don rogers realtor: International Fun at Work Day....... - 03/31/11 11:25 PM
International Fun at Work Day.......There are 2 celebrations of this day Fun at Work Day will always be on Jan. 28th.   However, International Fun at Work Day will always be on April 1st.Fun at Work Day is a day to have fun at work for once. What a day to have fun at work.  Who would have thunk it, April 1st, a day like April Fool’s Day would be a day to have fun at work?  In the ideal world, work should be fun.  But normally, work is not intended to have fun.  It's intended to get work done and … (12 comments)

don rogers realtor: Clam On The Half Shell Day - 03/30/11 10:28 PM
Clam On The Half Shell DayIf you like clams then don’t forget to place March 31st on your calendar every year.  I would think that you may be able to celebrate Clams on the Half Shell any day of the year, don’t you?However, today is Clam on the Half Shell Day.  Boy, the world really needs a day like today.  If you don’t just like Clams but really love them then you must be elated that someone was smart enough, and had the insight, to create this day for us to enjoy and savor.I hope that you like clams because; the … (18 comments)

don rogers realtor: I am in Control Day......... - 03/29/11 09:52 PM
I am in Control Day.........This day will always be on March 30th.  Why?On March 30, 1981, President Ronald Reagan was wounded in an assassination attempt.  Lots of confusion prevailed.  In the White House, then Secretary of State Alexander Haig was taken a little out of context when he said "I am in control here".   Instead of focusing upon the entire statement, people and the press focused upon these few words.  Political uproar eventually led to his resignation.  The political junkies in the room may not remember the day but they will remember the statement by the Secretary of State.On that day, … (20 comments)

don rogers realtor: Something on a Stick Day........ - 03/28/11 05:30 AM
Something on a Stick Day........Something on a stick day will always be on March 28th……….Something on a Stick Day celebrates things on a stick. What a GREAT way to start the week, this year anyway.  Whatcha think?So what comes on a stick?  Just about anything.  The first thing that comes to mind is popsicles and fudgesicles and Dreamsicles.  Hot dogs are poplar on a stick at campfires along with marshmallows.  There's also the ever famous corn dogs, and shrimp and many Chinese treats.  Cocktail wieners and cheese are picked and eaten on a stick, ok so it’s a toothpick.You can also … (9 comments)

don rogers realtor: National Joe Day will always be on March 27th. Yeah….. - 03/27/11 02:06 AM
National Joe Day will always be on March 27th.  Yeah…..National Joe Day is a chance to change your name, if only for a day.Many people do not like their given name.  I always thought that I was named after Donald Duck, but I digress.   So some people wish they could change their name.  A few actually do.  Look at actors and the like, who would like a name like Leonard Sly?  How popular is that name?  The answer will follow somewhere in the post or comment thread.On National Joe Day, it is perfectly okay to have everyone call your "Joe". Why … (10 comments)

don rogers realtor: This too Shall Pass - 03/26/11 02:18 PM
This too Shall PassIsn’t it just like Mother Nature to spoil the best laid plans of mice and men? You make your plans never paying attention to the weather prognosticators.  Why? Could it be because they are only right about 40% of the time?  Or could it be because you are hoping that this time they are wrong?  Either way you may lose.Today happened to be one of those days, everything was going just the opposite of the weather forecast.  I was thinking that all is well in whoville.  When much to my surprise, it turns out the prognosticators turned out … (20 comments)

don rogers realtor: Open House at 460 ‘F’ Benton Dr in St Peters MO............... - 03/26/11 08:55 AM
Open House at 460 ‘F’ Benton Dr in St Peters MO...............Drop by Sunday 3/27/2011 from 1pm to 3pm to get a firsthand look at this like new condo in Turnberry Gardens.The age of this condo may be ten years old but it looks like it is new and stands ready to show you.

From the entry

To the great room

To the master bedroom suite

To the view from the deck

Drop by Turnberry Gardens and check it out.

don rogers realtor: Finally A Day We Can All Get Into, National Goof Off Day...... - 03/21/11 11:41 PM
Finally A Day We Can All Get Into, National Goof Off Day......Why is it always March 22nd?  This day won’t be found on any ordinary calendar but it may be found on one of those weird holiday calendars.Here's a day that just about everyone can really get into. It's a day to do anything you want.....except what you're supposed to do today.  Like work?Assuming, I know I’m not supposed to ASSUME, you won't get in trouble at work or school, go ahead and play some golf, or play video games all day. Spend extra time surfing the net. Go out and … (18 comments)

don rogers realtor: Monday Morning Motivation - 03/21/11 02:48 AM
Monday Morning MotivationOpportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.  --- Thomas EdisonWith just a little more than a week left in the first quarter of the year and today being the first full day of Spring now would be a good time to put on our overalls and go to work.  Be it in our garden or in our business.  
We have come through a weird and wild winter with loads of snow and rain and just flat out cold weather in many parts of the country.  It seemed like it … (8 comments)

don rogers realtor: Are You Ready For Fragrance Day? - 03/20/11 10:31 PM
Are You Ready For Fragrance Day?Can somebody please tell me why Fragrance Day is always on March 21st?Now don't go and put up a stink about today.  Today is Fragrance Day and I am giving everyone enough time to take advantage of it.  It is supposed to be a great smelling day.  The olfactory nerves in your nose will enjoy this special day. That is unless you start your day in a gym!  Ladies in particular, will enjoy today because they just love perfumes.   I know that is true, I am sorta partial to Corral #6.  And guys, you've gotta admit … (3 comments)

