fort worth: Rule #9 for Buying & Selling Real Estate - 02/18/16 03:29 AM

Real Estate is all about relationships & understanding people.  In a real estate transaction there are many people involved from the home sellers & buyers to the loan officers and title agents.  Being able to understand the way each party works and communicates and being able to effectively make all of these moving parts work together is a true talent.
Your Real Estate professional will work hard to build a relationship with each working party of the transaction.  It is likely that your Real Estate professional may even have a prior working relationships with other parties such as the loan officer or … (2 comments)

fort worth: Beat the Winter Blues in Fort Worth! - 02/17/16 02:03 AM

Yes, it's safe to say it has been a mild Winter around here!  However, that doesn't mean that the wind hasn't been kicked up a notch & sometimes it's just still too cold to go run around at the park!  So, here's a quick list of things to do in Fort Worth to kick those Winter blues & have a little fun!
Fort Worth Museum of Science & History - The science & history museum offers a little something for everyone.  From movies and documentaries at the Omni iMAX Theater, to the dinosaur dig and lab, The Energy Blast, and the Children's Museum - there is truly something for everyone to enjoy!
Trampoline Parks - There are … (0 comments)

fort worth: Rule #8 for Buying & Selling Real Estate - 02/10/16 01:46 AM

Whether your Real Estate Professional is just breaking into the real estate business or has 20 years of experience behind them, rest assured that they want you to succeed in the sell of your home.  The professional agent will be well versed in the psychology of the home buyer and seller.  He or she also understands the market condition.  Real Estate professionals are taught to observe trends that can make or break a sale, and they understand how to avoid the behaviors or conditions during the transaction that can leave money on the table.  Year in and year out the professional modifies his … (0 comments)

fort worth: Special Interest Schools in Fort Worth ISD - 02/10/16 01:42 AM
We all pretty much want the same for our kids.... that they grow up happy & healthy & get a good education.  Did you know that your children could be a part of diversified learning programs right here in Fort Worth ISD?
Fort Worth ISD offers programs from Montessori at Como Montessori & Dagget Montessori.  Spanish immersion programs are offered at Burton Hill Elementary & Morningside Elementary while Robotics & Engineering programs are offered at schools such as Maude I. Logan Elementary,Morningside Elementary & Hazel Harvey Peace Elementary.
These special schools & learning centers can be found all around Fort Worth.  Special Interest schools in Fort Worth ISD range from Elementary schools all the way through High Schools.  There just might … (0 comments)

fort worth: Happenings Around Fort Worth - February 2016 - 02/03/16 02:21 AM
Ahh... February!  Don't you just love this month!?  See what I did there??  Anyhow... We're officially over the holiday hangover & schedules & life is resuming as normal.  The weather lately has been teasing us with Spring & Summer-like temperatures but, I have a feeling it won't stick around for too long.  Have no fear because there is PLENTY going on in the month of February to keep you moving & keep you warm!  So, here's our list of fun things happening around Fort Worth in February!
February 4th - West 7th Farmers Market - Will be held each Thursday from 4-7 pm
February 5th - Robert Earl Keen @ Billy Bob's Texas
 February 5th - 21st - School House Rock … (0 comments)

fort worth: Contemporary Modern in Fort Worth - 02/01/16 11:51 PM
When you walk into 1812 Dakar Rd E you may think that you've just stepped into an magazine.  This home has been beautifully remodeled to a contemporary modern style.  Sitting on a fully treed lot, there have been no details left untouched.
Beautiful dining room with an abundance of natural light
The main living area is open to the ultra modern kitchen
Both spaces also let in an plethora of natural light as well
The kitchen is brimming with stainless Thermador appliances, including a 30" refrigerator column and a 30" freezer column, a large pantry & waterfall countertop island.

The large, first-floor master suite offers crown molding in the … (1 comments)

fort worth: How Will $30 Oil Effect Home Prices in Fort Worth? - 01/27/16 02:29 AM
The Fort Worth/Dallas Metro-Plex is a pretty vibrant economy.  Are there a lot of people in the oil and gas business?  Yes.  But, that is not the driving force behind our economy.  The oil and gas business is becoming less of a factor when it comes to over economy of the Metro-Plex.  High Tech and Medical has over taken the effect of the Oil and Gas business.  We have major corporations relocating to the area because of a business friendly environment.  If I remember, I got this from one of my lenders, the Metro-Plex has about 15000 "out of state" people moving … (2 comments)

fort worth: Rule #5 for Buying & Selling Real Estate - 01/19/16 05:46 AM
A home seller often thinks they know their home & its value better than anyone.  The truth is, it's the market that decides a home's true value.
It doesn't matter if it is a dilapidated shack or a glamorous estate - the market will tell you what your home is worth at that present time.
You should ask yourself though - Is your home priced accordingly?  Is it updated and in proper repair?  Is reluctance to complete repairs going to force you out of the retail market and into the wholesale market?
If your home is clean, orderly & in proper repair there is no reason that … (0 comments)

fort worth: Rule #4 for Buying & Selling Real Estate - 01/12/16 05:48 AM

Just like pricing your home correctly matters, so does the way a buyer sees your house.  Not all buyers have a vision for changing paint colors and seeing a blank canvas through the current furniture & decorations that are currently in place.  Then there are those buyers who may have a vision but, are looking for more of a move-in ready home where they don't have to do any work at all once they've purchased the property.  Each scenario & type of buyer is ok to have, you just need to be able to help them along the way.
How to help buyers see themselves living … (0 comments)

