real estate marketing: What Non-Realty Items Can Be Included In A Purchase Contract? - 05/18/10 10:11 AM
In the past agents wrote in all kinds of items in a purchase contract...a TV, patio furniture, refrigerator, etc. trying to make a deal!  Now with lenders tightening up on what they want to see in contracts, agents need to be sure to use a Non-Realty Addendum for any item not  normally conveyed with the property.  As agents we need to be aware of what items can be included.
Here is a list of what can convey as non-realty in a real estate contract:
Anything that is "attached" and would require effort to detach (hanging lamps, ceiling fans, drapes) Child play/swing sets … (5 comments)

real estate marketing: You'd Better Be Running - 04/22/10 03:35 AM
One of the agents who brought me an offer on one of my listings sent me the lender information from her buyer.  I always request an approval letter on the buyer so James Allen with PNC Mortgage emailed me an approval letter.  I appreciated the prompt response as well as his contact information.  Right under his email address contained a wonderful saying that holds a lot of truth:

"Every morning in Africa, a gazelle wakes up.It knows it must outrun the fastest lion, or it will be killed.Every morning in Africa, a lion wakes up.It knows it must run … (11 comments)

real estate marketing: Coming Soon! - 04/21/10 04:42 AM
Many agents are putting a sign in the yard of a home they are listing with a "Coming Soon" rider.  Is this for the benefit of an agent to greedily garner calls from buyers?  Is it in the best interest of the sellers to get the most favorable offer possible?
In today's market many agents are working with buyers and have them set up on programs generated from the MLS to notify their clients of any new listing that fits their criteria.  When a new property comes on it is sent to the agent and the buyer for immediate review.  If … (8 comments)

real estate marketing: A Sign Is A Sign of Desperation - 04/14/10 06:06 AM
I was reading an article in the New York Times She's the One Holding the Keys about Mary Kay Gallagher, an icon in the real estate business.  She lives in Dimas Park in Brooklyn and is gatekeeper of a 2.5 square mile bordering Prospect Park, Ave. H, Coney Island and Ocean Ave.  This is her turf and they call the mayor of the neighborhood!
At 90 even after a double knee replacement she is going strong, making up for last year's dismal figures.  The price range appears to definitely fall in the $1 million range or above.  I was intrigued with … (10 comments)

real estate marketing: Your Ideas Matter - 03/08/10 03:31 AM

Our major universities are fighting struggles never before encountered due to the economic times we live in.  Bill Powers Jr., the current President of the University of Texas, realizes in these challenging times they must do more with fewer resources and understands sharing ideas is invaluable in shaping the future of UT.   They just launched a new program for University of Texas students, alumni, and friends to promote creative problem-solving on the campus.  The Ideas of Texas gives an opportunity to contribute ideas to enhance teaching, research, student life, and the alumni experience, increase … (0 comments)

real estate marketing: Finding Your Own Voice In The Market Place - 02/25/10 04:02 AM
Rohit Bhargava, is a founding member of the 360 Digital Influence group at Ogilvy and author of the award winning new marketing book Personality Not Included, an entertaining and useful guide for companies on how to use their personality to stand out.  He publishes the Influential Marketing blog, ranked among the top 50 marketing blogs in the world, and has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Business Insider and other global media.  He is a popular keynote speaker on marketing and business strategy and believes in being approachable, helping others do great things and loves being described as a smart … (10 comments)

real estate marketing: QuantumDigital ~ Leading The Industry - 02/08/10 08:29 AM

QuantumDigital held a summit called "ignite 2010" last month exploring Direct Marketing Strategies and the Next Generation of Real Estate.  It was a huge success and I want to let you know more about the host "QuantumDigital"
They are a company who has been working closely with real estate professionals for over 20 years.  They initially started their business especially to help brokers and agents obtain more listing opportunities in their local neighborhoods and effectively market themselves to grow market share and revenue.  I started implementing their services back in 1995 and attribute much of my success to … (2 comments)

real estate marketing: Listen Twice As Much As You Talk - 02/01/10 08:58 AM

Bill Jones is the 2010 Chairman of the Board for the Texas Association of Realtors.  I was reading an article on his background, qualifications and management style.  He did not start out in real estate but was actually recruited into his mother's real estate company due to her failing health.
His mother taught him that regardless of challenges: success in real estate is based on 4 premises:
1. Show up
2. Pay attention
3. Tell the truth
4.  Never be attached to income

She felt once you grasped that you're doing things for the right reasons, then it … (12 comments)

real estate marketing: Harnessing Consumer Mobile Usage - 01/26/10 07:50 AM

Tony Romeo, President of KWKLY Mobile Marketing offered an overview of mobile marketing at the Quantum Digital Summit in Austin January 9th and 20th, 2010.  He discussed how real estate brokers are employing mobile technology to gain a competitive edge.
He explained we must understand how consumers are using mobile phones to obtain the key to learning how to harness mobile usage.  Mobile phones are not about browsing.  Computers are for browsing and making decisions.  Cell phones are used to place the order or as he says used as hunters.

real estate marketing: Checking Your Egos At The Door - 01/25/10 06:35 AM

Are you a nagger?  Are you constantly finding fault with your spouse over what they wear, how they answer questions, the language they use?  Do you feel you are always right and better than your spouse?  The French could soon be headed to court if the new bill criminalizing "psychlogical violence" becomes law. 
The Sarkozy government is aiming to combat bullying and verbal abuse in relationships however it appears to be so broad in scope it could end up finding illegal abuse in almost every relationship.
How many couple do we know constantly appear to be digging each … (14 comments)

real estate marketing: Dealing With Sellers In The Luxury Market - 01/25/10 05:29 AM

