red creek ranch: Colorado City and Rye Area Land Sales Report - 04/14/10 04:48 PM
Quick Stats for land sales in the Colorado City and Rye areas since January 2009.  Seven parcels sold and prices varied due to size.  It may be considered a buyer's market, but that would depend on seller desperation or motivation, don't you think?
This information is taken from the Pueblo Association of Realtors and is deemed reliable but not guaranteed. 
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red creek ranch: Beulah Colorado Land Sales Report - 04/14/10 04:32 PM
These are Quick Stats taken from the Pueblo Assocation of Realtors. Only 2-land sale properties, since September 2009. 

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red creek ranch: Horses and Hatchet Ranch - 08/22/07 05:28 PM
Horses and Hatchet Ranch
The Hatchet Ranch was so large, in the day, that you could saddle and ride, for miles, without crossing a neighboring fence. Now that was from the ranch headquarters to Rocky Ford Colorado, about 40+/- miles.  What a ranch!  In today's modern world, I have actually hired for "day work".  This means, simply, hiring out for the day; me and Qxiote Too Tari (in the photo), Doctor Jay Perico (Rico) and in the 80's and early 90's on Echols Docs Oak, to find, count and move cattle.  The ranch was bought and developed by Red Creek Ranch Development, but that did not stop the day work.  … (3 comments)

red creek ranch: Water and Sunsets on the Hatchet Ranch - 08/22/07 04:25 PM
Water & Sunsets
on the
Colorado's 2007 rainfall amounts has fed the rivers and streams and the resulting moisture has brought forth glamorous sunsets at the Hatchet Ranch.   The Hatchet Ranch, just south of Colorado Springs and Pueblo is loaded with history.  There are many stories about findings of fossilized fish, sea shells, arrow heads and caves.  Not to mention historical burial grounds and Teepee rings.  These rings are areas that the Native American Indians set their camp and there are many artifacts still lying around.
Folks living on the Hatchet Ranch love their lifestyle.  Only 3-miles from … (2 comments)