communication: Communication is the key to success - 05/23/11 12:18 AM
                         Communication is the key to successIn our industy, communication is the cornerstone of establishing lasting relationships, repeat business and referrals.  You quite simply cannot over-communicate when it comes to dealing with your clients.  If you implement proactive communication strategies you can help ease the anxiety and nip in the bud any feelings of not being kept in the loop!  In other words, communication can lubricate the process so your business can run smoothly.There are definite steps you can employ to help lubricate your business:1. Create documents that answer frequently asked questions and supply them on a weekly basis to your … (57 comments)

communication: Ask your agent if they are away who covers their business? - 01/10/11 08:53 AM
 Ask your agent if they are away who covers their business? When selecting an agent to represent you in a real estate transaction you need to know their procedures for working with you.  Are they available from 9-6? Are they accessible both Saturday and Sunday?  How do they communicate: email, phone, text or a combination? Asking many questions will help in the decision making process to find a good agent match for you. At least several times a year my husband and I take a break to travel which is one of our favorite things to do!  We schedule trips in a relatively … (84 comments)

communication: Thankful Thursday ~ I'm Thankful For Smiles - 08/26/10 05:07 AM
While traveling in Egypt we encountered many smiles. What is expressed in your eyes sometimes is all the communication you need to understand each other! 
When getting on the camels we rode, the camel herder smiled and pointed to Gene's green safari hat (it matched the herder's long robe).  He continued to smile and went over to his booth selling Kufiyas and got a black & white one and brought it to Gene and pointed to it and then to Gene's hat! 
Gene took off the hat and put on the Kufiya and placed his green safari hat on the herder. … (14 comments)

communication: Your Clients Need To Know You Care - Before They Care What You Know - 07/30/10 12:07 AM
I was reading a great blog by Richard Wiseman on Knowing Your Competition.  It is crucial to understand what your competition is offering so you can create several higher levels of offerings that will make you stand out as a marketing guru.  Of course you need to provide a good track record to cement the ideas you implement.Just this morning we emailed 3 of our sellers to let them know their homes were showcased in a local paper.  Since we list many homes in the community our homes are often selected.  We just came to terms on one of the homes … (68 comments)

communication: Computer Ponderings - 05/24/10 06:59 AM

I have a love hate relationship with computers.  I love how the computer makes my life easier by giving me the ability to access Active Rain; posting blogs, reading and commenting on other agent posts.  The ability to email clients, offers, closing documents, everything moves along quicker!
However when there are computer's down time!!  Decisions have to be made immediately for an alternative form of communication while the problem is diagnosed.  This drives me up the wall!!!
Susan Capps came up with some funnies that struck a chord with me:** A computer virus is a terminal illness.** To err is … (2 comments)

communication: Checking Your Egos At The Door - 01/25/10 06:35 AM

Are you a nagger?  Are you constantly finding fault with your spouse over what they wear, how they answer questions, the language they use?  Do you feel you are always right and better than your spouse?  The French could soon be headed to court if the new bill criminalizing "psychlogical violence" becomes law. 
The Sarkozy government is aiming to combat bullying and verbal abuse in relationships however it appears to be so broad in scope it could end up finding illegal abuse in almost every relationship.
How many couple do we know constantly appear to be digging each … (14 comments)

communication: Toe-tally In Touch - 10/05/09 05:15 AM

My husband bought these new Five Fingers Footwear....they fit like a glove and are touted as an intelligent way to deepen your connection with your natural surroundings! 
 Another claim is you experience an exhilarating joy of going barefoot without having yourself exposed!
Of course I'm still laughing at this unconventional pair of footwear and then I stopped to think why he really likes them. They fit perfectly; he trusts the company who makes them and Time Magazine in 2007 said they were one of the best inventions that year.
I started to think about our business and what … (14 comments)

communication: Painting a Picture Through Communication - 09/01/09 07:44 AM
Dr. Benjamin Spock, U.S. physician and author once stated:"There are only two things a child will share willingly ~ communicable diseases and his mothers age!"This phrase made me smile but also sparked me to ask the question:  Do we share our knowledge on our listings that is interesting and easily understood?  Many times we use abbreviations and lingo our peers understand but do our clientele?  How many times do we see terminology in ad copy such as MIL plan?  In our haste to list all the amenities do we forget to describe the feeling a buyer would experience in viewing our listing … (12 comments)

communication: PERSONAL PHONE CALL .. E-MAIL or TEXT ?? - 12/23/08 07:35 AM
Text messaging and email  are great in their place but sometimes messages get lost in translation or the wrong tone is perceived in their brevity of form of communication.  An old-fashion phone call can sometimes be the best communication option.
I find when negotiating an offer email is a quick and acceptable way to deliver the documents but it's important to talk directly to parties when giving pertinent information about the offer.  Often times I present a letter from the buyer or about the buyer when submitting an offer. Sellers like to know if they are relocating, moving up or … (11 comments)

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