fort worth homes: WHEN DOES A BUYER BECOME THE SELLER? - 08/22/16 11:30 PM
Once a buyer gets a home in contract that's when the real work begins.  I'll bet you never considered, as home buyer you would become a seller, even before you took possession of your new home?
For the buyer and the buyers representative, at least in Texas, the day after the contract is executed the option period begins.  Inspections need to be ordered and repairs, if any arise, negotiated with the seller.  There are usually something that is an issue for the buyer even in new construction.
While this is going on the buyer makes a sale to the lenders underwriter … (0 comments)

fort worth homes: Architectural Trend #2: Desinging For Relaxation - 03/15/14 10:33 PM
Architectural Trend #2:  Relaxation

Architectural Trend #2: Designing for Relaxation
Glamorous homes in the magazines and TV are impressive, but are they relaxing? The trend this 2014 in homes is choosing comfort and relaxation over glamour and size.
Homeowner are now shifting towards simpler, worry-free living with a more realistic approach to home design.
One of the easiest way for improving, remodeling, or decorating a home where you can truly relax and unwind is to create a home spa.
More and more people are turning one area of their home into a place where they can retreat, relax, and unwind. … (0 comments)

fort worth homes: Top 10 Trends in 2014 For Fort Worth Homes - 03/14/14 08:52 AM
Top 10 Trends In 2014 For Fort Worth Homes

Spring is a season of change and new beginnings. Whether it’s a change in wardrobe, spring cleaning, or making some improvements to your home, spring is the perfect  time to make those changes for a better you this 2014.
Are you looking for ways to improve your Fort Worth home? Whether you are planning to buy a new home or spruce up your existing Fort Worth home for sale, make sure you don’t miss these top 10 architectural trends in 2014:
Architectural Trend #1: Passive Architecture
Passive homes have been a … (1 comments)

fort worth homes: Fort Worth First Time Home Buyers Welcome Mortgage Credit Certificates - 04/02/12 09:34 PM
First Time Home Buyers can receive up to a $2000 tax credit from the MCC program.
The dream of home ownership is becoming a reality for families across the state thanks to Mortgage Credit Certificates (MCCs). MCCs offer qualified home buyers an annual tax credit of up to $2,000 per year—just for owning their home.
How Does It Work?
An MCC reduces the amount of federal income tax you pay each year, making it easier to qualify for a mortgage loan and maintain a monthly mortgage payment. Unlike tax deductions, which reduce the portion of your income that is taxed, MCCs … (1 comments)

fort worth homes: Fort Worth Home For Sale Our Best Buy Of The Week Seller Financing - 02/22/12 05:53 AM
Fort Worth Home For Sale, Reata Realty Best Buy Of The Week Remodeled 3 Bedroom in South Hills … (0 comments)

fort worth homes: Fort Worth Home Buyer Tips - 12/14/11 09:18 AM
Important Factors to Keep in Mind For The Fort Worth Home Buyer! 
Before you begin your search for a new Fort Worth home, there are several things to keep in mind as you go through the home buying process.  This article is meant to give you the basic knowledge to make your Fort Worth home purchase an easier and pain-free process.
Once you find a house that suits your needs and that you can picture yourself living in, you want to make an offer.  Of course, our Reata Realty's buyer's assistant will give you comparable sales, but you have to consider … (0 comments)

fort worth homes: Fort Worth Spanish Villa In Montserrat - 12/03/11 01:12 AM
Fort Worth Texas Spanish Villa Estate for Sale … (2 comments)

fort worth homes: Buy Of The Week Fort Worth Home In The Villages Of Woodland Springs - 12/01/11 06:08 AM
Sexy Home In Fort Worth Texas … (1 comments)

fort worth homes: Find Your Fort Worth Home Based On Your Lifestyle - 11/27/11 01:04 AM
Find Fort Worth homes with the next level of home search combined with your lifestyle.
When it comes to search technology today, it reminds me of the Rolling Stones’ lyrics, “You can’t always get what you want.”   Now, I appreciate the wonders of search engines such as Google and Bing as much as anybody.But, it’s been a few years now and frankly, it could be better.For example, say you are searching for something and you can’t find it.  Wouldn’t it be great if you could put in an “order” for that item to be delivered to you later on?
Say I’m looking … (0 comments)

fort worth homes: River Crest Neighborhood In Fort Worth - 11/23/11 12:41 PM
River Crest Country Club, Fort Worth
River Crest, Fort Worth’s oldest, most storied country club, opened in the spring of 1911 with a golf tournament, an outdoor barbecue for 500 Fort Worth guests, and a sale of surrounding home sites.
Located five miles from downtown Fort Worth, the club was the first in Texas to include a residential housing development in Fort Worth on its acreage.  River Crest Country Club was the first to stage a statewide women’s golf tournament, and its members founded the Women’s Texas Golf Association in 1916.
The 18-hole "River Crest" course at the River Crest Country … (0 comments)

fort worth homes: Fort Worth Home Buying Tips For First Time Buyers - 11/23/11 12:38 AM
Tips to Buying Your First Home In Fort Worth Texas  
Buying your first home in Fort Worth a buyer can be faced with a mix of emotions ranging from fear and apprehension to joy and excitement. This can be one of the most positive transactions that you ever have in your life if you just follow a few tips for making it a great experience.
 Looking at the new home is only part of the equation when buying your first home in Fort worth, you also should research the Fort Worth neighborhoods as well. Checking the crime statistics, the Fort … (0 comments)

fort worth homes: Home Improvements That Rock - 11/22/11 01:05 PM
Fort Worth Home Improvement Projects With Return Potential
Any time you are considering making any improvements to your home in Fort Worth you should stop to consider if that project is going to bring you any return when the time to sell your house in Fort Worth comes around.  Not every project that you take on is going to show a return but there are many that will.  The following article highlights six of the best projects to consider that will show a profitable return if you sell in Fort Worth Texas.
A simple and relatively inexpensive project to consider is … (0 comments)

fort worth homes: Horse Property In Richland Hills - 11/16/11 05:09 AM
Fort Worth, Updated Vintage Home on Acreage … (0 comments)

fort worth homes: Networking At Cowboys Stadium In Arlington Texas - 10/16/10 07:39 AM
Networking At Cowboys Stadium In Arlington TexasMy wife Diana and I had the satisfaction of participating in a great networking event in Arlington Texas this week at Cowboys Stadium. This was our first ever before visit to the stadium, not only was the networking awesome so was this spectacular stadium. It is absolutely jaw dropping! We were given the grand tour of the facilities, the locker rooms, the suites, and finished up on the field for our networking. I've never been in such a large building but only in Texas everything is bigger. The imported wood lockers costing over $4000 apiece … (0 comments)

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