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This blog is to help educate Buyers, Sellers and even other Realtors across the country. Each market is different and the way Real Estate is done is different. Austin TX Real Estate is completely different than Dallas, California, and Florida and everywhere else in between. Some times there will be other things besides real estate as I like to rant and rave as much as the next!! Come back often!



When I first got into real estate, I had just turned 24 and I looked about 18. It was no wonder people always asked my age and how long I was in the business. I always had to prove myself as to why they should use me as a newer agent...Now that I'm past the five year mark, and at the end of my si...
One of the things I have to explain to sellers when I'm on a listing appointment is why I can't take a reduced commission to sell their home. My first response is, weren't you paying attention to all the marketing I do for your house to get it sold and do you not understand how much time, energy,...
There are many myths when it comes to your credit.  I'm not a mortgage person, so I don't know everything that goes into what can be ignored on a report and what can't, but I've learned quite a bit over the years and here are some of the important things to remember.If you have several credit car...
Are you trying to shop for a house before a mortgage?  Do you find that you keep ending up in neighborhoods that are beyond your price range?  How did you come up with your price range?  And do you even know what your price range means?  These are just some of the questions I ask people when they...
Are you Pre-Qualified or are you Pre-Approved?  Do you know the difference?There are many ways to differentiate the difference between being pre-qualified and being pre-approved.  The easiest thing to ask yourself is, "Did I just make a phone call and talk with someone?  or Did I turn in any pape...

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