mortgage: FHA Mortgage Insurance Cut for First Time Home Buyers - 07/25/19 09:17 AM
A recent bill now offers borrowers who undergo counseling before buying a home a discount on their upfront mortgage insurance. Just this last week, the House of Representatives passed a bill that cut the cost of upfront mortgage insurance for first-time homebuyers using mortgages backed by FHA. It says that first-time homebuyers who complete a housing counseling program can get a 25 basis point discount or .25% on their upfront mortgage insurance for an FHA loan.
The housing counseling program offers first-time homebuyers information about sustaining homeownership and keeping their mortgage active. It's a great incentive for first-time homebuyers unfamiliar with homeownership … (0 comments)

mortgage: After a Purchase or Refinance, Who Do You Pay? - 12/14/18 08:20 AM
Probably one of the most common phone calls I get right after someone has purchased a home is if they are paying their mortgage to the right person. You might think you're getting your home loan through X company but within a couple of weeks or maybe even before you make your first mortgage payment, that loan is sold and now you have to pay someone else. The same goes for refinancing a completely new loan.
Lenders buy and sell loans all of the time, which can make it extremely confusing for homeowners. When you first work with a loan officer early … (2 comments)

mortgage: 4 Easy Point to Remember Before Applying for a Loan - 12/01/16 08:20 AM
Considering purchasing a home? While we are nowhere near the bottom of the market that we saw just in the last couple of years, we’re not at the peak either. Now is a great time to consider buying since rates are still relatively low and prices are low as well. Most of the foreclosures and short sales are slowly being removed from the market, so finding a bargain-basement deal is a little bit more difficult, but not impossible. Regardless of what type of home in which you are interested, a home loan may be in your future. If you’re not sure … (1 comments)

mortgage: Electronic Mortgages Now the Norm? Scary or Smart? - 08/06/15 06:56 AM
According to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, more people prefer electronic closings rather than in person.  Based on a test pilot program over the last four months, consumers repeatedly were in favor of an e-closing rather than  and in person closing. This could be a win-win for consumers and the mortgage industry alike. According to the research, consumers who participated in electronic closings gave higher positive feedback scores on their understanding of the process,  upwards of 7% higher than in personal closings. Efficiency and a sense of personal empowerment were also high on the consumer's list and borrowers who use the … (4 comments)

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