construction loan: Sale/Leaseback & Build-to-Suit Construction Financing - 01/22/14 01:07 AM
Builders and Developers are constantly seeking the holy grail of financing that keeps their businesses moving .. Build-to-Suit Construction Loans and Sale/Leaseback Construction Financing.  These types of construction loans and development financing have dried up during the financial crisis but now some sources are entering the market in new and entrepreneurial ways.
Through a new type of construction lending platform, builders and developers are now finding the critical path to funding their build-to-suit and single tenant - sale/leaseback opportunities. provides access to a proprietary network of capital providers eager to invest in build-to-suit construction projects.
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construction loan: Assisted Living Facility Construction Loans - 90% LTC & Non-HUD - 08/21/12 11:02 PM
Assisted Living Facility Construction Loans with 90% LTC (Loan to Cost) and Non-HUD approvals are achievable even in this market.  The key to successful approval of Assisted Living Facility Construction Loan financing is the structure of the entire capital stack and the reserve capacity of the sponsors.
There is one company in the market today that is able to coordinate the entire capital stack and create solid structured financed transactions for Assisted Living Facility Construction Loans.  To achieve 90% LTC the stack is simplified into three main components; owner's equity, preferred equity and senior debt. 
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