dallas: Peer to Peer Lending - A strategy that might be right for the times - 08/07/13 01:02 AM
Peer to Peer lending is a strategy that might be right for the times.  Today, borrowers struggle to find underwriters that understand their bubsiness.  More importantly, businesses struggle to find underwriters that understand they way that the business has attempted to mitigate the risk of lending in order to get the underwriter to say yes!
Enter Peer to Peer lending.  Most people think of Peer to Peer lending as small loans for busines or personal use.  While that view is correct for the most part and has been cemented by sitles like Prosper.com and LendingClub.com, these sites only lend small amounts … (0 comments)

dallas: Multifamily Purchase Financing - High LTV - Dallas, Houston, Texas - 05/17/13 02:52 AM
Multifamily Purchase Financing with High LTV is available for Dallas, Houston, Austin and San Antonio, Texas as well as other major markets in Texas.  Equity, bridge and mezzanine financing is available for multifamily purchase and redevelopment as well as long-term senior debt.
Multifamily purchase financing using a structured finance strategy that includes equity for the down payment on trades where loans are being assumed or where a combination of equity, bridge and mezzanine financing are used.  Dividend America Commercial Lending in cooperation with their parent company have assembled a group of investors (lenders and equity providers) who are very interested in … (0 comments)

dallas: Multifamily Financing and Apartment Financing - Fannie-DUS Alterantive - 12/03/12 04:30 AM
Multifamily Financing and Apartment Financing is available through government programs but a Fannie-DUS Alternative has been needed for some time.  Most investors don't realize it, but one has existed and for a while and it is right under their noses.
While most commercial investors involved in multifamily and apartment investing believe that using a Fannie Mae multifamily financing program is best they would love to do what many larger firms do and take their portfolio to the big, national life insurance companies to get low rates and long-term mutlifamily financing and apartment loans.
Now, those low interest rate, long term loans … (0 comments)

dallas: Equity, Bridge, Mezzanine or JV - The Benefits of Structured Finance - 10/10/12 07:40 AM
Equity, Bridge, Mezzanine or JV (Joint Ventures), what are The Benefits of Structured Finance versus trying to focus on acquiring commercial real estate assets through more traditional funding sources like banks, commercial mortgage lenders, CMBS lenders and insurance conduit lending sources?
The bottom line is the benefits of using equity, bridge, mezzanine or JV (joint venture) funds instead of traditional long-term senior debt are huge.  For starters, conventional or more traditional paths to funding commercial real estate acquisitions have dried up.  The deals that do get funded are the top of the line deals with the A+ players.  That's why it … (0 comments)

dallas: Commercial Loans with Low Interest Rates - Insurance Conduit Financing - 07/06/12 04:17 AM
Borrowers looking for the Commercial Loans with Low Interest Rates need to focus on commercial real estate loans funded using Insurance Conduit Financing.  Commericlal Loans with Low Interest Rates are almost always funded using Insurance Conduit Financing.
In this economic environment it is easy to find commercial real estate financing with interest rates from the low 4's to the low 6's.  Many commercial loans with low interest rates are funded by Life Insurance companies.  But don't look to the insurance company to fund directly, especially if you don't have a large ($20,000,000 plus) loan. 
That's because the smaller commercial real estate loans, … (0 comments)

dallas: Dental Practice Loans - Financing for Dental Pracitces - 03/07/12 06:43 AM
Dental Practice Loans and Financing for Dental Practices is available today.  100% dental practice loans are used by practices to financing dental practice acquisitions.  Dental practice purchase loans can be obtained quickly are easy when dentl practice groups work with the right company.
The experts at Dental Practice Loans and Financing for Dental Practices are at Dividend America Commercial Lender.  Dividend America is a solutions oriented lender that provides expert advice and exceptional service to dentist, medical professionals nad dental practice groups.
We provide dental practice loans and financing for dental practice groups in all 50 states.  Whether you are in … (0 comments)