flag football: Team Triumph: Flag Football Championship Victory - 02/25/24 07:47 AM
Hudson's journey in flag football reached its peak as his team advanced to the championship game! It was perfect weather conditions: 78 degrees and sunny, a fitting backdrop for game day. With all the families cheering the team on we watched Hudson's dad, the coach, following the play book and providing great coaching and of course mindful of encouraging each young boy playing.

flag football: Serendipity Sundays ~ A Cold Day's Victory on the Football Field - 02/18/24 06:06 AM
Adding to the pride, Hudson's dad was the coach, so a big shout-out to him for his part in their success. It was a cold day, but the warmth of seeing Hudson excel on the field made it all worth it. ♥
“The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.” Phil Jackson

flag football: Serendipity Sundays ~ A Smile is Worth a Thousand Words - 02/08/21 01:02 AM
Another week-end of flag football in Austin Texas and Handsome Hudson's team played well! I enjoy watching he and his team play. This game was extra sweet as Hudson won the sportsmanship award for the game.
Many team members are close friends, growing up with dads who help coaching and some dads grew up playing sports together. Hudson's dad, John Dunham is one of three dads coaching this year (seen in the blue eye level with the boys). I love they are instilling in these young athletes that winning isn't everything, it's how you play the game.

That is what happens in Austin. … (14 comments)

flag football: Saturday's Shots ~ Ringside Seat - 01/16/21 03:27 PM
Handsome Hudson plays flag football for the Trojans and is so excited to be playing on a team with many of his best pals! They are like puppies jumping, running and chasing each other down the field!
Today started out cold at 33 degrees in Austin but our weather in Texas can turn on a dime! Wait 10 minutes and it can all change. It was 70 degrees this afternoon and a perfect day to watch these 8 year old boys play. Hudson made 2 touchdowns (his team won) and the whole team was thrilled to run like the wind, socialize … (17 comments)

flag football: Tuesday's Treasures ~ Reminiscing - 02/17/20 12:19 PM
What a thrilling season of flag football for Handsome Hudson.  The team really came together this year and they learned some wonderful plays and how to execute them.
 It's heart warming to see my son's child hood friend's son playing on his team and one of Hudson's best friends now.
The only difference is the sport! The dads swam together on the same swim team until they went off to college......each swimming on a scholarship for different universities.
"We'll be friends forever, won't we Pooh?' asked piglet. "Even longer," Pooh answered.... A.A. Milne Winnie-the-Pooh
"Friendship is the only cement that will ever hold … (20 comments)

flag football: Dishing with Dorie ~ 2/17/20 - 02/17/20 11:55 AM
A warm and sunny week-end in Austin. Happy President's Day!
My first Valentine's Day without my Geno so I worked with some wonderful relo clients and came to terms on their dream home in Buttercup Creek... A Happy Valentine's Day for them! 
I made it to Handsome Hudson's last flag football game and visited with Geno at his resting place. He always said: "I'll be just down the road so come and visit me." I like to make time to share what I've been doing.
I finished up everything for my accountant for taxes and dropped it off this morning, so … (12 comments)

flag football: Serendipity Sundays ~ Knowing when to Zig instead of Zag - 02/17/19 06:32 AM
Handsome Hudson loves flag football and runs like the wind when he gets the ball (which he is very good at catching). Yesterday was the perfect day for his team's game! Mid 50's sunny... lots of energy in the game and on the side lines! He scored several touchdowns. Hudson is good at turning his body at just the right moment so they can't snag his flag! It takes agility and know how to zig instead of zag... #7 is so fun to watch....    "Never confuse movement with action" ......Earnest Hemingway

flag football: Serendipity Sundays ~ Going over the game plan - 01/13/19 03:40 PM

 Handsome Hudson is playing flag football at Murchison Middle School in NW Hills on a field full of elementary school boys and girls on Saturday afternoons. Many of the coaches have children and want to make sure their introduction to sports is carried out in the right way. They are learning to focus, use their cognitive skills while helping each other learn and play as a team. I love the positive air surrounding the games.....cheering for everyone, including the other team. They all are kids after all!
It's a great introduction to what sports can offer. It may not be for every child but at least they tried … (16 comments)

flag football: Serendipity Sundays ~ What a difference a year makes - 01/05/19 06:17 PM

What a difference a year makes! I made sure to make Grandson's Hudson first flag football game yesterday. The boys are bigger and more focused. Last year Hudson was jumping around in constant motion every second of the game and on the side lines, clowning with his teammates. This year he and his teammates get it. Don't let the other team score.... race after them and grab that flag on their waist, work as a team. If you get the ball...run like the wind, hold on to the ball and score! He made a great catch which I didn't capture but sure his … (25 comments)

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