nc: High LTV Multifamily Loans - Atlanta, GA, Phoenix, AZ, Chicago, IL - 08/20/12 12:20 AM
High LTV Multifamily Loans are available for experienced individual investors with small holdings or for entire companies with thousands of doors under managment.  High LTV multifamily loans have been difficult to come by in recent years but with the entrance of a new bridge lender in the space Dividend America Commercial Lending has a product with 90% LTV and even 100% LTV multfamily and apartment financing if certain criteria are met.
To successfully quality for a high LTV multifamily loan the borrower should focus on purchasing the property at a true discount to the current intrinsic market value of the property.  By focusing … (0 comments)

nc: Discounted Payoff (DP0) - Refinance Balloon Notes for Commercial Loans - 08/19/12 08:55 AM
Discounted Payoffs are also referred to as DPO in industry lingo are typically offered when a balloon note comes due on commerical loans where the value of the property has dropped because of economic conditions.  DPO offers can be made by any CMBS lender, local bank or other lender but are typically offered when the lender is an FDIC insured lender that is under supervision.
Refinancing balloon notes for commercial loans doesn't have to be difficult and those that start the application process early usually have few problems.  The reason to start the process early is because sometimes the appraisal will … (0 comments)

nc: Business Loans - Restaurants, Storage, Commercial, Retail, Industrial - 07/10/12 05:33 AM
Borrowers looking for low cost Business Loans now have a great opportunity in a new SBA 504 program being offered through Dividend America Commercial Lending.  Small Business Administration loans offered through the revised SBA 504 program are great for all types of businesses.
With the new low cost Business Loan developed using revised rules from the Small Business Administration, borrower can not get loans with lower origination fees and very low fixed interest rates amortized over longer periods.  Busines Loans, especially those for small business are critical to the countries recovery and the SBA (Small Business Administration) has tasked lenders with … (0 comments)

nc: Debtor in Possession Financing (DIP) - Debtor in Possession Loans - Equipment Financing - 03/09/12 02:51 AM
Debtor in Possession Financing (DIP) aka/ Debtor in Possession Loans can be used for everything from short-pay of senior debt on a building or facility to Equipment Financing.  Dividend America Commercial Lending has a staff of trained professionals that understands Debtor in Possession Financing or DIP Financing and provides debtor in possession loans for almost any situation.
Most debtors in possession of assets involved in a Chapter 11 bankruptcy get offers of reduced payoffs ... or short-pays ... through the receiver in the bankruptcy case.  Debtors in possession then seek out Debtor in Possession Financing (DIP) - Debtor in Possession Loans as a way to … (0 comments)

nc: Dental Practice Loans - Financing for Dental Pracitces - 03/07/12 06:43 AM
Dental Practice Loans and Financing for Dental Practices is available today.  100% dental practice loans are used by practices to financing dental practice acquisitions.  Dental practice purchase loans can be obtained quickly are easy when dentl practice groups work with the right company.
The experts at Dental Practice Loans and Financing for Dental Practices are at Dividend America Commercial Lender.  Dividend America is a solutions oriented lender that provides expert advice and exceptional service to dentist, medical professionals nad dental practice groups.
We provide dental practice loans and financing for dental practice groups in all 50 states.  Whether you are in … (0 comments)

nc: Welcome 2012! - 12/29/11 08:32 AM
My blog post are usually designed to educate the public about certain type of lending, however, this post will be slightly different today. 
As we leave 2011 and Welcome 2012!, we may well be saying good bye to the old economy and issuing in a new era.  The question is what will this new economy look like?  I cannot presume to predict whether there will be phenomenal growth or frustrating stagnation, but, I can leverage my years of real estate and lending experience to give others a glimpse of what capital markets may yield in the way of debt.
One trend … (0 comments)

nc: Medical Office Financing, Medical Office Purchase, Physician Practice Purcahse, Atlanta, GA, Phoenix, AZ, Charlotte, NC, Greenvilee, SC, Chicago, IL - 11/29/11 03:17 AM
As it turns out financing for medical office purchases by physician practices is not only a possibility but there appears to be growing strength in the medical office building sector of the real estate market.  Physician Practice purchases that include medical office facilities and medical office buildings are a strong play for organizations seeking to add value to their medical practices.
According to a recent article in Globe Street (dot) com, the medical office building market place is gaining steam.  See the article here:  Long term demand for medical office buildings remains strong and financing for medical office purchases and … (0 comments)

