columbus: FHA Mortgage Insurance Cut for First Time Home Buyers - 07/25/19 09:17 AM
A recent bill now offers borrowers who undergo counseling before buying a home a discount on their upfront mortgage insurance. Just this last week, the House of Representatives passed a bill that cut the cost of upfront mortgage insurance for first-time homebuyers using mortgages backed by FHA. It says that first-time homebuyers who complete a housing counseling program can get a 25 basis point discount or .25% on their upfront mortgage insurance for an FHA loan.
The housing counseling program offers first-time homebuyers information about sustaining homeownership and keeping their mortgage active. It's a great incentive for first-time homebuyers unfamiliar with homeownership … (0 comments)

columbus: The 5 Most Common Tasks to Do Before Listing Your House - 07/19/19 10:18 AM
While every home is different I feel I say these 5 things more than anything to those getting ready to list and sell. Each home will have it's own issues and quirks but these 5 seem to cover it all
#1. Clean. 
You have to clean like you've never cleaned before! Maybe get some professional help and have them keep up on it each week while the home is on the market. Clean behind things, pack things away and clean inside drawers, baseboards, ceiling fans, blinds, the side of the fridge and front of cabinets. Clean where you've never cleaned before because I … (0 comments)

columbus: The 5th Wall and What People Are Doing with it - 05/02/19 08:24 AM
Have you heard of this new thing called the fifth wall? It's technically just your ceiling but ceilings have long since been forgotten as some place to express architectural design and influences of the times. In early American homes, however, low ceilings were favored to keep the spaces warm even though it might have felt a little claustrophobic. In the Victorian era, high ceilings were often elaborately embellished creating a whole another dimension of style and design.
You've probably seen this in warehouses and factory buildings that of been converted into loft allowing the industrial look to show off exposed beams and … (0 comments)

columbus: 5 Tricks to Make an Open House More Memorable - 04/08/19 07:50 AM
There's been some debate on whether or not an open house does any good. Sure, it's a good way to get the word out about a new listing, especially for the first weekend or so, but the chances of an open house actually selling the property can be a little more tricky. However, there are some great ways to make your house stand out and make it more memorable. Here are five simple tricks to make your open house more memorable.
#1. Offer a brochure.
Whether your home is staged or vacant, offering a brochure or a featured paper that talks about all … (2 comments)

columbus: Columbus Equine Affaire Festival Coming in April - 03/28/19 08:01 AM
Coming April 11 through the 14th 2019 is the annual Equine Affaire at the Ohio Expo Center and State Fair located at 717 E. 17th Ave.
This unique equine expedition and equestrian gathering is one of North America's largest festivals. This unique celebration offers horse education, entertainment, shopping, workshops, presentations, demonstrations, and much more. For four days at the Ohio Expo Center, there will be a variety of events and entertainment options.
There will be hundreds of events and exhibits such as a breeding Pavilion, horse and farm exhibits, for-sale stalls and more. What could be better than finding the perfect buyer for your … (0 comments)

columbus: Top Holiday Events in Columbus 2018 - 11/26/18 06:53 AM
And just like that, we are now looking towards Christmas. The holidays come and go so quickly and if you're like my family, we try to plan for events and experiences more than just things or gifts. With that in mind, here are some of our favorite events happening this next month in and around Columbus Ohio.
Wild lights at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium – from November 18 through January 6 is the zoo lights. Admission is just $20 and discounts for children and seniors. If you've never experienced Columbus zoo lights, you'll have to check it out. It's a one of a … (1 comments)

columbus: Thanksgiving Events and Open Restaurants in Columbus 2018 - 11/18/18 09:06 AM
Wednesday, November 21, 2018:Sign your kids up for the Educational Day Camp at Horse-N-Round Fun. This camp takes place on Wednesday and Friday for ages 6 and up and will go over horse care and riding. Lunch will be provided. Register in advance for this one! There’s also a preschool version.
No school on Wednesday? Send your kids ages 5-12 to the School’s Out Program at Sunbury Urban Farm. The theme is Give Thanks. Register in advance.
Another option for the kids is the Day Before Thanksgiving Camp at Picassos where lots of Thanksgiving Crafts will be made! Register in advance.
Take the kids to SuperGames Winter Open Play! at 10:00 AM and 1:00 … (2 comments)

