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Real Estate Broker/Owner - Vision Realty
Donald Payne, Founder of Vision Realty, has been the REALTOR® of choice for buyers and sellers since 1979. Donald specializes in helping first-time homebuyers, new families, single families and more in Columbus real estate.
It's time to get creative. In today's competitive market your home has to stand out among the rest of the listings. So how can you market your home so that it gets to the right buyer and yet stands out among other similar homes in the neighborhood?Here are five unique ways to market, sell and adv...
This is happening more and more I recently talked to a homeowner who had this happen to her just last week. Throughout the Columbus Ohio area we get storms from time to time, especially in the winter or even May through July. Recently the Ohio Atty. Gen. Mike DeWine has warned consumers to be awa...
Surprisingly, it's not the mountain of debt, wrong time of life or lack of desire... it's actually enabling parents. Time magazine had this to say on millennial's, "if millennial's are self absorbed little monsters who expect the world to come to them and for their parents to clean up their rooms...
The next housing boom is upon us and unlike the last one triggered primarily by baby boomers, this one is triggered by millennials. These 20 - 30 year olds are now looking to get married, settle down and buy a home. However, many are waiting on that to build a career instead and because of this a...
Buying new construction? New home in a new subdivision? Customizing it yourself? All these things can add stress to the buying and building phase but not if you keep these 5 keys in mind.The Columbus area has great new home subdivisions popping up all over the city in places like Gahanna with Fox...
The time has come to sell your home.You know you need to sell but you want the most from it you can get. Do you owe more than you think the home is worth? CLICK THE BUTTON to find out if a short sale is your best option. Think you owe less than it's worth but want to get the most from the sale? S...
You want your home sold fast. You want top price. Do you choose just any agent? Did you know that many agents don't sell more than a couple homes a year? Many are part time agents and some just carry their license "in case" they need to buy or sell a house for a friend. But is this the type of ag...
You know it... that house down the street that has junk cars in the driveway, poorly maintained yard and trash bins left out days after the garbage truck has come and gone. It's the house you don't want potential buyers to drive by before seeing your house. Maybe they'll come a different way? But...
It's everywhere and it's all the time. A recent news bit showed that the television program "Friends" is one of the top syndicated shows of all time and who's watching? 15-25 year olds. What do they love about it? That everyone can sit on a couch and no one has a device. That's astounding to me. ...
Located just outside of Columbus East of Beachwood Trails is a brand-new subdivision of Ellington Village. Nestled at the corner of Ellington Boulevard and Columbus Road just minutes from downtown Pataskala, this new collection of 29 homes will feature numerous floor plans, sizes from 1500 ft.² t...

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