vision realty: 5 Myths Many Buyers Believe About the Inspection Process - 10/30/17 09:33 AM
Most homes have an inspection when they undergo a typical real estate transaction. Everyone usually has some preconceived ideas about the home inspection and these five myths are no exception.
#1. The home inspection is to identify problems so that the buyer can negotiate with the seller.This is probably the number one myth. It makes sense because buyers can back out of the transaction if they are not satisfied with the inspection report or, they can negotiate for repairs or discounts. But actually, the inspector's primary responsibility is to provide buyers with a better understanding of the physical condition of the home. … (1 comments)

vision realty: 1460 Pinestone Dr. - 12/13/14 01:01 AM


vision realty: 2686 Saint Patrick Road - 11/07/14 05:03 AM

3 BEDROOM RANCH WITH FULL BASEMENT, UPDATED KITCHEN, CENTRAL AIR,FIREPLACE, AND GARAGE. EZ2C ON SHORT NOTICE. Property was built prior to 1978 and lead based paint potentially exists. 

vision realty: Can the Seller Choose Their Own Title and Closing Agent? - 02/11/14 05:15 AM
Can the Seller Choose Their Own Title and Closing Agent?
Just about every transaction brings up this question, "can I use my own closing agent or do I have to go with the buyers?"

This is an interesting topic in that who pays for what and who gets to choose mutual closing agents. Obviously, both sides of the party will use the same closing agent but the title insurance is slightly different. The title company and the closing agent do not have to be the same but often times, sellers try to save money by requiring buyers to use a … (18 comments)

vision realty: From House to Condo: Five Tips for Downsizing - 01/17/14 09:46 PM
If you currently live in a house but have decided to move to a condo, it’s common to feel stressed about downsizing. But you don’t have to. Instead, choose to view it as an opportunity to clear out items that have inevitably accumulated over the years and simplify your life! Here are five tips to help you before the big move.                                                                    

vision realty: What You Need to Know Before Making an Offer on a Short Sale - 01/07/14 01:16 AM
 Tips and Strategies to Purchase a Short Sale Property
If you are considering purchasing a short sale property there are some things you need to know so that you are prepared and not alarmed by any surprises along the way. Those that choose a short sale should do so only if they are very patient as short sales tend to take several months to complete.
A short sale is a great way to obtain a home below-market value and find a great deal but you need to be aware of all of the stipulations and qualifications that a short sale may … (2 comments)

vision realty: How and Why You Owe Capital Gains on Real Estate Sales - 01/02/14 01:25 AM
How and Why You Owe Capital Gains on Real Estate Sales
The term "capital gains" can be confusing to some, especially those buying and selling real estate. But similar to stocks and bonds, when you sell a stock you owe taxes on the gain that stock provides. If you purchase the stock for $100 and sold it for $200 you need to pay taxes on that additional $100 you made from the sale of the stock. The same is true when selling property or real estate. However, if those gains are redistributed back into another property you may not owe as … (3 comments)

vision realty: Buying a Home If the Inspection Goes South - 01/01/14 10:03 AM
You’re nearing your goal of buying a home . You have zeroed in on a property, submitted your offer, and heeded your agent’s advice and ordered a home inspection.  
Soooo…what if the inspector finds major issues nobody expected? While most home inspections only uncover small problems that can be fixed easily, some do turn up serious issues. In 2013, 16% of Realtors® reported sales that went off track due to the inspector’s findings.   … (3 comments)

vision realty: Best Christmas Play in Columbus, Ohio - 12/22/13 01:59 PM
Best Christmas Play in Columbus, Ohio
There's so many Christmas plays happening this month it's hard to choose which one(s) to attend. We've searched out some of the best to present to you here:
Mayhem and Mystery Dinner Theatre The Christmas Caper is playing from December 17 to December 26. These performances take place in and around the audience for unique and sure fun! Everyone in the audience tries to solve the crime and win a prize! For $25.95 you will attend this fabulous interactive Christmas drama, enjoy dinner, dessert and beverages. Tax and gratuity is not included. Reservations are required.

vision realty: Mortgage Changes to the FHA Loan Limits | Columbus Ohio - 12/22/13 01:56 PM
                             Mortgage Changes to the FHA Loan Limits
In 2014, loan limits will fall in around 650 counties in the United States as well as Puerto Rico. The limits are attached to local home prices, however several changes in how those limits are calculated explain some of the huge drops. As of January 1st, the loan limits are set to lower. … (0 comments)

vision realty: What Does an As-Is Clause Really Mean? - 12/17/13 03:03 AM
 What does "as-is" really mean? Are sellers not obligated to disclose defects or issues with the home? Is a buyer supposed to figure it out for themselves? What about a seller’s disclosure form and will lenders or sellers that state "as-is" really not lift a finger to help?
This is a gray area when it comes to selling a house but generally speaking the seller must disclose any known leaking defects with the home. These are defects that the sellers are aware of and are not easily discoverable upon a reasonable inspection of the property. “And "as-is" clause eliminates a seller’s duty to disclose material latent defects. … (2 comments)

