appraisal: What to Do When Your Appraisal Comes Back Lower Than Expected - 08/06/18 11:23 AM
Right now in many markets across the US there are more buyers than there are properties, and this creates a unique supply and demand. This results in competing bids and multiple offers and sometimes, those offers can extend far beyond what a home is actually worth. So what can a buyer or seller do when the appraisal comes in lower than the accepted offer?
#1. You can contest an appraisal if you have sufficient data.
Have a conversation with the lender and the appraiser but you have to supply the data that backs up the appeal. You can use homes that of already sold … (3 comments)

appraisal: How Do I Change my Property Value or Appraisal in Franklin County, OH? - 01/21/14 03:46 AM
How Do I Change my Appraisal or File Complaints with the Franklin County Auditor
 Over the last couple of years many property owners have taken the law into their own hands by complaining or presenting new information about the appraisals and assessment of their property taxes in Franklin County Ohio. "Complaints are excepted from the mingling of property tax bills in December 2013 through Monday, March 31, 2014." Property owners can file a complaint and schedule hearing before the board of revision. This board is made up of the county auditor, treasurer and the president of the board of county commissioners … (2 comments)

appraisal: Agents Talking to Appraisers and the Fogginess of the Dodd-Frank Act - 11/12/13 05:04 AM
Agents Talking to Appraisers and the Fogginess of the Dodd-Frank Act
The Dodd-Frank Act was signed into place in 2010 and is a lot of places major regulations on the financial industry. It originally grew out of the necessity during the recession of 2008 preventing another collapse of a major financial institution. It protects consumers with rules like keeping borrowers from abusing lending and mortgage practices by banks. Because of this ruling it has blurred the lines of communication between appraisers, lenders and agents. According to, Real Property Analyst, Inc. appraiser Tom Francis says "many Realtors® think they are not … (79 comments)

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