tips and tricks: Rule #8 for Buying & Selling Real Estate - 02/10/16 01:46 AM

Whether your Real Estate Professional is just breaking into the real estate business or has 20 years of experience behind them, rest assured that they want you to succeed in the sell of your home.  The professional agent will be well versed in the psychology of the home buyer and seller.  He or she also understands the market condition.  Real Estate professionals are taught to observe trends that can make or break a sale, and they understand how to avoid the behaviors or conditions during the transaction that can leave money on the table.  Year in and year out the professional modifies his … (0 comments)

tips and tricks: Rule #7 For Buying & Selling Real Estate - 02/04/16 02:15 AM

Selling a home can be hard emotionally.  It's likely a place that you've made a lot of memories in.  Maybe it was your first home that you purchased together as a couple - maybe it's your childhood home that your parents are ready to move on from.  There's a whole lot of reasons in between those two but, whatever your reasoning is you must keep your emotions in check throughout the process.
The sale of your home can only take place when both parties are willing to do the deal.  Understand the offer and be ready to respond within the role you … (1 comments)

tips and tricks: Rule #5 for Buying & Selling Real Estate - 01/19/16 05:46 AM
A home seller often thinks they know their home & its value better than anyone.  The truth is, it's the market that decides a home's true value.
It doesn't matter if it is a dilapidated shack or a glamorous estate - the market will tell you what your home is worth at that present time.
You should ask yourself though - Is your home priced accordingly?  Is it updated and in proper repair?  Is reluctance to complete repairs going to force you out of the retail market and into the wholesale market?
If your home is clean, orderly & in proper repair there is no reason that … (0 comments)

tips and tricks: Rule #4 for Buying & Selling Real Estate - 01/12/16 05:48 AM

Just like pricing your home correctly matters, so does the way a buyer sees your house.  Not all buyers have a vision for changing paint colors and seeing a blank canvas through the current furniture & decorations that are currently in place.  Then there are those buyers who may have a vision but, are looking for more of a move-in ready home where they don't have to do any work at all once they've purchased the property.  Each scenario & type of buyer is ok to have, you just need to be able to help them along the way.
How to help buyers see themselves living … (0 comments)

tips and tricks: Rule #2 for Buying & Selling Real Estate - 01/05/16 09:40 AM
Many people feel you can choose just any Real Estate Professional to be your agent. I mean they do all have access to MLS so, what's the difference? Well, there's a big difference & having the right Real Estate Professional for you can make or break the deal.
Is your Real Estate Professional passive or proactive? Is this their full time, professional job or just a part-time gig? You must be sure to choose someone who is authentically focused on the sale of your home. Not just because they're likable & you can talk easily with them. While this is a great … (0 comments)

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