fort worth: 6 Apps For Organizing Your Important Files - 03/06/14 02:05 AM

Between work, family and friends, your life can get messy in a hurry. Papers can pile up and things get lost (usually right when you need them!), making life a little more hectic. But no more! Now that smartphones have taken over, there are more and more apps to help you organize your life. Check out these 6 apps for organizing your important papers and documents. Just remember to recycle!
Shoeboxed – Tired of keeping all of your receipts in a drawer or the bottom of your purse? This application lets you snap a photo of your receipt so you can track them … (5 comments)

fort worth: 10 Best Restaurants in Fort Worth Texas - 02/03/14 09:28 PM

Are you new to the Fort Worth area or heading there for a visit? A city’s food can make or break its reputation, so you’d better get the best. Fort Worth has a number of great restaurants, but where should you go to make sure you get the best the city has to offer? Here, in no particular order, is a list of the can’t-miss places to dig in while you’re in Fort Worth:
Little Lily Sushi – A must for sushi lovers. Try the Hawaiian sushi or the day’s special. Happy Bowl Thai Restaurant – Do you love Thai food? Happy … (2 comments)

fort worth: Things To Do In Fort Worth - February 2014 - 01/30/14 11:38 PM

 The holidays may be over, but don’t let that slow you down! Fort Worth has plenty of exciting and fun events for all kinds of occasions happening. Whether you’re looking for an idea for a Valentine’s Day date night or a neat trip for the family, there’s something going on to suit your needs. Below are a few events in February that we are excited for.  We hope you are, too!
Supercross 2014, Saturday Feb. 15, 12:30 p.m.  – Head out to AT&T Stadium and catch the world’s top supercross riders Ryan Villopoto, James Stewart, Chad Reed, Ryan Dungey and … (0 comments)

fort worth: How To Choose The Right Fort Worth Neighborhood - 09/24/13 07:35 AM
How To Choose The Right Fort Worth Neighborhood
One of the critical decisions you will make after deciding to buy a home is the location of the Fort Worth Neighborhood. There are just too many factors to consider when choosing the right place for you and your family to live in. This is one of those decisions where some research and patience may be needed as well.  The Fort Worth neighborhood is really one of the first steps to consider in the home buying process.  You don't want to buy a house you love but it's located in an uncomfortable neighborhood.

fort worth: Just Listed 4841 Terrace Trail in Beverly Hills Fort Worth Tx - 06/14/13 07:36 AM
Updated Vintage Beverly Hills Home in North Fort Worth


fort worth: What is a Reverse Mortgage? - 01/17/13 10:33 PM
Are you wondering what is a reverse mortgage? A reverse mortgage is a type of home loan available to homeowners of retirement age. The loan allows homeowners to gain access to equity they’ve built up through mortgage payments and is paid directly to the homeowner. Unlike a typical mortgage, a reverse mortgage does not require homeowners to make monthly payments on the mortgage. Basically, instead of making a monthly payment toward a mortgage, homeowners receive cash or monthly income while continuing to retain ownership over the home. This allows older homeowners who have substantial equity in their home, but relatively low income, to … (0 comments)

fort worth: Walsh Ranch Becoming A Reality In Fort Worth - 01/13/13 12:04 AM
The long awaited Walsh Ranch is becoming reality.  The details were shared Wednesday at a luncheon at the Colonial Country Club in Fort Worth.
One of the first resident of Walsh Ranch will be Fort Worth based Cook Children's Medical Center which plan to build a medical and surgery center in the Walsh Ranch development.  The Medical center will be the first of the commercial build outs in the Walsh Ranch development.
Walsh Ranch will be a 7,275 acre development located at the Parker and Tarrant county lines between Fort Worth and Weatherford.  Walsh Ranch is a historic cattle ranch but now will be turned … (0 comments)

fort worth: Update your Kitchen into a Luxury Kitchen - 01/11/13 03:25 AM
According to both Zillow and, the kitchen is becoming a home's central meeting place and many homeowners are working toward creating a warm, stylish, efficient, and comfortable kitchen to serve as the heart of their home. Moreover, the 2011-2012 Cost vs. Value Report from Remodeling magazine says that midrange minor kitchen remodels (costing close to $20,000) get a 72% return on investment. Experts say that efficiency and functionality are the are the driving force for remodeling kitchens these days and will certainly help you update your kitchen into a luxury kitchen.
With that in mind, Zillow writers recommend choosing between two popular … (0 comments)

fort worth: Is it Better to Rent or Buy This Year? - 01/09/13 05:04 AM
One of the biggest financial decisions you’ll ever make centers around purchasing a home. But there are a lot of things to take into consideration before you can make the decision on whether it is better to rent or buy in 2013.
In some local markets, home prices are so low it makes more sense to buy than rent. But it really comes down to your personal and financial situation. In 2013 we are going to continue to see changes in the local housing markets. Most stats and economists are pointing towards a healthier housing market this year. Meaning the supply and demand … (0 comments)

fort worth: Fort Worth Home Improvements-With A Great Return - 11/25/12 07:37 AM
Fort Worth Home Improvements That bring Value to Your Home.
Any time you are considering making any improvements to your Fort Worth home you should stop to consider if that project is going to bring you any return when it's time to sell your home. Not every project that you take on is going to show a return here in Fort Worth but there are many that will. The following article highlights six of the best projects to consider that will show a profitable return if you are selling a home in the Fort Worth area.
A simple and relatively inexpensive … (1 comments)

fort worth: Fort Worth Tx-Why We Love Fort Worth - 09/25/12 06:12 AM
Reata Realty Why We Love Fort Worth Tx. Fort Worth Tx "Where The West Begins" . Fort Worth Tx is a great place to raise a family, an excellent business climate and tons of stuff to do. Check out the video. You'll see why we love Fort Worth Tx and you will too.

