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Real Estate Broker/Owner - Vision Realty
Donald Payne, Founder of Vision Realty, has been the REALTOR® of choice for buyers and sellers since 1979. Donald specializes in helping first-time homebuyers, new families, single families and more in Columbus real estate.
I'm sure you've experienced this with buyers in that you look at two dozen homes but they sometimes come back to the very first one you've looked at. The same could be true for the very first offer a seller receives.Sometimes sellers get a little nervous when they get an offer right off the bat a...
Whose court is it in now?Isn't that the way it seems with real estate transactions? Back and forth, almost like a tennis match. Keep the ball in the air, don't drop the ball, and make sure it's not getting stalled on your side of the court. But what if you miss the shot?All real estate transactio...
Research has shown that one of the best ways to improve your customer relationships is to get them to laugh. Laughter is a common language, one we can all understand and relate to. Did you know that customers are more likely to work with a real estate agent that has a good sense of humor? Accordi...
When you are refinancing or looking for a new home, if you are self-employed there are some slightly different documents needed for the home buying an application process. I've worked through this process with many self-employed individuals and although it's a bit trickier, it's not impossible. H...
There is a lot of news going around about the real estate predictions for next year. As 2017 winds down, many of us real estate agents are looking towards the next year to be a very lucrative one. Rates are still reasonably low and many markets across the US are exploding. There's a lot of major ...
Well, Thanksgiving 2017 is officially behind us and now we look toward the Christmas holiday. There's so much going on around the Columbus Ohio area this December that I'm sure you're bound to do at least one or two of these events. Are some of my favorite things never to miss around the holiday ...
People remember a story, they don't remember data. Do you walk into a listing presentation with tons of data, projections, and what you can do for them? Maybe, but you also must have a story. Anyone can spew numbers and data out, not everyone can provide a great story that makes you remember them...
I'm tired of hearing about another real estate agent that was murdered, hurt or robbed while on the job. This is a tough business, especially when you are traveling around to vacant homes with unknown people. But, there are ways that we can take care of ourselves and protect ourselves on the fiel...
Most homes have an inspection when they undergo a typical real estate transaction. Everyone usually has some preconceived ideas about the home inspection and these five myths are no exception.#1. The home inspection is to identify problems so that the buyer can negotiate with the seller.This is p...
So, your home has been on the market for several months and for whatever reason, is simply not selling. What happens when your listing expires? Do you renew with the same agent? Do you lower the price? More importantly, why didn't it sell?There are many reasons a home didn't sell and the price is...

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