mo: Relocating to Springfield, MO: Father's Day - 06/10/14 07:17 AM
Have you recently relocated to Springfield, MO and wonder what you should do for that special man in your life?  Whether it is your dad, husband, uncle, grandfather or anyone else, there is always something to do on Father's Day in the Ozarks.  Here are a few options!
Take him out for a big cut of steak at Jimm's Steakhouse and Pub.   They have something for everyone and they were voted on of the best houses in Springfield!
Go for a hike at the Springfield Nature Center.  You'll get a nice scenic hike that's right in town.

mo: Relocating to Springfield, MO: Rain, when will it stop? - 05/29/14 01:57 AM
Are you relocating to Springfield, MO and wondering about the weather.?  Well, as I've talked about before, Springfield, MO does have the most varied weather in the United States, but do we get enough rain?  It depends who you ask?  I feel like I've been waiting for days for it to stop raining only because I want to mow my yard.  But I also feel like not a day goes by that the sun isn't shining.  That's the great thing about living in Springfield, MO, it may be raining one second, but the next the sun could be shining.  But what … (0 comments)

mo: Relocating to Springfield, MO: MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND! - 05/24/14 04:09 AM
Youv'e relocated to Springfield, MO, it's Memorial Day Weekend and it's time to get out those summer clothes and enjoy the weather.  Springfield, MO and it's surrounding area has more than enough to do to keep you cool.  Pick a lake any lake:
Table Rock
Pomme De Terre
Bull Shoals
Lake of the Ozarks
Taney Como
Or Just head down to the James River!  
Grab your boat, and if you don't have one go check them out at Bass Pro (buy some life jackets while you're at it), pack a cooler and head to the water!  It's a guaranteed … (0 comments)

mo: Relocating to Springfield, MO: Date Night at the Movies - 03/28/14 03:43 AM
Are you relocating to Springfield, MO and wondering if you're still going to have somewhere to enjoy a good movie on the big screen?  Well, worry no more because Springfield and it's surrounding areas gives you plenty of options for your movie viewing pleasure.  As I've talked about many times before I am a huge fan of downtown Springfield, MO so my theatre of choice is Hollywood Theatres right off of Campbell in the heart of downtown Springfield, MO.  Actually, it's always a toss up as to where I go, I also love the Moxie Cinema and the Gillioz Theatre and seeing … (0 comments)

mo: Relocating to Springfield, MO: Most varied weather - 03/16/14 02:09 PM
Everyone has the same question when relocating to Springfield, MO, how's the weather?  Lately I've had many clients driving in from out of town, mostly from the north, so that they can find their new home in the Ozarks.  There's a reason it's happening right now...they are tired of the snow.  One of the greatest things about Springfield, MO is that the weather is never too extreme but it is always changing.  For example today was below freezing but tomorrow is supposed to be near 60 degrees! We truly have four seasons and it's always good to have a change.  Don't … (0 comments)

mo: Relocating to Springfield, MO: Night life in downtown Springfield, MO - 03/04/14 09:41 AM
If you're afraid there isn't enough to do in Springfield, MO on any given night, I'm here to tell you that you have nothing to be afraid of.  Downtown has so much to offer.  From great places eat to awesome late night specials, you'll never get bored.  The one thing I love most about downtown is that no matter what night of the week it is, you can always find an affordable place to go.  
My wife is a graduate student at Missouri State University and Thursday night seems to be our night to go out and stay out a … (0 comments)

mo: Relocating to Springfield, MO: Warm weather activities - 02/14/14 04:16 AM
The sun is shining, the streets are clear and the cold no longer burns your skin when you walk outside.  It's FINALLY going to be a warm weekend here in Springfield, MO.  What are you going to do?  The possibilities are endless.  What are my priorities?  A.  I'm going to take advantage of this weather and show as many houses as I can.  B. I'm going to RIDE MY BIKE! C.  I'm going to take the dogs on a long walk.  D. I'm going to finally be able to get some work done around the yard.  Here are my suggestions on … (0 comments)

mo: Relocating to Springfield, MO: Weekend Getaways from Springfield, MO - 02/06/14 06:25 AM
Springfield, MO is such a great town, but even if it's the greatest town on earth, there is always an excuse to getaway.  I was talking to my parents today about their upcoming trip to Florida.  My mom was talking about her laundry list of stuff she had to do before they left and about how there was SO MUCH to do, almost as if it was stressing her out.  I simply told her she didn't have to go if it was going to be more work than fun.  She acted like I was crazy, she couldn't be more ready for … (0 comments)

mo: Relocating to Springfield, MO: Late night snacks in Springfield, MO - 01/24/14 05:00 AM
Are you thinking about moving to Springfield, MO and wondering if Springfield can stand up to your late night cravings?  Well you're in luck because Springfield has plenty of late night places to feed your late night appetite.  Springfield has plenty of restaurants open 24/7 like Steak n' Shake, Springfield Family Restaurant, IHOP and Waffle House, but if you're craving something different than the normal omelet and hash browns, then there are plenty of other options.  If you're craving a late night burger (slider style) Whistler's is open very late and offers just about every kind of slider you could imagine, … (2 comments)

mo: Missouri is Awesome - 01/14/14 04:18 AM
Check this out!  Why wouldn't you want to live in MissourI?
Missouri is Awesome
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mo: Relocating to Springfield, MO: Finding a church in Springfield, MO - 01/14/14 04:07 AM
Want to find a church in Springfield, MO?  Whenever I move somewhere new, one of the first things I do is find a church that meets my needs.  It was always the first place I would go to meet new friends.  Congregations are always welcome to new members and more than willing to cater to your needs.  Growing up, it seems like I cycled through every single denomination of church there was.  Having a very strong Christian background, I was always switching around Presbyterian, Methodist, Episcopalian, Lutheran I would hit them all.  I would even visit the Mormon church with some … (0 comments)

mo: Alternative transportation around Springfield, MO - 01/11/14 04:59 AM
Do you live (or want to live) in Springfield, MO and feel like you need to start the new year off right and get some exercise?  Would you also like to be in the middle of nature as you do it?  Springfield, MO has some of the best walking and biking trails you could ask for, hundreds of miles of them.  A lot of times on the weekend (when I'm not showing houses) I like to jump on my bike and run my errands around town.  As I've talked about many times before, one of my favorite places in town is … (0 comments)

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