fort worth: Fort Worth First Time Home Buyer Programs - 09/24/12 10:35 AM
If you are Fort Worth First Time Buyer there are some terrific programs for financial assistance available but time is running short.  Some these programs will expire this December.
Call us now to find out what Fort Worth First Time Buyer program you qualify for.  Watch the video to learn about two of the available Fort Worth First Time Home Buyer Programs.

fort worth: American Airlines C. R. Smith Museum In Fort Worth Texas - 07/29/12 02:50 AM
The American Airlines C.R. Smith Museum offers visitors a “grounded” journey into the history of American Airlines through a wide variety of interactive exhibits designed to entertain individuals of all ages as well as a digital theater where visitors may know more about commercial aviation history by watching the film The Spirit of American.
Exhibits· The Zula Patrol is a 1,500 sq. ft. exhibit area that features the museum’s colorful cast of five space patrollers. Together with these wonderful characters, visitors may enjoy learning more about space and science as well as have fun challenging their selves and competing with each other … (2 comments)

fort worth: Billy Bob's Texas in Fort Worth - 06/22/12 12:39 AM
If you’ve ever been curious to see, know, or experience what a honky-tonk is all about, then youdefinitely need to visit Fort Worth’s Billy Bob’s Texas.
What’s A Honky-Tonk Anyway?
A honky-tonk is basically a place where you get to enjoy drinks for the most affordable prices whiledrinking the night away. That, by the way, is a very polite way of describing the often nonstop liveentertainment you enjoy inside a honky-tonk – on or off the dancing floor. And Billy Bob’s Texas justhappens to be the largest of its kind in the world!
A History of Billy Bob’s Texas
This famous establishment … (0 comments)

fort worth: The Fort Worth Water Gardens - 06/01/12 07:25 AM
Completed in 1974, the Fort Worth Water Gardens is one of the coolest places to visit – literally andfiguratively - when you are in the Fort Worth Cultural District. Described fondly as a “cooling oasis” setamidst a “concrete jungle”, the 4.3 acre site was funded by the Amon Carter Foundation and designedby well-known architects John Burgee and Philip Johnson from New York.
What to Enjoy When You Are in the Fort Worth Water GardensHere are the various attractions you can enjoy when visiting the site.
Meditation PoolThe meditation pool boasts of an enchanting view with waters cascading from almost ninety degrees allthe way … (0 comments)

fort worth: Fort Worth Texas Where The West Begins - 12/11/11 04:40 AM
I remember back in the 80's my first trip to Dallas Fort Worth Airport  from Phoenix, it was all about Dallas.  Since I was in the cattle business back then I knew a little about Fort Worth but had never been here.  According to the media and people in Dallas, Fort Worth was nothing but cowboy's and rough necks but not much else.
Fast forward to today, where Fort Worth has embraced it's Old West past while staying on course to the future of a cosmopolitan city with western roots.  Fort Worth has become a dynamic blend of the old and … (0 comments)

fort worth: National Cowgirl Museum In Fort Worth Texas - 12/05/11 11:57 PM
National Cowgirl Museum In Fort Worth Texas
I had the pleasure of visiting the National Cowgirl Museum in Fort Worth a few days ago and was blown away!  The museum is located close to The Will Rogers complex and the Museum of Natural Science and History.
This is the only museum in the World dedicated to honoring women of the American West who have displayed extraordinary courage and pioneering fortitude.  Since is was established in 1975, the museum has become an invaluable educational resource nationally known for it's exhibits research library, rare photography collection, and the Honorees in it's Hall of … (0 comments)

fort worth: Aledo Tx and Area Information - 10/26/11 08:59 PM
 Aledo  ISD, Homes and Info
Aledo Tx History

The small community of Aledo Tx was first settled  by  farmers and railroad workers along the Clear Fork Valley of the Trinity River a few miles West of Fort Worth, an area known as Medera.  Most of the people moved to the valley when the Texas & Pacific Railroad brought a line through in 1879  connecting Fort Worth and Weatherford in Parker County.
Aledo Tx was first a coal and water refueling station and was the first stop in Parker County for west-bound trains Aledo Tx became known as Parker Station.  However, … (2 comments)

fort worth: Home Buyer Beware, Home Buyers Mistakes To Avoid - 09/17/11 08:32 AM
A Common mistake a home buyer will make, in many instances, is looking in the wrong way at the wrong things, which ultimately costs them money.  As a home buyer, you should look at things differently than the casual visitor would.  I have listed 5  mistakes a home buyer will often make as they evaluate homes to purchase.
Don't make your  home buying decision based on the the great or not so great color scheme.  You may be missing a great home buy that a coat of paint will cure. Home buyers aren't buying the furnishings!  Take your eyes off the furniture, look at the … (2 comments)

fort worth: Realtors More Accountable To Consumers In Texas - 09/16/11 01:28 PM

In August the Texas Real Estate Commission proposed rules to implement provisions of SB747 and HB 2375 two laws passed by the legislature that will bring major improvements over the next year.  This should clarify and standaradize application procedures and provide better protection for the consumer.

Among the changes as of September 1st this year are...
People involved in leasing properties  now must be licensed Increased protection from unethical property managers All businesses entities that engage in "brokerage activity" must be licensed Also beginning January 2012 applicants for a brokers license will need to have 4 … (0 comments)

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