commercial real estate: Bridge Loans for Commercial Real Estate - 07/01/15 02:37 AM
Bridge Loans for Commercial Real Estate - Acquisition & Rehab to 100% of Cost
Sound to good to be true?  Maybe it is and maybe it isn't, the devil is always in the details.   There are a lot of bridge lenders (... and pretenders ...) touting their bridge loan product with "100% of rehab cost" included.  Many brokers and borrowers are reading into this, thinking that the loan is a 100% LTV, however, closer examination reveals something entirely different.
Bridge loans for commercial real estate acquisition and rehab are coming back into the market at a very rapid pace and that is a … (0 comments)

commercial real estate: Bridge Loans & Commercial Real Estate Investment - 06/08/15 02:46 AM
Bridge Loans & CREI
Bridge loans are a necessary financial tool for any commercial real estate investment enterprise.  Often times commercial real estate investor frown upon the use of bridge loans.  The common complaint is the 'cost of the money' being to high.
However, when the cost of losing a transaction is calculated, all of the sudden a loan with a higher, interest-only, interest rate doesn't look so bad.  The point here is not to argue whether interest rates on bridge loans are high, we all can agree that they are some of the highest in the market today.  The problem is the … (0 comments)

commercial real estate: Commerical Real Estate Loan Refinance - 05/11/15 03:55 AM
Commercial Real Estate Loan
Commercial real estate loan refinance is picking up steam at the current time.  With rates commercial real estate loans in the high 2% to low 3% range commercial real estate investors are losing a huge opportunity if they are sitting on higher interest rate loans and are afraid to refinance because of a prepayment penalty.
When dropping an interest rate 2%, 3% or 4% per year, it makes since to pay the prepayment penalty in order to get huge payment savings that can add tens of thousands of dollars per month to the bottom line cash flow of the property!
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commercial real estate: Small Business Loans - Commercial Real Estate - 01/04/15 01:34 PM
Small Business Loans - Commercial Real Estate.
Did you know that the easiest loans to get are for small businesses that have real estate? Here is some great information on small business loans.
In a nutshell there are certain risk factors that lenders take into account when making loans to small businesses.  The risk factors help to determine everything from the type of small business loan that is made to the LTV ratio of the small business loan.
Find out how some small businesses can quality for up to 100% loan to value small business loans by checking out this … (0 comments)

commercial real estate: Business Loans - Phoenix, AZ, Atlanta, GA & Nationwide - 07/03/14 08:12 AM
Business Loans are loans designed to help individuals start, acquire or grow a business.  Business loans can be found in many categories from lines of credit to senior secured debt that is collateralized by real estate.
Today most business loans require two basic components; 1.) the borrower must have experience in the industry for which the business operates and 2.) there must be some sort of collateral to secure the business loan.
Qualifying for a business loan can be made easier by applying for an SBA (Small Business Administration) guaranteed loan.  The SBA, a government organization, sets forth guidelines for qualification of the borrower and the … (0 comments)

commercial real estate: Bridge Loans for Distressed Commercial Real Estate - 04/24/14 11:58 AM
Bridge Loans for Distressed Commercial Real Estate are available for many different types of commercial real estate assets in major markets around the nation.  In New York City, New Jersey, Boston, Baltimore and othe major markets in the Northeast, bridge loans for distressed commercial real estate can be difficult to obtain.
There are a few funds that are very active in the Northeast and that are providing funding for distressed commercial real estate assets.  Distressed multifamily is a very hot category of bridge loan financing for some of these funding entities.  However, other distressed commercial real estate assets like retail, shopping … (0 comments)

commercial real estate: Structured Finance – For Business and Commercial Real Estate - 03/25/13 03:54 AM
Structured Finance for business used to be fairly easy to achieve but in today’s market, it can be more difficult.  Quite the opposite is true of Structured Finance for Real Estate.   Once a very difficult way to accomplish the financing of typical commercial properties today Structured Financing is the new industry buzz word.
Those seeking Structured Finance for business solutions should first categorize what they are seeking as there are specific approaches that must be used to create success.  For instance, business structure financing vehicles are categorized as DIP or Debtor in Possession, recapitalization, or growth capital.  These structures can come … (0 comments)

commercial real estate: Equity, Bridge & Mezzanine Financing - 105% LTV - 11/16/12 12:05 AM
Equity, Bridge & Mezzanine Financing can be structured in transactions that allow for 105% LTV and in some cases Loan to Values as high as 115%.  How is this possible?  With structured finance strategies, commercial real estate investors can leverage multiple forms of financing in the capital stack to achieve their goals.
Most distressed asset purchases made by commercial real estate professionals require money beyond the purchase price of the property.  When arranged properly, structured financed transactions can supply the money needed for down payment, senior debt, interest reserves during repair and money for the cost of repairs.
When one adds the … (0 comments)

commercial real estate: Commercial Loans with Low Interest Rates - Insurance Conduit Financing - 07/06/12 04:17 AM
Borrowers looking for the Commercial Loans with Low Interest Rates need to focus on commercial real estate loans funded using Insurance Conduit Financing.  Commericlal Loans with Low Interest Rates are almost always funded using Insurance Conduit Financing.
In this economic environment it is easy to find commercial real estate financing with interest rates from the low 4's to the low 6's.  Many commercial loans with low interest rates are funded by Life Insurance companies.  But don't look to the insurance company to fund directly, especially if you don't have a large ($20,000,000 plus) loan. 
That's because the smaller commercial real estate loans, … (0 comments)