Homeless man, "Inspect my home."

Home Inspector
Inspect my home! “Are you a home inspector?” The man on the sidewalk said to me. Since I had just come from my car with a magnetic sign indicating I am indeed a home inspector, it wasn’t surprising to hear that question. I responded that yes, I am. To which he thrust his backpack out to me and said, “Well then, inspect my house.” We were standing outside the Church of the Advocate, a church that serves the homeless and less fortunate (physically) in our community of Asheville NC. And so I did. It was a fairly new medium size backpack. In the spirit of silliness and fun, I stood there inspecting his ‘house’ in front of several of his friends and mine. I examined the zippers and declared them AOK. I found a small hole where 2 seams merged and said that I observe a possible moisture intrusion point. It went a little further as we exchanged light hearted comments. We were both energized somehow in this exchange in that despite the misfortune of living from a backpack, we were able to find humor. I can only hope that when my house (soul, temple, life) is inspected that levity can be there too. And also with you! dkm 3-18-2013
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