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This week we talked about the importance of being proactive by incorporating the Boy Scout motto of “Be Prepared” into your everyday strategies. This basic idea helps you to keep thinking ahead and equipping yourself to overcome challenges that are thrown your way. Read: Simplify Your Life With F...
Social media has become a basic aspect of marketing for every industry. The direct personal communication derived from social media has made it especially useful for REALTORS®. However, REALTORS® are posed with the same challenges faced by every business attempting to aggregate their marketing st...
The increased efficiency, productivity, and transparency derived from quality real estate software can’t be denied, but it shouldn’t be the only type of technology in a Realtor’s® arsenal. There are other simple (and often free) technologies available that are often overlooked. These simple techn...
The Boy Scouts have a simple, yet wise and effective motto to live by: “Be Prepared”. They’re just two words, but anyone who incorporates them into their everyday life is capable of responding to any number of challenges. People who follow this motto in business are likewise capable of dealing wi...
With nearly 500 million unique visitors per month, YouTube™ frequently ranks among the most highly trafficked websites in the world. Many REATLORS® are using YouTube™ for the same reason any other businesses do: millions of people use it every day! It’s a fantastic platform to showcase propertie...
Social media differs in a very fundamental way from traditional websites. Where a traditional website’s content is static, social media updates in real time with the contributions of users. Real estate technology solutions are also making it possible for REALTORS® to facilitate interactive engag...
Powered by: DotLoop, Where Deals Get Done™ If you’re mostly using your smart phone to talk to clients, you’re doing yourself and that invaluable device a serious disservice. Anyone with an iPhone or Android probably needed a device capable of doing far more than talking on the phone. Your smart p...
Using digital materials for marketing, advertising and other purposes has a number of benefits compared to using printed materials. Digital files are much easier to transport, distribute and can save a company thousands of dollars in printing costs. The cost-effective nature of digital documents ...
Younger generations probably already take the Internet for granted, but those of us who recall what life was like before the World Wide Web, we can appreciate the night-and-day difference this and other technologies have made in our lives. The biggest changes have arguably been the ability to com...
Being a real-estate agent in the 21st century is all about keeping up with the fast-paced, technology-driven culture that has enveloped our society today. DotLoop aims to do just that by simplifying the electronic transaction process through our easy-to-use collaborative workspace.Here is your da...

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