grandson: Dishing with Dorie ~ 10/21/19 - 10/20/19 12:16 PM
A  beautiful week-end in Austin! Grandson's 21st birthday celebration was fun as well as watching Hudson's soccer game.  Stopped to visit with Geno at his grave site and glad to see they cleared all the fresh flowers that had wilted. He's resting under the shade of oak trees and the sky was blue and sun was out so almost felt his presence.
The Horns barely won their game and Clemson came out on top again.... Family is happy! 
Visited with a past client who wants me to list her house and scheduled to meet this week. She will need plenty of guidance and move out first … (20 comments)

grandson: Serendipity Sundays ~ Basking after the big win - 10/19/19 07:00 PM
Handsome Hudson's soccer team on Saturday morning gave it their all..everyone of them.  They were facing a big rival who was also undefeated and they focused on their game, team work and beat them soundly! They were all in!
After each game their coach (the blond lady in the blue) sits down as they eat their treats praising each player for their contribution and passes out stickers. It was amazing how she recalled each play of the game! Hudson listened intently and was excited to receive his sticker and his praise on team work.
Winning isn't everything, but wanting to win is....... Vince Lombardi

grandson: Saturday's Shots ~ Celebrations - 10/19/19 10:10 AM
Monday October 14th was my grandson's twenty first birthday. He is a sophomore at Texas A&M in College Station, Texas in the Honors Engineering program. He likes a restaurant called Madden's Casual Gourmet in Old Bryan Market Market Place in downtown Bryan. His mom, dad and I drove up Thursday to have dinner with him and his roommates to celebrate his twenty-first birthday, they had done some celebrating Monday night :).
It was a treat to see the campus and the house he is living in. I can now picture his surroundings. I'm so proud of this young man and enjoyed helping him … (21 comments)

grandson: Thankful Thursdays ~ All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth - 10/16/19 07:35 AM
Handsome Hudson came home from school a few weeks ago missing his other front tooth. Just last month when rough housing with his buddies he lost the first one!
He's finding it a little challenging to talk and eat but I feel he's got this and hopefully by Christmas he'll have his two front teeth back! Of couse his tooth fairy pillow went under his pillow that night and she paid a visit.

grandson: Friday's Fotos ~ Happy Seventh Birthday Handsome Hudson - 09/12/19 04:15 AM
It's hard to believe its been seven years since Handsome Hudson was born! I still remember he waited to arrive until we came home from our Mediterranean vacation. It was such an exciting time for our family!
Sharon Tara made collages for her grandchildren which I loved so started making these when Hudson was four. It's fun going back to see my postings for age six, age 5 and age 4. I reviewed earlier photos and created a collage for the first three years so we would have one for every year! The changes are amazing!

Hudson you're a joy and breath of sunshine as we … (23 comments)

grandson: Serendipity Sundays ~ Tired puppy - 08/10/19 06:26 AM
Handsome Hudson has been on the go all summer! He's been to Camp Double Creek (the same place his daddy went when growing up). He's been to Colorado with his dad hiking and camping....the list goes on. Growing up in an active, sports minded family his days are full so at night..he has no difficulty falling asleep..he's a tired puppy!
Little boys leave smudges on your heart ♥

grandson: Serendipity Sundays ~ Knowing when to Zig instead of Zag - 02/17/19 06:32 AM
Handsome Hudson loves flag football and runs like the wind when he gets the ball (which he is very good at catching). Yesterday was the perfect day for his team's game! Mid 50's sunny... lots of energy in the game and on the side lines! He scored several touchdowns. Hudson is good at turning his body at just the right moment so they can't snag his flag! It takes agility and know how to zig instead of zag... #7 is so fun to watch....    "Never confuse movement with action" ......Earnest Hemingway

grandson: Serendipity Sundays ~ What a difference a year makes - 01/05/19 06:17 PM

What a difference a year makes! I made sure to make Grandson's Hudson first flag football game yesterday. The boys are bigger and more focused. Last year Hudson was jumping around in constant motion every second of the game and on the side lines, clowning with his teammates. This year he and his teammates get it. Don't let the other team score.... race after them and grab that flag on their waist, work as a team. If you get the like the wind, hold on to the ball and score! He made a great catch which I didn't capture but sure his … (25 comments)

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