With the new low cost Business Loan developed using revised rules from the Small Business Administration, borrower can not get loans with lower origination fees and very low fixed interest rates amortized over longer periods.  Busines Loans, especially those for small business are critical to the countries recovery and the SBA (Small Business Administration) has tasked lenders with … (0 comments)

charlotte: Debtor in Possession Financing (DIP) - Debtor in Possession Loans - Equipment Financing - 03/09/12 02:51 AM
Debtor in Possession Financing (DIP) aka/ Debtor in Possession Loans can be used for everything from short-pay of senior debt on a building or facility to Equipment Financing.  Dividend America Commercial Lending has a staff of trained professionals that understands Debtor in Possession Financing or DIP Financing and provides debtor in possession loans for almost any situation.
Most debtors in possession of assets involved in a Chapter 11 bankruptcy get offers of reduced payoffs ... or short-pays ... through the receiver in the bankruptcy case.  Debtors in possession then seek out Debtor in Possession Financing (DIP) - Debtor in Possession Loans as a way to … (0 comments)

charlotte: Dental Practice Loans - Financing for Dental Pracitces - 03/07/12 06:43 AM
Dental Practice Loans and Financing for Dental Practices is available today.  100% dental practice loans are used by practices to financing dental practice acquisitions.  Dental practice purchase loans can be obtained quickly are easy when dentl practice groups work with the right company.
The experts at Dental Practice Loans and Financing for Dental Practices are at Dividend America Commercial Lender.  Dividend America is a solutions oriented lender that provides expert advice and exceptional service to dentist, medical professionals nad dental practice groups.
We provide dental practice loans and financing for dental practice groups in all 50 states.  Whether you are in … (0 comments)