columbus: 4 Actions that can Ruin Your Home Loan - 11/12/18 08:21 AM
 The last thing you want to do is ruin your mortgage approval once you've gotten the go-ahead from the lender. If you've been preapproved for a loan there are some things you can do that will actually ruin your chances of getting the loan. This can terminate the transaction and really put a ding on your credit report. So, once you've been preapproved for a mortgage or home loan what shouldn't you do in order to keep that loan in good standing order until you close?
#1. Don't apply for any new credits.
When you are in house-buying mode stay in this mode … (1 comments)

columbus: How to Check Your House for Storm Damage - 10/15/18 08:37 AM
It seems like the US is getting hit by storm after storm, whether it's political, or nature, storms can come and go and leave a torrent of damage behind them. With the most recent hurricane down in the Gulf Coast, there have been a lot of people questioning me about the integrity and validity of homes even around the Columbus area. While we may not have hurricanes, we can occasionally have tornadoes and of course, our winter weather can be very unforgiving, leaving fallen trees, split branches, and damaged homes. So, what can you do to check your home for damage … (1 comments)

columbus: Can a House Fall Out of Escrow? - 09/26/18 07:14 AM
Interesting question I got this last week about a house falling out of escrow. Once you have an accepted offer on a house, escrow can open until the home "closes" escrow and you can move in. But there are several ways that a home can actually "Fall out of escrow" and you'll want to avoid these mistakes or issues when they arise so you don't lose your home or if you are the seller you don't lose the buyer and have to relist the house.
The Buyer Backed OutThis can happen although it's certainly not a happy occasion when it does. This … (0 comments)

columbus: Should We Be Worried About the Housing Market? - 09/12/18 07:20 AM
Ah, the lovely media. Constantly steering us in one direction or another based on their level of fear and what they want us to believe, but, the housing market is taking an interesting turn this year. I think we all knew that 2018 would be a good year for the real estate market, but are the tides turning? Should we be worried about the future of the housing market?
The Federal Reserve is pushing interest rates higher and of course, this keeps a lid on inflation. Higher interest rates play into home affordability and thus demand. Buyers should keep a tight eye … (0 comments)

columbus: Columbus Area Metro Parks - Where to Play in the Park - 08/23/18 08:11 AM
The Columbus and Franklin County Metro Parks is a public agency serving the people of Central Ohio with natural parks that are clean, safe, and provide outstanding natural areas. There are over 230 miles of trails and over 27,000 acres of land within seven central Ohio counties making up Metro Parks. They're designed to conserve open spaces and provide an opportunity for people to discover and experience nature. Our Metroparks are some of the most unique in the country and we are an independent political subdivision of the state of Ohio. Designed to conserve natural resources and provide natural areas for … (1 comments)

columbus: Where to See Fireworks in Columbus 4th of July 2018 - 06/25/18 08:34 AM
Independence Day is right around the corner and if you're looking to play it safe and watch the fireworks from afar, here are the best places to see and experience firework displays around Columbus Ohio this year.
Patriotic Pops
What: Columbus Symphony Patriotic Pops Fireworks
Where: 160 South High Street
When: June 30, 2018 / fireworks at dusk
Red White and Boom
What: Fireworks Show and Parade
Where: Berliner Park
When: July 3, 2018
Athen's Fabulous Fourth
What: Pageant, Flag Raising, Patriotic Music, Fireworks
Where: East State Street
When: July 3, 2018 / 3:00 p.m.-10:30 p.m.
Johnstown Fireworks
What: Fireworks, Food Vendors, Live Music, Pageant
Where: Sportsman Club
When: July 3, 2018 / 7:00 p.m.-11:00p.m.
London Patriotic Celebration
What: Fireworks … (1 comments)

