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 98% SUCCESS AT STOPPING FORECLOSURES                              SAVING       YOUR MOST PRECIOUS ASSET                                                  Stop Foreclosure & Save Your Home.   IMMEDIATE EMERGENCY HELP!      (800) 679-7042 Ext 5700             
 We are here to help prevent foreclosure and save your home Today link belowThe Hope Now Alliance, a private partnership organized by the federal government, launched in October and trumpeted repeatedly by President Bush and other top administration officials, has been criticized by members of Co...
Perforeclosure Opportunity $1,000 a Day The right time for a home business in real estate?We keep hearing how bad the real estate markets. Badlending practices created thousands of bad loans. Nowthat rates have risen somewhat and monthly payments areincreasing, the number of people defaulting on ...
When a homeowner has a hardship that causes them to get behind in their mortgage payments the lender is usually not willing to work out a suitable means for the client to get caught up. Typically the lender will demand all of the arrears and all of the late fees, delinquent charges, etc. This sit...
Your home is your most valuable asset, and you probably want to keep it. We know that life is unpredictable and that circumstances arise that prevent you from making your mortgage payments. Sometimes these are temporary things such as job loss, medical illness, marital difficulties, and even unan...
03/10/2008 Year ago, most experts thought not. Sad as the situation was for some homeowners, many experts felt the problem would be confined to those who had gambled on risky loans with eyes open -- borrowers who chose adjustable-rate loans sure to require higher payments la...

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