home improvement: The 5th Wall and What People Are Doing with it - 05/02/19 08:24 AM
Have you heard of this new thing called the fifth wall? It's technically just your ceiling but ceilings have long since been forgotten as some place to express architectural design and influences of the times. In early American homes, however, low ceilings were favored to keep the spaces warm even though it might have felt a little claustrophobic. In the Victorian era, high ceilings were often elaborately embellished creating a whole another dimension of style and design.
You've probably seen this in warehouses and factory buildings that of been converted into loft allowing the industrial look to show off exposed beams and … (0 comments)

home improvement: The One Thing That Really Dates a Kitchen - 02/11/19 08:42 AM
I'm sure there are several things but this one thing really reveals how old a kitchen is... The pop-out window in the kitchen. We've all seen them, heck we might even still have one, but you know what I'm talking about; those pop out glass windows in a kitchen, usually over the sink, that homeowners can put fresh herbs or flowers in. But, they tend to be more of a hassle and a catchall than a convenient place for your fresh herbs. And one of the best things is they are a completely cheap and easy fix. However, leaving that popout … (0 comments)

home improvement: 10 Ways to Upgrade Your Home to Save Money - 01/02/19 12:41 PM
Most of the US has been enjoying fairly successful economic situations but we still want to save a penny here or there when we can. If you're looking to upgrade your home to save money here are 10 of the smartest things you can do.
#1. Install that programmable thermostat.
No, it doesn't need to be an expensive one, but a programmable thermostat will regulate the temperature when you're in the house and lower it when you are not. The smart ones tend to learn the household's behavior, but even if you can program it to come on and off during different times of the … (1 comments)

home improvement: Finding Trustworthy Contractors and Building Relationships - 07/09/18 07:12 AM
This post comes on the heels of a recent contractor nightmare a friend of mine has been dealing with. It seems like everyone I talked to has some crazy contractor story. When we explain a bad situation, people say, "yes, that sounds like a contractor." But why does it have to be that way? Why do contractors all have a stigma of being unreliable and over budget? They can't all be bad, can they?
Whether a contractor has just disappeared on the job, never finished a project, or come in way over budget and keeps asking for money, there are some things … (1 comments)

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