felton real estate: “Buy-To- Rent” or “Buy-Renovate-To-Rent” catch phrase means what? - 03/29/14 04:32 AM
What is the biggest change happening within our real estate market? Investors Buying up bad mortgages and shadow inventory.  I am not talking about these local investors that call us agents up to identify a good buy here in the SLV.I am referring to MAMMOTH  sized Investors.
Remember this new catch phrase! 
“Buy-To- Rent” or “Buy-Renovate-To-Rent” 
Shadow inventory refers to real estate properties that are either in the process of foreclosure and subject to potential short sale or are already “owned” by banks or GSEs. In either case, these properties are “in the shadows" … (0 comments)

Do you own a home in a flood zone in Felton, Ben Lomond, Boulder Creek?  If so, is is likely that your flood insurance rates are going to rise and in some areas quite dramatically. In 2012 congress passed the Biggert-Waters Flood Insurance Reform Act.  This act of congress will increase flood insurance rates on most homeowners in a flood zone. The government and FEMA had been subsidizing flood insurance rates and after Katrina and Hurricane Sandy, FEMA is billions of dollars in debt.  For now, it appears … (0 comments)

felton real estate: 2014 is The Year of the Horse = It is a Seller’s Market Now. - 02/01/14 03:08 AM
Welcome to 2014
San Lorenzo Valley Inventory is at extremely low levels. Total number of single family listings as of the publication date is 30 total listings in San Lorenzo Valley. 3 above $1 million
The real meat of the San Lorenzo Valley real estate market is currently $375K to $675K.  There are `13 single family homes for sale in that range. 
3 in Felton
4 in Ben Lomond
6 in Boulder Creek
3 are Short Sales and 1 is an REO= bank owned.
The Mortgage Debt Forgiveness Act will expire but Sen. Barbara Boxer has insured that the … (1 comments)

felton real estate: Fantastic bombshell you must know about Santa Cruz County Real Estate - 12/05/13 12:20 AM
A bombshell was released by a California Senator that no one yet seems to recognize how big it is -- until now.
 Santa Cruz County Distressed Home Sellers Not Liable for Federal, State Income Tax on Short Sales
 If you are a homeowner who sold a short sale, this article could be worth thousands in income tax savings.
  If you are a real estate agent or other adviser, this knowledge could make you a real hero to your clients.
   This is Big California Association of REALTORS announced it received a letter from the California Franchise Tax Board … (8 comments)

felton real estate: Felton 3/2 plus a 1/1 that is LEGAL on 2 acres - 05/10/13 04:45 AM

felton real estate: San Lorenzo Valley Market Overview for Jan 2011 - 02/05/11 06:04 AM
Market Overview for San Lorenzo Valley Jan 2011
Sales fell 11.8% from the month before, and were down 21.1% year-over-year.
Prices improved in Jan 2011 with the median price climbing 15.8% from the previous month, down 5.3% compared to last year. The average price rose
Inventory fell 1.7% from last month, and was down 10.5% year-over-year.

felton real estate: (Video) Visit the San Lorenzo Valley with Patti Lyles Century 21 Showcase, Boulder Creek Real Estate Agent - 01/06/11 02:17 AM
Median Home Price: $368,000 San Lorenzo Valley is made up of the following communities:
Felton Brookdale Ben Lomond San Lorenzo Valley is one of the most affordable areas in Santa Cruz County. Many homes here were formally summer cabins that have been converted for use in all seasons. Lot sizes tend to be much larger here than in many subdivisions. Many homes have septic systems, and others have their own private wells for water.
Many subdivisions have community water systems road associations, which typically cost owners anywhere from $500 to $1000 per year. Some subdivisions have swimming pools and other communal … (1 comments)

felton real estate: Why would you Buy Property in Felton California? - 10/17/10 05:45 AM
Why . . . Because this is what I saw on my early morning walk in Felton California. This place is enchanting is one of those unique towns tucked away in the hills of California's Redwoods that is home to tales of honor, faith, and scandal. Having many known and not-so-known sites, this little town is part of a historical backbone to the development and success of the great state of California.
In downtown Felton, one may visit her beloved historical landmark, an old church which is now a community library. Just east, one can see the famous covered bridge in Felton's … (6 comments)

felton real estate: $469,9000 for 125 Clearview Place Felton, CA 95018 - 04/14/09 03:59 AM

felton real estate: 125 Clearview Place Felton, Ca 95018 - 03/29/09 05:30 AM

felton real estate: The SANTA CRUZ COUNTY REAL ESTATE Report - 03/18/09 02:20 AM
 The March edition of the Report is now available.
Santa Cruz County home sales up eighth month in a row because Buyers are coming back
Inventory declined for the tenth month in a row: down 18.8% from last February.
The median price for homes fell 5.7% from January, and was down 37.1% year-over-year.
For the four-page printable version of the report, click:
http://rereport.com/scc/print/PattiLylesSZC.pdf. To view the on-line report with the city-by-city breakdown, go here:
P.S. If you find the Santa Cruz County Real Estate Report useful and know someone else who might, please feel free to … (0 comments)

felton real estate: What to be apart of an Santa Cruz County online auction? - 03/18/09 02:01 AM
by Patti Lyles
Would you want to be notified when another online property auction happen in Santa Cruz County? Of course you would....
 $442,000 in online property auction - With neither gavel nor auctioneer, 1 months ago Santa Cruz County staged its most successful tax-defaulted property sale this week, peddling 10 parcels for more than $442,000.
The county's first eBay-style online auction garnered 752 bids from 38 people in six states. Generally, fewer than 10 people bid in previous county auctions, said Treasurer Fred Keeley.
The online auction "draws a larger field of folks who have the willingness to bid these properties … (0 comments)

felton real estate: Santa Cruz County median home price plunged has market has bottomed out? - 03/18/09 01:52 AM
February home price median retreats to $380,000by Patti Lyles
The median price for a single-family home in Santa Cruz County plunged in February to $380,000, the lowest since January 2000, prompting one agent to declare the market has bottomed out.
92 sales, with homes in Watsonville, the area hardest hit by foreclosures, accounting for a record 33 percent.
And 66 percent sold for less than $500,000, the highest percentage in years.
In Watsonville, banks sold foreclosed homes at discounts of 30 percent to 50 percent.
A few examples:
124 Grant St. sold for $166,000, down from $490,000 in 2004.
38 Lower … (0 comments)

felton real estate: This place is so quaint it still has an Ice Cream Social - 09/08/07 12:30 PM
Wouldn't you love to live in a that still has Ice Cream Socials? I encourage you to consider buying a Felton Property as a primary residence or a vacation getaway.  It has the best affordability in the Santa Cruz County.  10 minutes to the beach too. 

felton real estate: San Lorenzo Valley Monthly Real Estate Trends - 08/10/07 12:47 PM
Patti @ www.FeltonRealtor.com
The following chart shows median and average price trends plus plus unit sales for single-family homes in San Lorenzo Valley. The chart uses a 12-month moving average to eliminate any seasonal variation.
The next chart is the same as above but uses a 3-month moving average. This smoothes out month-to-month variations yet shows seasonal variations.
This chart shows the current inventory of homes for sale compared to the number that have sold.
For detailed information on San Lorenzo Valley real estate, give me a call or send me an e-mail. If you prefer, you can fill out one of my forms. There's … (0 comments)


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