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With food costs on the rise and the national economic situation what it is today, many people are wringing their hands when it comes time to cutting costs.  Now is the perfect time to turn to the local community to become more self-sufficient.  This means saying "no" to the big fast food corporat...
You can always find something to do in Jackson Hole.  Habitat for Humanity is welcoming volunteers to help build homes for families in needs on Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday.  For more info, call Lara at 734-0828.  Visit the Teton County Library every Thursday from 10:30-11am for Storytime.  T...
Wildlife officials are urging Jackson Hole residents to beware of increased bear activity in their area.  Bears' appetites increase during the fall so that they can store up fat for their long winter hibernation, where they can go as long as five months without eating.  The summer berries are jus...
Here's what's happening this week in Jackson Hole: Habitat for Humanity is looking for volunteers to help build homes for families in need October 15, 16 and 19.  To sign up, contact Lara at 734-0828 or email: lara@tetonhabitat.org. The Rec Center is hosting a One to One Wellness Clinic on Chi Wa...
According to the National Association of Realtors, pending home sales were up 7.4% in August, the largest gain in almost seven years.  This unexpected increase has been credited to the increasing availability of more affordable housing as home prices have fallen and mortgage interest rates contin...
All of Jackson's senior citizens are welcome to bring their Medicare cards and come down to the Senior Center of Jackson Hole today from 8:30am-12:30pm to receive their free annual flu shot.  If you don't have a Medicare card, the shot will cost you only $15.  The clinic will provide transportati...
To transition from summer to fall, several areas of the Grand Teton National Park will be closing.  Lizard Creek campground and Flagg Ranch Information Station already closed on September 2nd and the Flagg Ranch campground and Jenny Lake Ranger Station closed on September 21st.  The following is ...
The breathtaking scenery surrounding Jackson Hole provides the inspiration for local artisans, making Jackson Hole a great place to find fine art.  Boyer's Indian Arts offers sand paintings, pottery, hand woven rugs and fine jewelry from Navajo, Zuni and Hopi Indians for sale.  If you are looking...
While the Jackson Hole market has experienced a slow down, it is nowhere near the dire straits being touted in the media.  A California-based research company recently reported that the median home price in Teton County had dropped 9% in the last fiscal year.  While the lower end market has exper...
As more attention is focused on green building, especially in Jackson Hole, some people still seem to be stuck on the misconceptions of the past. For instance, green building is not always an expensive undertaking. This myth has persevered because more high-end projects tend to get builders' atte...

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