La Cresta Homes like no other | This La Cresta Real Estate is Amazing! Panoramic Views of Temecula Hills and City Lights.  The custom home has panoramic views of mountains and city lights. More information on this beauty among homes for sale in La Cresta, CA   This private La Cresta estate home n...
Today, I started a re-vamping of my "web presence network".  A single website is probably not enough for anyone serious about dominating Google searches. For whatever reason, your single target website can be shifted from your hard earned position in search results overnight. What then? One day, ...
Stop The Murrieta Power Plant on Facebook Stop The Murrieta Power Plant Just set up a new blog re: Murrieta Power Plant Stop The Murrieta Power Plant Source: Investment group French Valley Energy Partners, LLC (how duplicitous! They’re not m...
This blog is so blatantly google juice oriented. I confess, I maintain it simply to increase backlinks and write in a much more freeform style. I'm not trying to give anyone computer service. Go to best buy. People get viruses on windows all the time. Get a MAC. Get Free AVG antivirus. When peopl...
Orange County Web Design by Dave Keys I've been working lately on a design concept that emulates flash, but only uses html and javascript. Menus slide out of the way to make room for content and background photos that fill the entire window fade in and out.  I used this for an OC Real Estate clie...
One of my websites recently graduated to page one. The event that got it there was a very mundane blog entry with a simple backlink to the site.  I'd been repeating this for months and then, after the last post, hours later the site quietly moved to the center of page one for the target search. E...
I had gained page 1 for some searches. Specifically, Temecula Web Design and Murrieta Web Design. One day, then two. I was still there. Permanently? No. Definitely not. Today I was uceremoniously dropped down 10 stories. I've seen this before, actually. Google will propel you to page one in kind ...
Competition has become more fierce and more intense, especially on the web. It's time to have the distinct advantage of something within your reach now. You can have a strong voice on the web in your community, for your service, your product and your business. A voice that is in the front row, no...
              You already know:  1. Business has slowed down even more in the last year. People are still leaving the community and buyers are scarce. Sellers have a thousand Agents to choose from.2. Competition in Murrieta and Temecula has become more fierce and more intense, especially on the ...
              You're operating a business in Temecula or Murrieta.   You already know two things.  1. Business has slowed down since a few years ago. People have moved from the community and many of those who remain are tightening their belts.2. Competition has become more fierce and more intens...

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