portfolio loan: Blanket Mortgage - Residential Investment Properties - 04/09/15 01:59 AM
Blanket Mortgage
Blanket mortgage - a partitioned loan specifically designed to allow a single loan collateralized by a portfolio of properties.  With a residential blanket mortgage for residential investment portfolios real estate investors that want to purchase more than 4 properties can use a blanket mortgage to grow their business.
A blanket mortgage from Dividend America Commercial Lending can be used to pull cash out of an existing residential investment property portfolio, to consolidate debt and refinance or to purchase a portfolio of residential investment properties.  With rates as low as 5.5 - 7.75% and amortization terms out to 25 years, these loans are … (0 comments)

portfolio loan: Apartment Loan Refinance - Cash Out and Rate Reduction - 02/27/15 04:49 AM
Apartment Loan Refinance for Apartment and Multifamily Loans
Apartment Loan Refinance to pull cash out and to radically lower your rate can be achieved in many cases in less than thirty days.  The key to success is being prepared and engaging the right team.
The challenged for most small enterprises and larger investors is usually the same.  Most people just don't understand the types of documents needed to get started with an apartment loan refinance, not do they understand the delicate balance of information flow at each stage of the process.
Phases of Apartment Loan Refinance
During the process of applying … (0 comments)