columbus: 5 Signs of a Lousy Real Estate Agent - 05/25/18 07:45 AM
Not all real estate agents are created equal and in today's market, it's even more important that agents go the extra mile on behalf of home sellers and buyers. So how can consumers know they're getting a good agent? Well here are six signs of an agent that's not quite putting in 100% of effort.
#1. No advice given.
Even homeowners that have been through a real estate transaction dozens of times still need a little bit of advice from their agent is now and then. If an agent is not offering any advice and really has no idea what's going on, it could … (3 comments)

columbus: Columbus Named Best City to Live in the US - 04/30/18 07:23 AM
US News & World Report released a list of the best places to live in America as they do every year and this year, the study looked at five metrics: job market, value, quality of life, desirability, and net migration. Our own little Columbus was #16 is one of the best places to live in the country.
We have an average salary of about $49,000 with a population just under 2 million. Out of 10, our quality of life came in at 6.5 with a value index of 7.4. These five metrics were used to score a value including a blend of … (0 comments)

columbus: Fun Events in Columbus First Week of November 2017 - 10/19/17 09:41 AM
There are a lot of fun events and activities happening the first weekend of November 2017 around the Columbus area. Here are some of our favorites:
Dining in the Dark – on November 4 from 6 to 9 PM, you'll experience dining event, unlike anything you've ever experienced before.This culinary adventure requires you to use every other sense but your eyes to enjoy dinner. This one of a kind sensory dinner is completely in the dark, not one shred of light and you are served by a sight-impaired waitstaff and that knows the place way better than you. If you're a foodie or … (1 comments)

columbus: How to Get Bad Smells and Odors Out of Your House - 04/28/17 08:49 AM
Nobody wants to list a house that stinks, but more often than not, homeowners don't even know that their house is emitting strange and unpleasant odors. A good real estate agent has to be honest with homeowners before listing their property in telling them that they might need to do something about the smell. There are a lot of ways we can create unpleasant smells in our houses from pets and cigarettes to mildew and mold. Mold can be a larger issue than simply the smell so it's important to check those serious odor causing contaminants and remove them at the … (2 comments)

columbus: Should You Really Buy a House in an HOA? - 03/21/17 07:41 AM
Many people don't think through all of the possibilities, problems or advantages to a homeowners association or HOA. Most new subdivisions or developments will have some association but homeowners are required to pay into and abide by laws if they choose a home in that development. Each association is different and may have different rules. Before finalizing the purchase of a home, buyers will receive the association's CC&Rs, which stands for covenants, conditions, and restrictions. It gives the buyer a chance to go through these bylaws to see if they agree with them before they finalize the sale.
There are pros and … (0 comments)

columbus: When the Seller Stays and Becomes a Tenant - 03/14/17 08:22 AM
Sometimes in the real estate world, a homeowner will choose to sell the property but remain in the home under the agreed-upon conditions. This practice of sellers renting back their home after the sale is becoming quite popular, especially in high-end markets. This is primarily due to tight housing supply and low inventory. These arrangements can help the buyer defray maintenance costs on a home that might otherwise sit vacant. It also can give more time for the seller to plan their next move for the future. However, if you've never been a landlord or tenant before, it can come with … (3 comments)

columbus: Why a Great Real Estate Team Makes All The Difference - 01/04/17 07:58 AM
Columbus is currently a competitive real estate market, with investors and all-cash buyers beating out first timers in many bidding wars. According to many real estate agents and mortgage officers, our market is extremely difficult for many buyers, regardless of past purchasing history. Some homes in popular neighborhoods are getting multiple offers especially on hot listings. Many buyers have even put off a home search because of the frustration and competition in the market.
This is why working with a team that works together is so vital! I recently assisted Sarah Albert, a first time home buyer in the Columbus area. Albert wanted … (0 comments)

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