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I am "attending" the 2010 National Real Estate CyberConvention and Exposition. For those who don't know, this great trade show all takes place online--you can network in your pajamas. This is my fourth day (the convention started on Sunday) and I have a few thoughts on "cyber" forums: 1. Informat...
First I finalized my re-finance, then I had to go to the hospital. OK, so that's a lie. But, after signing and initialing the approximately fourteen thousand pieces of paper, I could have sworn I had carpel-tunnel syndrome.Late last week, I completed the re-finance of my home. I was a bit early f...
DotLoop is in New Orleans, helping to celebrate the Keller Williams Family Reunion. So it seems fitting that Saturday's topic of choice was about the green initiative.The EcoBroker Energy Advantage™ courseoffered on Saturday gave agents and brokers alike a crash course in the Energy Advantage cur...
I absolutely hate being late, if only because I hate waiting on others. So, on the rare occasion when I am late, I always feel really guilty. This morning, much to my chagrin, I was a few minutes late to work. I could blame it on traffic or the deluge of red lights I stopped at on my way here, bu...
We got hit with another snow storm here in Cincinnati yesterday (and continuing today). While I was able to make it into work after slip-sliding up the highway, it got so bad that all of us at DotLoop had to leave around noon.As I posted before, snow days are by no means non-work days, and I had ...

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