nc: Dentists can buy an office today, Learn the benefits of Financing for dentists, Charlotte, NC - 11/25/11 03:13 PM
Loans for dentists are available for a variety of business needs in Charlotte, NC.  Many dentists need  loans for dentists to purchase an office or building for their dentists practice.
Today loans for dentists to purchase an office or building for their dental practice are available with very high Loan to Values (LTV).  This means dentists in Charlotte, NC no longer have to use critical cash flow to accomplish their dentist’s goals.
In order to accomplish business goals dental practices and professionals should look to the support of companies that have a dual focus.  Seeking  loans for dentists to purchase an … (0 comments)

nc: Qualify Fast for Commercial Financing, Business Loans, Atlanta, GA, Phoenix, AZ, Charlotte, NC, Chicago, IL - 11/25/11 08:01 AM
Commercial lending in today’s market is much different than it was a few years ago.   Borrowers must prepare for a tougher environment.  There are a few simple things that borrowers can do that will increase their chance of success when seeking a commercial loan.
Keep it simple!  The days of complex corporate structures are gone.  If the loan you are seeking is less than $5,000,000 then you should consider closing as a single entity borrower.
Real property makes it real.  If you want to get the best rates, the easiest qualifying ratios and the most flexible terms, add something real, preferably … (0 comments)

nc: Hard Money, Bridge Loans, Business Growth Capital, Atlanta, GA, Phoenix, AZ, Charlotte, NC, Chicago, IL - 10/24/11 03:10 AM
Hard Money loans in Atlanta, GA, Phoenix, AZ, Charlotte, NC and Chicago, IL have become very popular ways of financing projects fast.  One common use of Hard Money loans for business and Bridge loans for business is for Business Growth Capital.
In the past many companies sought business growth capital from venture capital or angel investors.  However, with the tight economic conditions enticing invest from these sources has become very difficult.  However, with the proper deal structure and some assets, businesses can use Hard Money and/or Bridge loans to obtain the money they need to grow their businesses.
The key to … (0 comments)

nc: Hotels For Sale, Loans for Hotels, Hotel Financing, Hotel Purchase Loans, Atlanta, GA, Phoenix, AZ, Charlotte, NC, Greenville, SC - 07/27/11 08:54 AM
Hotels for sale all over the US need financing.  From Atlanta, GA to Phoenix, AZ and cities like Charlotte, NC, Jacksonville, FL and Dallas, TX hotel financing is easy when the right lender is chosen.  Dividend America has loans for hotels and hotel purchase loans available with quick approval.
Whether you have hotels for sale or you want to make a hotel purchase, Dividend America helps hotel buyers and sellers by making the hotel financing choice as easy one.  With easy qualifying and fast approvals the loans for hotels and hotel purchase loans provided by Dividend America are right for a … (0 comments)

nc: Gas Station C-Store Loans, Car Wash Financing and Financing for Public Storage Businesses, Atlanta, GA, Phoenix, AZ, Charlotte, NC, Greenville, SC - 07/27/11 06:01 AM
There are three business loans that are essentially the same.  They are Gas Station loans, aka – Gas Station C-Store loans, Car Wash Financing and financing for Public Storage Businesses.  Whether the business is in Atlanta, GA, Phoenix, AZ, Charlotte, NC, Austin, TX, Charlotte, NC or Greenville, SC, these loans are available!
These loans are all underwritten in a very similar fashion and the general business characteristics are the same.  Gas station loans, financing for car wash business and public storage business loans are all hybrid style business loans with a commercial mortgage component.  Financing is available in major cities like … (0 comments)

nc: Bridge Loans and Mezzanine Loans, Atlana, GA, Phoenix, AZ, Charlotte, NC, Greenville, SC - 07/27/11 12:21 AM
Bridge loans and mezzanine financing can be considered the same thing in many cases.  The term of Bridge Loans or bridge financing can range from 1 to 3 years.  Interest rates on mezzanine financing is usually from 8.0-12.99% and points range from 2% to 5%.  Bridge loans and mezzanine loans can and usually do have some sort of low prepayment penalties.
Bridge loans live up to their name.  Developers and businesses use bridge loans and mezzanine financing to bridge the gap between two different loans.  The most common bridge loan is the bridge between construction financing and permanent financing on commercial development and commercial construction.  With projected construction growth in cities like Atlanta, … (0 comments)