alabama: Lots of school information now available on - 04/08/09 02:57 AM
We are pleased to announce the addition of a page here on Dothan Home Search specifically dedicated to our area schools. When you visit, you will see a map of area schools, and be clicking on a specific school location, you'll get some general information as well as a couple of links to school test scores, demographic information, and reviews. The page is not quite completed, but we are adding more schools and links daily until it is. The link to the page will show up on the sidebar under the "Inside Dothan Home Search" section of links. Is there … (0 comments)

alabama: Dothan Real Estate - March Sales Report - 03/25/09 04:31 AM
The January slide has continued into February, with February sales dropping over 24% from February, 2008. The number of homes sold was up 50% from January however. Overall, home sales in the Dothan real estate market are down a full 25% for the first two months of 2009, compared to 2008.
Pending sales have leveled off as well, although the total number is still significantly higher than it was three months ago. With spring arriving and the new $8,000 tax credit for first-time home buyers, I do feel there will be an upturn in the numbers soon.
Not surprisingly, the $110,000 … (0 comments)

alabama: Home Seller Series - You've got three weeks to sell your home - 03/25/09 04:14 AM
This article was originally posted on A week or so ago, we talked about the three different types of home buyers , and gave you some information on each one. Today, I want to look out how each buyer looks at your home when it hits the market. Now you've probably heard somewhere that the first three weeks of a listing are the most important. The truth is, it is only during those first three weeks that you have a chance to capture all three buyer types.
Home buyers are ready and prepared, are you? We know these folks are … (0 comments)

alabama: Dothan Real Estate - March Inventory Report - 03/19/09 02:57 AM
This article was originally posted on
The number of homes for sale in the Dothan area continues to rise, moving up almost 5% in the last 30 days and up over 8.5% since the first of the year. Across the nation however, inventory levels are dropping. Dothan has always lagged behind the national trends, so this isn’t totally unexpected. Although, such a sharp rise in a short amount of time is a little worrisome.

Absorption rate

Even though the number of homes for sale in Dothan has increased, pending sales are still relatively stable, which means the … (0 comments)

alabama: Get up to $8,000 just for buying a home - 02/20/09 05:28 AM
This article was originally posted on
Part of the new economic stimulus package just signed by President Obama aims to stimulate the housing market. This post is not to debate the merits of the plan, or even this specific provision of it. The purpose of this post is to give you, our Dothan area home buyers, the information you need to be able to take advantage of the $8,000 tax credit. Here is everything you need to know.
Who gets to use it?
First-time home buyers are eligible. First-time home buyers are defined as the folks who have not … (0 comments)

alabama: Dothan real estate market - February inventory report - 02/16/09 06:46 AM
This article was originally posted on

As expected, the number of homes for sale in Dothan has moved back up this month. As of this past Monday, there were 1012 houses listed for sale in the Dothan MLS, up from 979 in January. Inventory levels are seasonal just like sales are, so we expect this number to move up even more, although how much is hard to predict.

Absorption rate
We have already talked about how pending sales are up significantly right now, but that rise has yet to translate into any increase in the number of homes sold … (0 comments)

alabama: Dothan real estate market - February new construction report - 02/16/09 06:42 AM
This article was originally posted by Judy Spears on
There were 13 permits issued in January for new homes to be built, which is coincidentally the lowest monthly figure since last January. Activity ramped up in February and March of 2008, so we will see if that happens again this year. Interestingly, there have been only a couple of permits issued where the valuation was over $300,000 in the past few months. Charles pointed out in last week’s Dothan real estate inventory report that this price range is basically dead in our area right now, new home market included.

alabama: Dothan real estate market - February sales report - 02/16/09 06:37 AM
There was a fairly significant 20% drop in year over year home sales in the Dothan area for January. Last year, there were 63 homes sold in January, compared 50 this year. This number also represents the least number of homes sold in a month since way back in 2000.
Looking at the pending sales chart for the last three months gives us some reason for optimism however. Pending sales have trended higher the past few weeks, which should mean that February and March sales numbers will be higher.

There are segments in the Dothan real estate market that are struggling. … (0 comments)

alabama: Dothan Real Estate - December 2008 Inventory Report - 12/22/08 07:14 AM
There hasn’t been much movement either up or down in the number of homes for sale in the Dothan MLS over the past several weeks. Single family houses for sale peeked around 1,030 in early November, but have since settled back down to around the 1,000 mark. Considering that an increase in inventory during the fall is very common, it looks as though the top may have been reached. We will know after the first of the year, when another surge upward could occur.

