rebates: The Department of Justice on rebates... - 11/16/07 09:54 AM
Here is a link to what the DOJ has to say about offering rebates to consumers in the real estate industry:
The Department of Justice has repeatedly shown that rebates are good for consumers and create healthy competition.
A few thoughts...
Rebates are widely accepted in most industries outside of real estate, they provide a benefit to those who are willing to take the time to follow a few instrustions.Even within the real estate industry they are legal in at least 40 of the United States.And the Alaska Real Estate Commission is trying to tell me that rebates are inherently fraudulent?
 More to come...
 Don Z.

rebates: Mr. Smith goes to the Real Estate Commission... To Rebate or not to Rebate? - 11/13/07 11:40 AM
This is the letter I sent over to the Attorney General's office after realizing that arguing with the investigator with the real estate commission was not going to get me anywhere: 
Honorable Attorney General Colberg
State of Alaska
CC: Bennett Matelson, United States Dept of Justice
Mr. Attorney General Colberg,
The purpose of this letter along with the attached documentation, is for your review in regards to the certified letter from the Alaska Real Estate Commission stating that I am to "Cease and Desist" from further use of the Cash Rewards rebate program. I am requesting the removal of the cease and desist order, and a written … (3 comments)

rebates: Mr. Smith goes to the Real Estate Commission... Introduction - 11/13/07 09:38 AM
This is the beginning of a series of posts detailing my dealings with the Alaska Real Commission, and other groups in the state of Alaska who are attempting to prohibit a licensee/agent from giving back part of a commission to their clients.
I never thought that I would be given a hard time for giving part of my commission back to my clients!
These articles are for those:
•1.       Agent/licensees who would like the freedom to be able to give their buyers and sellers back part of their commission, and who would like to provide benefits and services after closing in order to retain … (5 comments)


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