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When asked what was his secret weapon... his reply was hypnosis. But not the hypnosis many people think about where you go deep into trance. You'll be interested in this because it confronts you with the possibilities of using these same strategies. Stop and think for a moment how successful sal...
Stuck With The Counter Part of Positive Emotions?Rather than trying to develop a thick emotional skin toward beating off fear; a more effective (and emotionally healthy) approach is to seek an understanding why positive emotions are eaten into by fear.Our imaginations often and easily amplify ou...
 Who ever she is and what ever she holds in your heart she deserves the best!
Pack your bags and take a visual journey through your mind of the most fascinating, exotic and adventurous destinations around the globe. -- Cash in on the travel business! --  Travel has never been more affordable, exciting and romantic so let your imagination soar and awaken the inner adventur...
The human anxiety reaction begins almost automatically and includes clear physiological symptoms: a racing heart, sweating, stomach pains, even diarrhea. But the torture can stop! You can walk up to people confidently -- You can step forward and take the most incredible journey into Eliminate Fe...
You can ignite the flame of your subconsciousmind to create the motivation for achieving yourgoals and coping with change. During these timesof crisis, shocking news of terrorism and potentialsliding economic conditions you cantransform your thinking and refocus your mind toachieve extraordinary ...
Our perceptions are truths that rule our purchase behavior.   A perception may not be correct or follow any lines of what one would call logical reasoning.  Perceptions held, in the mind of our customers, are the realities of their vivid imagination sparked by fantasies of emotional experiences. ...
Here is a stupid question that every marketer uses!  "Can you use more traffic to your websites?"    Unless you are Google, Myspace, or eBay then the answer is Yes! Isn't it? So please let me cut to the chase...I just discovered a new online tool that generates viral traffic for you automatically...
A friend of mine who owns a small boutique shop wanted to build up her customer base before the holiday season began. After several weeks of frustration trying to come up with a creative marketing idea that would be unique, profitable and draw a large number of new prospective customers to her bu...

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