springfield mo: Best Realtor in Springfield MO - 01/22/14 01:43 AM
Many times people ask who is the best Realtor in Springfield MO. and naturally I tell them "I am".  What really defines "the best".  Is it hair, dress, car or how many times they have seen your sign?  Often I hear "well I have seen a lot of those signs  and they drive a nice car so they must be good".  In my opinion this could not be farther from the truth.  So what defines "the best" Realtor?  If I had to sum it up into one word it would be "Passion".  If you have passion for something everything else will … (0 comments)

springfield mo: Real Estate in 2014 as Seen by Dakota Carson Realty Group - 12/31/13 03:38 AM
Real Estate in 2014 as Seen by Dakota Carson Realty Group is going to be great.  As December departs and brings a close to 2013, many are asking about the real estate market in the new year. We at Dakota Carson Realty Group do much research on both the buying and selling side of this industry so we are well prepared and knowledgeable for our clients. Interested rates throughout 2013 were exceptionally low but we feel this is going to be a thing of the past and will be on the rise by summer. This in part is due by the … (0 comments)

springfield mo: Are You Wanting to Sell Your Home in Springfield MO? - 12/30/13 04:20 AM
Are You Wanting to Sell Your Home in Springfield MO? Then contact the Dakota Carson Realty Group today to get started. We are a successful real estate team affiliated with Keller Williams. Each and every team member truly love what they do and it shows in our results. We can certainly guide you through listing and selling your home with ease. In planning to list your home, you can make the process smoother by doing a few small chores prior to placing the real estate sign in your front yard. First thing is, declutter! I am certainly not suggesting that you … (0 comments)

springfield mo: Looking for a Home near Glendale High School in Springfield MO? - 12/28/13 03:30 AM
Are you looking for a home near Glendale High School  in Springfield MO? The Dakota Carson Realty Group can help! We are very knowledgeable in the area around Glendale for a couple of reasons. One being, this is our neighborhood. We have one son that attends Sequiota Elementary and another that attends Pershing Middle School, both schools feed to Glendale High School. So although we have not had the “Glendale” experience yet, we can talk to you about the neighborhoods and area surrounding the school. Glendale is located just off the intersection of Highway 65 and Battlefield Road. It sits in … (0 comments)

springfield mo: Selling Your Home Made Fun in Springfield MO-Dakota Carson Realty - 12/24/13 01:45 AM
How to make selling your home fun. I know, just the thought of putting a for sale sign in your front yard makes you instantly break out in a sweat and panic attacks begin. Knowing that complete strangers will be walking through your home, looking in your drawers and checking out your closets. And that is not the worst of it! The waiting for your phone to ring at any minute of any day with a real estate agent on the other end asking to not only bring those complete strangers by your home, but guess what, they are actually outside … (1 comments)

springfield mo: David Johnson and Dakota Carson Realty Group Springfield MO - 12/21/13 11:54 PM
David Johnson is a Springfield real estate agent. He is an independent agent for Keller Williams and manages his own real estate team by the name of Dakota Carson Realty Group. He truly loves what he does and it shows in his efforts and outcomes. His team consists of himself as lead agent, Jeremiah Smith as his buyers agent, Rebecca Barrett is marketing and his wife, Missie Johnson as contract coordinator. Dave guides his team with a passion and desire to make a difference in his clients personal lives.  That is why his team works diligently to make the real estate experience for you … (0 comments)

springfield mo: Buying a Home near Pershing Middle school in Springfield MO - 12/20/13 05:25 AM
Looking for a home near Pershing Middle School in Springfield? Well let me be the first to congratulate you. I will start from the beginning. Dave and I, owners of Dakota Carson Realty Group, started 2013 living in Sparta. Although it's a great “small” town, we were spending so much time and money driving back and forth to Springfield that after much prayer and discussion with our boys, we decided to move in to Springfield. We visited middle schools, researched neighborhoods and being real estate agents, obviously we searched home values ended up in Fox Grape Subdivision which is in Pershing … (0 comments)

springfield mo: Pre-Black Friday shopping - 11/23/13 06:08 AM
So I make my living as a real estate agent by day, well by night also.  I have had several clients this last week ask me my thoughts on stores being open on Thanksgiving evening. So here is the disclaimer for the rest you STOP reading if you do not agree with the stores being open. I have a large family and I love spending time with them. I would consider myself to be a “traditional” family person. Every Thanksgiving, well every holiday, we spend together.  However, there was a day that I worked at the local hospital and worked on … (1 comments)

springfield mo: Selling Your Home in the Ozarks During the Holiday Season - 11/20/13 03:53 AM
Selling your home in the Ozarks during the holiday season. One may ask, “Why in the world would I want my home to be on the market during the holiday season?” My answer would be simply....Supply and Demand! There are a lot of reasons of course but the most important reason is that buyers that are searching for homes during the holiday season are serious buyers! That means, they are not “window shopping”, they are wanting to move and will be buying a home. The inventory on homes for sale is typically lower during this time, so your home is not … (0 comments)

springfield mo: Living In Springfield Missouri--Loving All Its Attractions - 11/07/13 11:06 PM
I have lived in Springfield Missouri for several years and love what it has to offer.  Springfield  has rich history that many people do no know. For instance during the wild west era  Wild Bill Hickock had a shoot out in the city square in 1865 resulting in multiple injuries.  It is also known as the birthplace of the famous Route 66.  Today Route 66 stretches from the Great Lakes to the Pacific.  Most notably the Springfield area is recognized for its outdoor activities.  The birth place of the famous Bass Pro Shops containing anything and everything associated with outdoors.  Hunting is one … (0 comments)

springfield mo: Homes For Sale In Republic Missouri - David Johnson - 03/03/13 06:21 AM
As an agent, I have dealt a many homes for sale in republic, Missouri and can tell you it’s a wonderful place to live.  Republic has a population of approximately 14,000 people.  Republic is home of the Tigers and the town takes great pride in sporting their hometown sports.  Because of this hometown environment, homes for sale in Republic, Missouri have great resale value.  The City of Republic is actively building their portfolio to entice large industry to their town.  Having a great supply of jobs in town, encourages the real estate market in the area.  Republic has all the attractions … (0 comments)

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