clients: December Season of Celebration & Sharing ~ Mom our Realtor is Here! - 12/13/11 11:13 PM
What a fun time I've had delivering poinsettias to my clients I worked with this past year and ones currently either listed or going to list!  I started the first week-end of December dropping by to wish them a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  I caught most of them putting up Christmas decorations and was excited to visit with them and collect some hugs!
One of my clients has two little boys and when I rang their door bell they ran to the door peeking out and yelled to their mom..."Mom our Realtor is here!!"
I enjoy letting my clients … (24 comments)

clients: How is your Instant Recall Memory? - 06/23/11 11:35 PM
You have to admit you must have experienced a time you were out to dinner and a couple you worked with several years ago walks up to your table and says "Hi, we love our another couple of years we are going to be calling you to help us move are you?...blodee blodee blodee!  And, wouldn't you know it you have forgotten their name!! Ekk....what do you do? What do you say??Believe it or not memory is a skill...the ability to retrieve from our memory bank is learned. Getting older is not an excuse.  We all say how forgetful we … (34 comments)

clients: Pay it Forward ~ Providing A Quality Vendor List - 06/09/11 11:11 PM
There are so many places now to go to find good vendors in your communities.  Vendors are just like the weather or Real Estate, they are local. Austin residents are not afraid to start up many types of businesses as they believe in free enterprise!  Angies list is a good place to look as well as reviews on Yelp. As a local Realtor with 21 years of servicing NW Austin my list of good local movers, handymen, electricians, landscapers, painters etc. evolved.  My vendor list has been compiled from referrals from past clients, residents and other agents.  Calls come in daily … (20 comments)

clients: Just because a chicken has wings doesn't mean he can fly - 06/07/11 08:47 AM
I remember listening to one of the many colloquialisms my dad used to spout.  One of his favorites was "Just because a chicken has wings, doesn't mean it can fly". I'd roll my eyes in utter disgust!  Actually I knew exactly what he was intimating.  Sometimes I could feel that something wasn't right even though on the surface it appeared to be okay.  I knew this to be true when my stomach would get in a knot and set off a series of strange tingling vibes like being caught in the twilight!  The same thing when you feel the hair … (30 comments)

clients: Pay it Forward ~Yearly Sold Reports ~ Making a difference - 06/07/11 08:45 AM
In Texas we receive our estimated property tax assesments in April and May and have until May 31st, to protest for our property values for our 2011 property taxes.  The final evaluation comes out the end of October and our taxes are due and payable by December 31st if you want to take a property tax deduction on your 2011 income taxes.  Otherwise you have until January 31st of the next year before property taxes are delinquent.  Every year we compile a spreadsheet with all the sold properties in the year before and the start of the year in our community to help … (12 comments)

clients: Just Sold in NW Austin ~ Colina Vista - 05/31/11 12:38 AM
Just Sold in NW Austin ~ Colina Vista Future Colina Vista home buyers: 9705A Solana Vista Loop in NW Austin closed courtesy of Dorie Dillard, Coldwell Banker United Realtors I had the pleasure to work with a previous client for the third time!  My client called and gave me her criteria of views, privacy and something newer.  We found the perfect new home construction in the Colina Vista gated community.  I just closed on another home in Colina Vista and my clients are thrilled! Nestled in the landscape of the hill country there are several units just finished with sweeping canyon … (10 comments)

clients: Some Like to Hear Themselves Talk.... - 05/29/11 01:48 AM
Some Like To Hear Themselves Talk....
We all have been exposed to the proverbial "know it all", who won't take time to listen to anyones point of view. There are times I'm fully convinced they are just talking to hear themselves talk! They may know their subject matter well but let's face it, we can always learn something from others!
It's important to make sure we are not compartmentalized into this category of a "know it all" if we want to garner the respect from our peers and clients.


clients: Be Flexible - 05/25/11 02:24 PM
Be FlexibleIn today's constantly changing business environment learn to adapt and be flexible. You will find it keeps you out in front and on top of your game. Successful people anticipate change and factor "adjustments" into their business plan along with maintaining an optimistic outlook!Utilizing imagination and self-confidence is an important aspect in tweaking how you are perceived by your competition and your clients.  You can make subtle changes and still retain your core self.  Those who resist change will find themselves out of the loop and most likely out of their profession.

clients: Communication is the key to success - 05/23/11 12:18 AM
                         Communication is the key to successIn our industy, communication is the cornerstone of establishing lasting relationships, repeat business and referrals.  You quite simply cannot over-communicate when it comes to dealing with your clients.  If you implement proactive communication strategies you can help ease the anxiety and nip in the bud any feelings of not being kept in the loop!  In other words, communication can lubricate the process so your business can run smoothly.There are definite steps you can employ to help lubricate your business:1. Create documents that answer frequently asked questions and supply them on a weekly basis to your … (57 comments)

clients: Just Sold in NW Austin ~ Canyon Creek - 05/17/11 04:54 AM
Future Canyon Creek home sellers: 10601 Icarus Court closed courtesy of Dorie Dillard, Coldwell Banker United Realtors in Austin, TXI listed this wonderful home in Canyon Creek.  My sellers worked diligently de-cluttering and scheduling: window washers, carpet cleaners, painters, landscapers and working through the list from the stager.  At last they were ready for pictures to complete our marketing pieces!Buyers working with another agent came to all my open houses as they were getting ready to get their home on the market and decided when it sold they were moving to Canyon Creek.  There was one listing in particular they especially … (6 comments)

