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Growing up with my dad as a prominent pastor of the largest church in town, we'd often get phone calls at home for him. This was in the 1960's and 70's, well before we were all attached to our mobile devices and even before answering machines. All it took was taking one of his calls when I was in...
A buyer of mine has just purchased a short sale property. The seller was a single lady in her 30's who suffered financial distress when she was unemployed for several months. My buyer is getting a really great property in a nice community for a huge discount, about $55,000 less than the previous ...
This will be simple and to-the-point. Thank you Wells Fargo mortgage and listing agent Barbara for the quick turnaround for a short sale I've been involved with the last few weeks. I had the buyer prepared for a worst case scenario lasting several months, but that's not going to happen thanks to ...
For the last couple of weeks I've been looking for that proverbial needle in the haystack for a buyer, and it has been a difficult chore at times. It seems that most of the houses she likes have issues not mentioned in the listing description--a big disappointment when going to view property with...
My family has over 120 acres on a mountainside in Northwest Georgia and would like to trade a portion of it for a nice, late-model motorhome (no 5th-wheel, travel trailers, pop-ups, or toy haulers). Size and class of motorhome could vary, but we'd target prices between $50,000 to $200,000--or mor...
With recent flash floods due to thunderstorms here in Metro Atlanta, and in response to seeing news stories of flooding in other parts of the country, I am re-blogging this post I made after local flooding in September 2009: The after-effects of a natural disaster 10-15-09Don Duvall The slow econ...
A couple of years ago, longtime friends gave me a key and alarm code to their house "just in case". Today I got a desperate call from that friend. She and her husband have two homes--one here in metro Atlanta and a new home at a resort outside the metro area. They'd just gotten a call that their ...
Own a mountain! 121.03 total acres for sale on Taylors Ridge in Catoosa County, GA. The entire acreage can be purchased as a whole or in four 22-acre tracts and one 32.47-acre tract. Prices are $10,000 per acre for each 22-acre tract ($220,000), $8,000 per acre for one 32.47-acre tract ($260,000)...
The slow economy is certainly something we've had to deal with here in Metro Atlanta, but recently many of us have also had to deal with flood waters damaging our homes--even damaging our neighborhoods, roads, and schools. While my home wasn't destroyed, I've had to deal with a flooded finished b...

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