vision realty: 5 Crucial Tips to Pricing Your Columbus Home Right - 12/05/13 02:00 AM
5 Crucial Tips to Pricing Your Columbus Home Right
The price of the home can make or break a sale. It can mean the difference of getting buyers in the door and offers on the table to absolutely no activity at all. Pricing it right from the beginning is crucial to getting the right buyers to your property and presented offers.
Here are 5 vital tips to pricing your home correctly from the beginning.
Don't neglect your comparables.
Also called “Comps”, a comparable property is one that is either for sale, recently sold or has been on the market in the past … (3 comments)

vision realty: Preparing Your House for Winter | Winter Tips for Homes - 11/26/13 12:13 AM
In many parts of the country winterizing your home is not even in issue but here in Columbus we’re actually 30° already. It's a cold chilly morning around the Columbus area and if you haven't done it already here some great tips for winterizing your home and maintenance tips to keep your home in tiptop shape come spring.
Check the house for peeling paint. If the paint on the exterior of your house is peeling it can no longer protect the siding of the building. The siding will start to deteriorate leading to more expensive repairs in the future.
Clean out … (2 comments)

vision realty: ZERO LOAN DEFECTS WHAT ARE FANNIE & FREDDIE UP TOO... - 11/25/13 10:41 AM
The government sponsored agencies (GSAs) commonly known as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are adopting a zero loan defect. What does that mean and how is going to impact real estate transactions.
Simply put, the GSAs want lenders to deliver perfect loans. To insure the loan integrity, the GSAs plan on auditing 100% of all loan files. If the file contains an error or inaccuracy, then the GSAs are going to ask lenders to re-purchase the loan. This … (2 comments)

vision realty: Thanksgiving Events in Columbus Ohio 2013 - 11/19/13 03:46 AM
Thanksgiving is one of my favorite times of the year and it's not always about the food, although the food is one of my favorite parts, but it's a time to reflect on what we are truly thankful for and in our country, we are more blessed than we realize. I'm thankful for my health, my family, my business, and all of the privileges and blessings I enjoy on a daily basis just being in this country. I truly hope you are with family and friends this Thanksgiving and can give things for the blessings in your own mind.
Being in … (1 comments)

vision realty: Agents Talking to Appraisers and the Fogginess of the Dodd-Frank Act - 11/12/13 05:04 AM
Agents Talking to Appraisers and the Fogginess of the Dodd-Frank Act
The Dodd-Frank Act was signed into place in 2010 and is a lot of places major regulations on the financial industry. It originally grew out of the necessity during the recession of 2008 preventing another collapse of a major financial institution. It protects consumers with rules like keeping borrowers from abusing lending and mortgage practices by banks. Because of this ruling it has blurred the lines of communication between appraisers, lenders and agents. According to, Real Property Analyst, Inc. appraiser Tom Francis says "many Realtors® think they are not … (79 comments)

vision realty: Best Things to Do and See This November in Columbus Ohio 2013 - 11/05/13 06:20 AM
Best Things to Do and See This November in Columbus Ohio
Just because the weather has turned chilly doesn't mean that we need to cuddle up inside with our chenille blankets wrapped up around us, coddling a cup of tea or hot cocoa; okay, maybe that does sound like a great idea, but when you want to get out and experience Columbus life here are some of the best things going on around town this November, 2013.
November 9 is the Grove City YMCA 5K Turkey trot. This annual event is just $15-$25 at 3600 Discovery Dr. in Grove City just … (3 comments)

vision realty: Moving to Columbus Ohio? Tips for Relocating - 10/29/13 05:04 AM
Moving and Relocation Assistance for Columbus Ohio
Moving and relocating whether it's across town or across the country is a big project and it can be a very stressful time as well. If you're moving with children or pets you can usually double the stress but if you're moving to the Columbus Ohio area I want to make your move as easy and as stress-free as possible. Here are some tips to keep in mind when relocating and moving to the Columbus area.
Plan your move ahead of time. Before even packing any boxes map out a plan that works for … (2 comments)

vision realty: Steps You Can Take When a Seller Doesn't Perform the Inspection Requests - 10/24/13 01:02 AM
In a perfect world the real estate transaction has no glitches, no hiccups, and everything works perfectly from offer to closing but the reality is, every transaction is different because every home, buyer, seller and agent brings a new dynamic to the table. When a buyer submits the inspection contingency report requesting repairs or replacements the seller has the choice of counter negotiating, refusing to conduct any repairs, or following through with the necessary replacement and requests from the buyer. But what happens when those approved requests don't get completed?
Here are a few steps buyers can take when the sellers … (5 comments)

vision realty: Understanding how FHA's Back to Work Program Works - 10/22/13 08:05 PM
Up until recently, a buyer was required to wait for three years from the date of a foreclosure or short sale and two years from the discharge of a bankruptcy to purchase a new home. But in August 2013, FHA introduced the “Back to Work” program. This program is designed to shorten the waiting period to 12 months.
If you take a moment and think … (50 comments)

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