fort worth: Rule #3 for Buying & Selling Real Estate - 01/06/16 11:55 PM

Price matters!
Remember that house that you just fell in love with and could just picture all of your future family functions in??  Do you also remember that you saw the price and thought "It's out of our price range!  We would never be able to afford it!" 
Well, that's exactly what you'll be doing if you price your house too high to sell.
People will look at other houses in your neighborhood and area and they'll compare them to yours.  If another house in your same price range has more bells & whistles than yours, what do you think a buyers feedback will be about your house? … (0 comments)

fort worth: Rule #2 for Buying & Selling Real Estate - 01/05/16 09:40 AM
Many people feel you can choose just any Real Estate Professional to be your agent. I mean they do all have access to MLS so, what's the difference? Well, there's a big difference & having the right Real Estate Professional for you can make or break the deal.
Is your Real Estate Professional passive or proactive? Is this their full time, professional job or just a part-time gig? You must be sure to choose someone who is authentically focused on the sale of your home. Not just because they're likable & you can talk easily with them. While this is a great … (0 comments)

fort worth: Happenings Around Ft. Worth - January 2016 - 01/05/16 09:31 AM

Ahhh...  A new month, a new year... and a whole lot of fun stuff to get into around Ft. Worth!  Likely the biggest thing happening is the Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo!  It's the kick-off event each year for the city & certainly something no one should miss!  So, to include the Stock Show, here's a list of other fun things happening around town this month!
January 5th - Mommy & Me Playtime Tuesday
January 7th - Luke Wade at Scat Jazz Lounge
January 7th - 3rd Coast Tribal Dance Festival 2016
January 9th - Log Cabin Village - Dutch Oven Cooking
Star Wars the Force Awakens at the Ft Worth Museum of Science & History
January 11th - 17th - 360 … (0 comments)

fort worth: Shop Local in Fort Worth - 12/20/15 10:24 PM
Still looking for that perfect gift for a special someone for this holiday season?  Maybe you have some birthdays coming up that are to be celebrated & need gifts?  There are so many locally owned stores in Fort Worth that it makes shopping local too easy!  If you're still stumped, here's a quick list of some locally owned shops that might be worth popping in to!
The Happy Lark
Toy Works
Hale House
Coyote Urban Boutique
Barse Jewelry
Big Dave's Cigar Emporium
M.L. Leddy's
Knife Alley
Ft. Worth Gun Emporium
Gift Shops & More
Kay's Hallmark
Retro Cowboy
Danette's Urban Oasis
Hutson Studio

fort worth: Rule #1 for Buying & Selling Real Estate - 12/09/15 12:35 AM
That's right! You are the CEO of your home sale! Yes, it's true the Real Estate Professional has access to all things real estate and is an essential part of the transaction but, the real power lies within your hands. You have the ultimate decision on the pricing, showing & negotiation.
Treat your home sale like any other major business deal - with excellence and professionalism. Work with your Real Estate Professional to develop a strong relationship that reaps you the biggest rewards and profits! Strengthen, inspire, be easy to work with, and be as flexible as possible in order to move … (2 comments)

fort worth: Christmas Gift Guide: The Smart Home - 12/07/15 01:34 AM
More and more technology is becoming a part of our everyday lives. Some people choose to fight it, some choose to use what they need of it to get by and others embrace it. For those that embrace technology may be on the path to what is called a "Smart Home" where different gadgets & technologies are programmed to control things like lights around the house, the thermostat, your coffee maker, etc. We've put together a shopping guide for some cool gadgets for a Smart Home.
1. - Apple Home Kit - Use your iOS device to connect the products you use in your home so, … (2 comments)

fort worth: What Will Fort Worth Look Like in 2030? - 10/13/15 12:36 AM
This infographic is brought to you by Lawnstarter Fort Worth … (2 comments)

fort worth: The DFW Real Estate Market Is Hot. Or Is It? - 07/02/15 06:48 AM

Homes prices in the DFW are at an all-time high caused by strong demand, limited inventory and terrific economic growth in the DFW area.
In April the median home price climbed 2.4% to $154,178 in Fort Worth. Home sales across North Texas were 4% greater than last year during the same time period.
According the Case-Shiller, local home prices are 15% above where they were at the peak before the bust a few years ago. It's simply supply and demand. 
With that all being said, some folks are predicting we are in a bubble which will burst in a few months. I disagree with … (0 comments)

fort worth: 10 STEPS TO BUYING A HOME IN FORT WORTH TX - 01/07/15 08:03 PM

The home buying process can be, at times, over whelming even for folks who have purchased a home before.   There have a been a lot of changes to the process in the past few years.  So here is a guide to the most important 10 steps to selecting the right home for you and your family.
1.  Do you have enough money?
The first and most important step, if you need a mortgage, is to interview a mortgage company or bank for a loan.  Interview more than one and … (2 comments)

fort worth: Do You Need A Home Inspection? - 04/09/14 06:43 AM

When you’re considering buying a new home, there are a lot of different tasks you need to check off the list. Getting a home inspection is among the items on the list; however, some people question whether they need the home inspections, or if it is one of those things that they can skip. Ultimately, getting a home inspection is your choice, but there are a few things you need to consider before ruling it out.
Second Opinion
You wouldn’t move forward with treatment from a doctor without a second opinion, so why would you spend a significant amount of money on a home without … (0 comments)

fort worth: Fun Facts About Fort Worth Texas - 03/13/14 11:43 PM

Fun Facts About Fort Worth Texas - Whether you live in or have just visited Fort Worth Texas, there is a lot about this city you may not know. Here are some fun facts about Fort Worth Texas...
Made the list for one of "America's Most Livable Communities" 16th largest city in the United States 5th largest city in Texas Ranked #7 in top 10 best music scenes outside Los Angeles and Nashville by The Texas Civil War Museum in Fort Worth houses the largest private Civil War collection west of the Mississippi River One of Bonnie and Clyde's hide … (0 comments)

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