don rogers realtor: Home Buying Can Be Stressful Being Realistic Can Make It Stress Less!! - 03/20/11 02:07 AM
The home buying process can and at times may be stressful.  Why?  Think about it, you are about to make the biggest single purchase of your life.As an educated and well informed home buyer you can make the process stress less.  Yes I did say the process can become stress less NOT stress free.  By following the steps below the home buying process can become stress less.Step #6 ----- Don’t be surprised if and when you get buyer’s remorse…You know that uneasy feeling about your buying decision.  Many people question their decision to purchase at some point during the process.  Talking … (5 comments)

don rogers realtor: A Warning To All Home Sellers…….. - 03/19/11 01:58 PM
A Warning To All Home Sellers……..As the Spring home selling season begins to move in let me offer this up to you. Just like in the days of old when coming to a railroad crossing there was a sign a sign that read “Stop….Look….Listen”.  It was a warning that there is a possible danger ahead and you needed to heed the sign and the possible danger.Just like that sign with the flashing red lights when a train was approaching is a warning; we can use the same analogy when it comes time to list your home for sale in the current … (14 comments)

don rogers realtor: New Condo Listing in St. Peters MO - 03/18/11 11:23 PM

don rogers realtor: National Quilting Day - 03/18/11 09:56 PM
National Quilting DayNational Quilting Day is celebrated on the third Saturday in March.National Quilting Day celebrates fabulous quilts and those who make them.  Definitely a ladies hobby, (although I have heard that there are some men that enjoy this hobby too) quilting is a skill that produces warm and beautiful results.Today is a day to recognize and appreciate the quilt makers, the skill and the warm and the results.  If you are a quilt maker, spend a minute to recognize and appreciate that you have been blessed with a special skill.  If you are not a quilt maker, wrap yourself into … (9 comments)

don rogers realtor: Saint Charles County MO Real Estate Statistics February 2010 vs February 2011 - 03/18/11 03:28 PM
Saint Charles County MO Real Estate Statistics February 2010 vs February 2011There are many reasons to live in St Charles County Missouri.  Chief among these are great restaurants, biking and walking trails, multiple vineyards and great communities to call home at a price that is affordable.  If you are a history buff then you have the added plus of loads of historic buildings along with cobble stone streets in the city of St. Charles MO.  St Charles County MO real estate offers a lifestyle and price for all and showing signs of improvement.  Check it out.St. Charles County has 21 municipalities … (4 comments)

don rogers realtor: Oh Happy Day Today Is Goddess of Fertility Day - 03/18/11 01:51 AM
Oh Happy Day Today Is Goddess of Fertility DayThis day will always fall on March 18th….That sorta fits doesn’t it?  You know early Spring and all!Goddess of Fertility Day celebrates Aphrodite and other gods and goddesses of fertility. In ancient times, many cultures had multiple gods and goddesses. Each one represented various aspects of life. The ancient Greek goddess Aphrodite was by far the most well known goddess of fertility. People would pray and make offerings to Aphrodite when seeking to create a family.If you are looking to procreate, today might be the perfect time. However, if you are looking to … (3 comments)

don rogers realtor: Happy Submarine Day…….. - 03/17/11 05:09 AM
Happy Submarine Day……..This is interesting because this holiday can be celebrated today March 17th or on April 17th.  Now don’t go asking me why I don’t know the answer to that question.This is another question that can be asked.  Submarine Day.... does it celebrate the submersible boat, or the big hero sandwich?  Most everywhere you find documentation on this day, it hails today as a day to celebrate the submarine boat.  And, we would celebrate this event on April 17th, as the U.S. Submarine Force was established on this date in 1900.  So we will celebrate the boat next month and … (9 comments)

don rogers realtor: Monday Motivation - Getting Past The Pain - 03/14/11 03:36 AM
Monday Motivation
"The man who can drive himself further once the effort gets painful is the man who will win." — Roger Bannister
I have recently started to exercise, again, after a long time away from anything that would resemble exercise.  That is unless you consider lifting a fork full of food to my mouth exercise.There are times in my work life that things get painful and I have the tendency to just stop because it would be more painful to continue.  You know something like picking up the phone and making a less than good news call to a … (13 comments)

don rogers realtor: National Potato Chip Day - 03/14/11 12:08 AM
National Potato Chip DayNational Potato Chip Day and always on March 14th.This day celebrates the ever popular potato chip.  Yummo! Potato Chips are America's #1 snack food. But, it’s not just a snack food.  NOPE…It’s the potato of choice for many lunchtime and dinner meals.  Regular (or plain) potato chips are by far the most popular.  Other popular flavors are barbecue, sour cream & onion, oil & vinegar, and ranch.  I am sure there are many other favorites too.Potato chips were first made by Chef George Crum in Saratoga Springs, NY on August 24, 1853. Americans have been in love with … (19 comments)

don rogers realtor: Ear Muff Day??? - 03/13/11 01:51 PM
Ear Muff DayEar Muff Day is always on March 13th.  Why you ask?  On this day March 13, 1877, the United States Patent Office awarded Chester Greenwood patent #188,292 for his invention.So, Ear Muff Day celebrates a warm invention...the ear muff! Folks in cold climates can really appreciate this day.  And, they are ever so thankful to the person who created the ear muff. However, if you are fortunate enough to live in Florida, you might not even know what an ear muff is.Ear muffs keep your ears warm (DUH) and protect you from ear infections and earaches resulting from icy … (9 comments)

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