clients: Pay it Forward ~ It Always Pays To Do the Right Thing - 05/14/11 01:29 AM
This week I was excited to be working with a previous client and even wrote a post "Working together - It's like old times"! We signed a listing agreement to go on market May 24th, I emailed my stager to contact them and scheduled the photographer.
I scheduled appointments for this Saturday to look at 2 resale homes and meet with a builder to possibly write up a contract on new construction  (they found a community they loved).  I asked them to contact the lender this week that the builder uses (if you use their lender they pay 1% towards closing … (26 comments)

clients: Working together again ~ It's like Old Times - 05/11/11 02:38 PM
Past clients called me and are ready to make a lifestyle change.  Back in 2005 I helped them sell their home and purchase a property on a large lot with plenty of place for a pool.  The kids are now gone and it's time to "smart size".  They want to be able to "lock and go" if they want to take off and travel and feel secure in leaving a smaller residence unoccupied.I compiled their market analysis and we met and went over the numbers. The house has their relaxed touch of comfortability and the pool and grounds are spectacular! We … (12 comments)

clients: Paying it Forward ~ Suggestions ~ Diverting a closing nightmare - 04/16/11 12:49 AM
One of our sellers several months ago unhooked their washer and dryer and did not cap off their water connection (a simple inexpensive part at Home Depot).  You guessed it - water dripped down the wall and drywall needed to be cut out, replaced hours before closing.
I mentioned this occurance to a seller recently as they just moved out and asked them if they capped their water connection from the washing machine.  She was still in the house cleaning and walked over into the utility room and guess what...the same thing happened!  Luckily we were able to get a contractor over … (33 comments)

clients: Come On Agents....Really? - 04/14/11 12:42 AM
I have two homes listed that are vacant and I'm constantly amazed at the lack of common sense agents display when showing vacant homes.  Lights are left on all over the home (come on you can see the house is vacant and no one is there to turn them off), back doors are left open (that's really inviting trouble), doors to the attached garages are left open with lights on in the garage (what the?)
It only takes a little effort to make sure lights are turned off and the doors secured in a shut position.  It's such a simple courtesy … (33 comments)

clients: Social Media Live ~ Platinum Top 50 Realtors ~ Austin, Texas - 04/11/11 08:46 AM
Social Media Live ~ Platinum Top 50 Realtors ~ Austin, TexasLast week I made time to attend Social Media Live ~ Platinum Top 50 Realtors held at the Oasis on Lake Travis presented by Highland Homes. What a great event...Jeff Turner, recognized by Inman News as a top 100 most influential person in Real Estate, and Todd Carpenter were guest speakers along with Travis Kessler, Texas Association of Realtors President.  You could even sign up and receive 2 hours MCE credit!  What a deal!Great topics were discussed with different points of view on social media. Whatever the view it still came … (29 comments)

clients: Time is your most precious commodity - 03/13/11 10:09 PM
                            Time is your most precious commodity

Whether you are referring to business or your personal life "time" is your most precious commodity.  Return your calls and emails promptly and deliver clients what they are looking for sooner than expected.  If they ask you to send them a handyman's name and number take care of it immediately. If they need a referral for a good window washer make sure they have that information as quickly as possible.  
It's no different in your personal life.  If your child asks you a question a thoughtful answer means more when answered immediately.  A response at … (25 comments)

clients: Making a difference one agent relationship at a time - 02/21/11 11:27 PM
Thru the years I have maintained a goal to make a difference one transaction at a time for my clients.  Another goal has been to make a difference with the agents I work with one encounter at a time.I've had many offers brought to me and many offers supposedly being brought to me over the years.  I've been in these agents try and educate your buyers and show them the comparable sales but sometimes they still want to come in with a certain low ball offer or they change their mind when they go back to see the house to … (29 comments)

clients: Do you have your name & company plastered all over your car? - 01/31/11 10:58 PM
Many times when scheduling an appointment to see a future seller's home they ask me if I have my name and company plastered all over my car.  They don't want their neighbors to know I'm coming to talk with them.  I always answer NO! I DO NOT make my name & company visible on my car.
Sometimes I'm meeting with  clients that want my advice on what projects they should be working on to prepare their home for sale in a year or two.  They want to know where to be investing their dollars and get some enjoyment out of the … (277 comments)

clients: Ask your agent if they are away who covers their business? - 01/10/11 08:53 AM
 Ask your agent if they are away who covers their business? When selecting an agent to represent you in a real estate transaction you need to know their procedures for working with you.  Are they available from 9-6? Are they accessible both Saturday and Sunday?  How do they communicate: email, phone, text or a combination? Asking many questions will help in the decision making process to find a good agent match for you. At least several times a year my husband and I take a break to travel which is one of our favorite things to do!  We schedule trips in a relatively … (84 comments)

clients: Should you ask your listing agent for reference letters from previous clients? - 12/27/10 08:13 AM
One of my sellers asked if I would like a reference letter on my real estate services. They read several in my pre-appointment book before I listed their home and wanted to include one from them.  Of course I would welcome one!  We closed on their home last May and with son's graduation, purchasing a new home and starting a new job in another city I never received a letter.
My sellers usually move away; therefore they are not as easy to reach if a new client would like to speak with them concerning their experience with working with me.  I … (14 comments)

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