Patty McCarthy spoke on the Luxury Real Estate Panel at the recent Quantum Digital Summit in Austin January 19 and 20, 2010.  She is Vice President/Realtor at William Raveis Real Estate in Connectut for the past 20 years.  I can certainly see why she is an acknowledged leader on the cutting edge of real estate.
She has warmth, a sense of humor, style and also is a graduate of the Floyd Wickman Training Course (she claims she went through it twice and I believe her).  Her presentation was humorous but contained very relevant content.  She discussed the elite … (12 comments)

real estate marketing: Jumping The Line At QuantumDigital Ignite 2010 - 01/21/10 04:18 AM

What an exciting summit!  For the past two days I've been immersed in QuantumDigital's inaugural real estate marketing summit in Austin!  This was a smaller Summit by invitation only held at their facility (which is amazing and will be another blog).  It was a pleasure to meet Brad Anderson and visit with him over the two day event.  Brad was asked to make an impromptu presentation as he was knocking everybody's socks off with eXp Realty's business model on his computer, where the Real Estate Brokerage and office is 100% virtual.  As he stated they are using the … (14 comments)

real estate marketing: Baby Boomer Trends - 01/19/10 08:33 AM
Baby Boomers appear, as a group, to continue to spend more time on leisure-related activities and retail spending for themselves, their children and grandchildren.  Even in a down economy spending on leisure pursuits continues and while some will reduce their spending they will continue to seek leisure and recreational outlets to create memories with family and friends.  Many will just stick closer to home pursuing activities which they are passionate about, such as golf, skiing, hunting, fishing, amusement parks and boating.
Baby Boomers are trading in many of their large homes for smaller, more efficient properties with single stories at the … (9 comments)

real estate marketing: Ignite 2010 ~ The Next Generation of Real Estate Marketing - 01/15/10 02:57 AM


On Tuesday and Wednesday,  January 19th and 20th, come join me in the Real Estate Market Summit held in Austin, TX!  QuantumDigital is sponsoring the two day event.  There is an incredible collection of speakers lined up, including industry experts and top professionals to discuss key issues affecting the real estate industry and marketplace today. 
If you check out the link and click on the speakers you will find yours truly on the Top Agent Panel! I'm excited to be requested to participate and feel it will be a great networking experience. 
There will be live-streaming on … (18 comments)

real estate marketing: Photographer Standing By - 12/08/09 02:24 AM

On my 2010 list of tasks to accomplish I wanted a new photograph for a fresh look on my business card, facebook, blog, our website, etc.  No stuffy over posed photo but something engaging but professional.  A friend and agent in my office used a professional Head Shot Photographer (no glamour shots) Korey Howell and voila a great shot!  I googled Korey and immediately liked her work, smile, energy and the ease of navigating her website!
I booked an appointment online.  I got to her studio a few minutes early and she was with another client.  She jumped up, … (14 comments)

real estate marketing: Plan B - 11/30/09 03:46 AM

There is a lot of truth about not always succeeding with the first idea or plan drawn.  Corrections, editions and several re-draws can occur. 
Even then it may not be viable and the idea needs to be scratched. Feelings of  failure can surface but need to be squelched with hope and determination to find the right answer.  
The following quote says it all:
"The most successful people are those who are good at plan B."                                                                            James Yorke

real estate marketing: It's All in Perception - 11/11/09 04:05 AM

Do you know agents who try and do the very least to get by?  Who don't invest in their own business? Who don't realize they have their own business? Who like to ride on the coattails of others hard work?  

When we have an open house we utilize our professionally personalized signs with our names and phone numbers on all our directional signs.  We place the directional's up early in the day to receive maximum exposure and place them in MANY strategic places making it easy to find our open houses (like Hansel & Gretel dropping … (16 comments)

real estate marketing: Sometimes TMI (Too Much Information) - 11/09/09 09:14 AM

Whether working with a buyer or seller, honesty is always the best policy. Giving accurate information to help them reach their goal is paramount.  False expectations always lead to unhappy clients. 
Do you compile a comprehensive market analysis that is created from thorough research and your familiarity with the community and the current market trends?  
Do you make sure you are always truthful with your seller concerning the list of items that  must be done to get the home ready  for market to achieve the desired price?  Do you give them an accurate picture of their proceeds upon … (12 comments)

real estate marketing: A Day Late And A Dollar Short - 10/15/09 10:40 AM

Do you ever struggle with being a day late and a dollar short?  My dad used to use that phrase and when I was little I never got it!  
Have you ever found yourself running late for an appointment and your client has limited time to meet and had to leave? 
 Have you ever forgot to make that call to someone you heard is moving in your market area and you find one morning driving by their house another Realtor's sign  in the yard?  
Have you ever met a good buyer prospect at an open house and not taken … (26 comments)

real estate marketing: Gone Are The Lazy Days Of Summer - 10/08/09 10:59 AM

It's official, we are now gliding through fall with Halloween soon upon us; quickly followed by Thanksgiving and Christmas!  It wasn't long alo we were enjoying the idyllic days of summer and the warm sunny days.We are full swing into the fourth quarter of 2009.  We need to make sure we are out there giving our business a full court press.  Make sure your activities include:

Market with gusto your current listings to get them under contract and closed by the end of the year. Implement a good solid marketing plan for any new … (12 comments)

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