financing: Multifamily Residential Financing in 2016 - 01/12/16 12:27 AM
Multifamily Residential Financing
It's a new year and the market for multifamily residential is hot.  Yardi reports in the Yardi Multifamily Rents Matrix for 2016 that multifamily rents in 2015 grew by 6.4%!  This is good news for the industry.  This equates to a 190 basis point increase over 2014 numbers and crushes the long-term average of 2.8%.
So how will this affect multifamily residential financing, we think the answer is; positively!  Interest rates are still very low, hovering around 4%.  We are starting to see LTV's creep up as continued rising rents take pressure off of risk.
Multifamily residential financing for refinance to a … (0 comments)

financing: Buy A Building For Your Business in Phoenix, AZ - 06/27/14 04:23 AM
How do you buy a building for your business in Phoenix, AZ and get the most out of that purchase?  With strategies devised by Dividend America Commercial Lending and their professional commercial real estate partners, Business Owners can purchase commercial real estate for their business and greatly reduce or eliminate the cost of the space needed for their business.
In Phoenix, AZ HVAC companies are finding that it may be cheaper to buy than to rent.  In Atlanta, GA Doctors and Dentists are finding that they can buy a building for your business in Pheonix, AZ with little or no money … (0 comments)

financing: Refinance Loans for Apartment Buildings & Multifamily Developments - 03/07/14 05:16 AM
Refinance Loans for Apartment Buildings & Multifamily Developments
As the markets begin to change and the opportunities to purchase distressed apartment building and multifamily developments begins to dry up, many investors are entering into phase two of their investment.  Refinancing high interests bridge loans for apartment buildings and multifamily developments.
Great rates are still available for the refinance of multifamily development and apartment building assets that have beens stabilized.  Refinancing a bridge loan or hard money loan used in the purchase and repositioning of a distressed apartment building or multifamily development into a much lowere interest rate loan with a fixed period … (0 comments)

financing: Multifamily Acquisition Strategies - Cash-Out Refinance - 02/12/14 04:23 AM
Multifamily acquisition strategies with cash-out refinancing is the best strategy for today's market.  Lately I've taken calls from several investors who have very small loan balances, $250K or less and they are looking for rate and term refinances to lower their rate .. the problem?  The loan balance is to small!
Many of these investors are sitting on large amounts of equity, some as much as $1 million!  Instead of having all that equity tied up in one property, they should be refinancing with cash-out and leveraging it into the acquisition of multifamily assets (apartment buildings, apartment comlpexes or multifamily developments … (0 comments)

financing: Multifamily Financing - Refinance and Cash Out - 02/06/14 04:39 AM
Multifamily Financing for refinance and cash out loans help investors get back equity from their properties and give them the opportunity to purchase and acquire new multifamily and apartment assets.  Multifamily financing for refinance and cash out is easiest when the multifamily development or apartment complex is stabilized, but loans are still available even if a multifamily community or apartment complex is not stabilized.
Refinancing a multifamily property or apartment building or apartment complex to pull cash out of the equity in the property is becoming a very popular multifamily financing strategy.  Simply leveraging that equity to reposition a multifamily asset … (0 comments)

financing: Commercial Loans with Low Interest Rates - Insurance Conduit Financing - 07/06/12 04:17 AM
Borrowers looking for the Commercial Loans with Low Interest Rates need to focus on commercial real estate loans funded using Insurance Conduit Financing.  Commericlal Loans with Low Interest Rates are almost always funded using Insurance Conduit Financing.
In this economic environment it is easy to find commercial real estate financing with interest rates from the low 4's to the low 6's.  Many commercial loans with low interest rates are funded by Life Insurance companies.  But don't look to the insurance company to fund directly, especially if you don't have a large ($20,000,000 plus) loan. 
That's because the smaller commercial real estate loans, … (0 comments)

financing: Dental Practice Financing, Financing for Dental Practices - 03/02/12 12:15 AM
Dental Practice Financing is available with up to 100% loan to value.  This means that dental groups seeking Dental Practice Financing can obtain a loan that is equal to 100% of the money needed to buy equipment, buy out a partner, purchase a dental practice or purchase a medical office space.
Dental practice financing is often sought by dental groups but is also available for individual dental practices.  To obtain dental practice financing dental professionals only need to provide proof of a revenue stream and an operating business.  Many dental professionals and dental groups are shocked at the relative ease of the … (0 comments)