Absorption rate
A big fall in the number of homes sold in November (more … (1 comments)

alabama: Alabama Foreclosures up 73% - 08/22/08 03:26 AM
This article was originally posted on How is that for a sensational headline? Do you think the media is trying to influence your thinking?
This indeed was the headline of a post this week from the Birmingham Business Journal. As is usually the case though, the headline doesn’t really tell the story. Context is very important.
If you go on to read the entire piece, you will see that the 73% increase is from July of 2007. There was a small 11.5% increase over June, 2008, and it is important to note that the number of foreclosures in Alabama had … (0 comments)

alabama: The Southern Boundary of the United States - 07/30/08 04:28 AM
This article was originally posted on This historic marker is located just south of Dothan at the Florida State line, erected on the east side of the highway.
From the Historic Chattahoochee Commission website: Southern Boundary of the United States, 1795-1819
Location: Located on Highway 231 at Ellicott's Crossing.
Marker Dedication or Erection Date: October 27, 1995
Marker Text:
On October 27, 1795, the United States concluded the Treaty of San Lorenzo with Spain, establishing 31 north latitude as the boundary between its southern territory and West Florida. Despite Spanish delays, commissions representing the two countries … (0 comments)

alabama: Dothan real estate market steady compared to rest of Alabama - 07/30/08 04:22 AM
This article was originally posted on The Dothan area real estate market was the only area in Alabama to show positive sales growth in June, data from the Alabama Center for Real Estate shows. According to a story in The Dothan Eagle, Dothan was the only market in Alabama to show an increase in June, compared to last year. As posted earlier, home sales here are down about 12% through the first half of the year, compared to the same period in 2007.
So why is this market seemingly stronger than many others around the state? A couple of reasons. … (0 comments)

alabama: Dothan area absorption rates - 06/06/08 03:55 AM
This article was originally posted on We have discussed absorption rates in previous posts, but always from the view of the overall Dothan area real estate market. Today we're going to look at some different areas of the overall market, specifically the different areas defined by the Dothan MLS.
First, a brief explanation of the MLS areas is in order. The layout of Dothan lends itself to being easily divided out into geographical areas. The major north-south highway is US 231/431, while traveling on US 84 (Main Street) gets you from east to west. Dothan is circled by Alabama Hwy … (2 comments)

alabama: Alabama Home Buyers, the law is NOT on your side - 05/23/08 09:10 AM
This article was originally posted on Alabama is one of the few remaining Caveat Emptor (“Buyer Beware”) states, and recent court decisions have put more emphasis on this fact. If you are buying real estate in Alabama, state courts have said that what you sign for at the closing table is what you get.
In one case in Baldwin County (more information here, page 2), the Alabama Court of Civil Appeals ruled that a listing agent was not liable for damages, even though they knowingly misstated the zoning of a lot. Check out the link above for details of the … (0 comments)

alabama: Foreclosures down in Alabama - 04/17/08 04:24 AM
This article was originally posted on From the Birmingham Business Journal
According to RealtyTrac, the number of foreclosures dropped 8% in March compared to February, and are down over 19% compared to March of 2007. That is compared to nationally, where foreclosures are up 57% from last year. Alabama ranks 43rd among the states for foreclosure rates. Supports what we've been saying about foreclosures here in Dothan. Foreclosures are just not a big problem in our area right now.

alabama: The good and the bad on low property taxes - 03/24/08 04:10 AM
This article was originally posted on Why are Alabama Property Taxes so low?
This was a question posed on Trulia Voices last week. We have also discussed the subject here.
Having some of the lowest property taxes in the country does not mean that the government won't get in your wallet some other way. Alabama has a state income tax (5% on all income over $3,000 single/$6,000 married) and a state sales tax of 4%. Still, when comparing this tax structure with a high property tax state such as Florida, you'll see that the tax burden on the citizens of … (1 comments)

alabama: Property tax rates unchanged for 2008 - 02/11/08 04:03 AM
It didn't get much coverage in the media, but Houston County quietly set property tax millage rates for 2008 at last Monday's county commission meeting. Rates for this year will remain the same as last year at 21.5 mills for the county assessment (A mill is equal to one-tenth of a cent). In 2007, there was an increase of two mills passed along to Houston County property owners to meet a requirement by the state of at least 10 mills for all Alabama public schools. Before last year, Houston County collected eight mills for local schools. Who gets the highest property … (1 comments)

alabama: What home improvements provide the biggest return? - 01/10/08 04:15 AM recently released its annual Cost vs Value report, which is a detailed list of the value returned on several different remodeling projects, both midrange and upscale. The report shows an average of what home owners can expect to recoup out of the cost of a home improvement project. Keep in mind there are a lot of factors in play, and your results may vary. The numbers shown below come from the East South Central region of the U.S., including Alabama.
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