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 IS AN ESCROW ACCOUNT REQUIRED WITH A HOME MORTGAGE? An escrow account may be set up when someone finances a home purchase. Typically if one has an escrow account it is for both taxes and home owner insurance. Whether an escrow account is required can depend on several factors.As a general rule i...
HOW TO CLOSE ON YOUR MORTGAGE LOAN ON TIME How to close on your mortgage loan on time and what things the borrower controls are important to understand. Once you find a home you want to buy or if  you are refinancing a home loan there can be several moving parts. From a loan originator point of v...
PURCHASING A HOME? How An Escrow Account Is Set Up One thing I always make it a point to cover with clients is escrow accounts when they purchase a home, how they are set up and why, including information on how and when escrow payments can change.When purchasing a home if you are required to, or...
PURCHASING A HOME? YOU NEED HOME OWNER INSURANCE. A common question I get as a mortgage broker is "when do I need to buy a home owner insurance policy for the home I'm buying"? Or, "who is responsible for providing a home owner insurance policy?". When purchasing a home the lender will require yo...
DO I NEED TO GET AN APPRAISAL? Quite often I am asked by home buyers and sellers "do I need to get an appraisal?". My question is why do you think  you need one? If you are utilizing the services of a professional real estate agent they are going to provide a seller the market information to set ...
IS OWNER'S TITLE INSURANCE NECESSARY?  When I quote closing fees to a home buyer I always quote the owner's policy. The lenders I work with all require the lender's policy but the owner policy is optional. Title insurance and whether the owner policy is necessary is something I always cover with ...
BEST TIME TO BUY OR SELL A HOME After the year we experienced in 2017 what will 2018 look like? In the Northern Kentucky market 2017 saw a real shortage of inventory and prices much higher than we have experienced in some time. As a matter of fact some areas like Fort Thomas saw homes selling wit...
CO-SIGNING A HOME PURCHASESometimes a home buyer wants to purchase a home before they have all the ingredients that would allow that purchase on their own.  Generally speaking one needs to have stable income, be credit worthy, have a debt to income ratio that fits the guidelines and funds for dow...
PMI INSURANCE IS NOT A BAD THING   PMI Insurance (private mortgage insurance) is not a bad thing, always.  Many home buyers don't really understand PMI insurance, the reason, the purpose. Often these home buyers just know they've heard it is a bad thing. What is PMI Insurance? PMI Insurance is ac...
ARE PROCEEDS FROM REAL ESTATE SALE TAXABLE?  A fairly common question among sellers of real estate is whether they will owe taxes on proceeds of the sale of their home. Currently if a home owner has lived in the real estate as a primary residence for two of the last five years the gain is not tax...

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